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BlackBerry Messenger Outage? Let Us Know…

maninthedark We have been getting quite a few reports from tipsters that there has been some wonkiness with BlackBerry Messenger in North America. Reports also claim that there are some issues with email on Verizon but that may be a separate issue. This means that BBM message delivery and receipts are not working or experiencing issues.

Let us know if you are experiencing any issues!

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  1. Because there is an update 🙂 BBM released!

  2. Down in s jersey (att)

  3. no bb chat up in ontario…. on bells network… web/email was down.. seems to be up now

  4. Nashville.
    Was having email/browser issues. That now seems to be fixed.
    BBM and 3rd party applications aren’t working though.

  5. T-Mobile, Dallas Tx. My wife says has been trying to BBM me but they haven’t been sending and I haven’t received any. Time to go for a beer 😛

  6. BBM not working for me, either. On T-Mobile in PA. E-mail working oddly. Diagnostic test says “PIN-to-PIN: Failed” though BlackBerry Registration succeeds. Been happening for the past hour and a half or so.

  7. Ok, so we have also some issues with BIS (Orange, Poland). I run diagnostics and its says PIN-to-PIN, BBM, Email “not full”.

  8. Ok, so we have also some issues with BIS (Orange, Poland). I run diagnostics and its says PIN-to-PIN, BBM, Email “not full”. Everything works but verry slowly.

  9. Pin messages are not being recieved in Arkansas on AT&T. They show being sent but are never delivered.

  10. My diagnostic test..
    BB registered: yes
    Connected to BB: yes
    BB PIN-PIN: no
    Email: not connected.

    Having problems with all ma apps too..

    bay area, CA

  11. Yup. BB Msgr not working for me either way. But email seems fine on VZW. BIS, anyway.

  12. grrr!!!!!!!!


  13. Diagnostic is saying that I don’t have any Pin-Pin connectivity here in Northwest Connecticut.

  14. Bbm has been down since 10:30a.m.! CA- (stupid SPRINT)

  15. I’m on Verizon and can’t reply to emails. Emails are coming through, but it seems like they are getting here very slowly. Having BBM issues too. Send a message and have no clue if the other person actually got it. Had major BBM issues last week too. Never had problems like this with Alltel.

  16. yep uts down. even a friend in israel isnt working

  17. not working in Connecticut on Verizon @ 6pm

  18. Long Beach, CA – BBM, MMS, Email, Browser all out. Possibly SMS. Verizon says that it’s a spotty outage. He’s in TX and they are out. Maybe 24 Hours!

  19. no bbm service in eastern canada – rogers network.

  20. my bbm been down in northern nj since at least 3pm. also cant get on facebook using the browser but seems to be working just fine:)

  21. MY BBM has been down for about 3hours on VZW. email and txt is deliverable but latency

  22. email is very late on vzw right now bbm still down even with update….

  23. Saskatchewan – no BBM, can’t update BBM, no browser, SMS is working

  24. BBM and web/email services not working in Ottawa,
    I’ve heard the same thing with 5 of my friends here!

  25. Messenger is not working for me either–Verizon.

  26. Still no BBM or internet access! Email (both BIS & BES) is working and so is SMS.

  27. Blackberry Messenger out in Maryland! Fix it please!

  28. BIS is down!!!!!! Email and websites not working….

  29. BBM not working for the last 3 hours in Western Ontario – no access to apps, separate text messaging works and email seems to be okay. Wonder how long this will last!

  30. No BIS in Washington either. I’m on ATT and can get on MediaNet but not BIS, been on and off all day.

  31. BIS down yet again for the second time in a week. No email, web or any BIS based service working for the last 3 hours in Western Pennsylvania.

  32. No BB service in Boston, MA since mid afternoon.

  33. still no service up in ontario….

    anyone have an eta yet for this problem???

    anyone contact rim?

  34. Philly area: my bbm and internet/apps aren’t working. Email and the internet worked earlier, but now everything seems to be down.

  35. We are having similar issues in Washington DC. No email or bbm and internet is very very slow. text messages seem to work ok. we’re on AT&T and on a BES. I called RIM and their tech support line said “no outages”, this was about an hour ago

  36. bbm and internet and app world not working today in calgary, alberta

  37. bbm down in connecticut for hoursssss now

  38. BBM and Twitter apps are not working for me today. Blackberry Browser is not working but Opera is doing fine. Telus is my carrier and I’m in Alberta, Canada.

  39. bbm not working in british columbia, bell network.

  40. BBM and BIS seem to be down for my Storm 2 in Maine. Can’t even browse any web sites.

  41. PIN messaging and BBM working but lag time of nearly 1/2 an hour or so. (AT&T NY)

  42. VANCOUVER- I have just confirmed from the tech department at our glorious data provider here in vancouver “rogers” that it is indeed a RIM issue. it is a north american outtage and even our friends in Central and south america are experiencing the same issues as we are. this is the 3rd outtage that RIM has experienced this month according to other forums. this is the first time i experience but i must say that i am enjoying the peaceful pre-xmas bliss. How much longer of a wait who knows and who cares!! lol

  43. Portland – AT&T – no internet / BIS / BES / etc.

  44. Detroit – Verizon – no internet / BIS / BES / etc.

  45. Mississauga, Ont…been down since about 2:30pm—-Rogers network…….Hope all is good tomorrow!!!!

  46. Boston has been our since this afternoon. T-Mobile BB Specialist claims this is a global outage! No estimated repair time either.

  47. FYI – Interestingly, UMA still works. Used it to call the T-mobile help line. I always thought UMA used the RIM data network. Guess not. All data is dead – PIN, Email, GTalk, Bolt, Web, etc.

    • UMA is only for the voice network, sms.mms. it’s the wifi icon that indicates a BIS/BES connection. Which oddly enough, shows a connection, but nothing works.

  48. Texas- BB messenger completely out and browser will not pull up Facebook (8:36 p.m.)

  49. Down in KY. No BB messenger, email, internet, Facebook. A friend in TX is also experiencing same problems.

  50. out in pittsburgh since about 1 pm…email is slow and so is sms

  51. BBM down on ATT and Verizon in MA…. Have both and email not working…

  52. My blackBerry using verizon network has not worked since around 6:30 pm ET December 22, 2009. My Verizon email also seems to be down since arund 7 pm Et on December 22, 2009. Both are still not working as of current time 10:53 pmET December 22, 2009.

  53. verizon out in NJ

  54. Email, BES, PINs & Brower down in New Orleans.

  55. All internet aps out in Nashville, TN

  56. Its so frustrating. I have verizon and my friend has t-mobile and both bbm’s and web browsing have been down since about 6 pm……we are in the New York Area

  57. BBM down on ATT in AL

  58. BIS has been down here in WY since 2pm MST

  59. This is getting ridiculous. TWO major outages in a week. RIM owes its users a REAL explanation. If Google or Yahoo or Apple or Facebook or wjatever were down this much we would get a real explanation, why do we only get smoke and mirrors bullshit out of RIM. Come on guys, be HONEST and explicit for once.

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  60. everything is finally working this morning.

  61. Could have been out while I was asleep. Luckily, I was asleep.

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