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Another TOTAL BlackBerry outage In North America?

maninthedark_thumb[1] Since around 6pm central time I been having trouble with data connections, no Browsing, no BBM, or Email  on either UMA or 3G on my T-mobile BB. It seems that there are many being affected as tips have been coming in with reports of data outages. Tom send us a tip earlier today but due to no emails coming through I didn’t get it until just now when I check my online email. Let us know if you are having better luck in the comments.

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  1. I am down since 7pm Eastern time. BIS, Internet, Email you name it…all’s down!

  2. Nothing is working here in Ottawa on rogers

  3. Nothing has worked for hours here in Austin, Texas. Here we go again. 🙁

  4. E-mail is gone now, too — both BES and BIS. 🙁

  5. Not working in Columbus ohio.. Hasn’t been working since 5 or 6 today 🙁

  6. That is getting ridiculous, hopefully it’s RIM updating something instead of just a bad outage.

  7. Not working here in Honolulu, HI since 2p.

  8. mine hasn’t been working right all day long. AT&T 8900

  9. ATT in Fla has been down solid since about 5 pm EST.

  10. Down here in Central New York as well, it’s has been down since about 5:30 pm EST.

  11. 3 for me in the last month. Completely unacceptable. I bought a Blackberry for good email service!!

  12. Still no bis or bes in Washington state.

  13. Out in Houston, nearly all day !!

  14. been out since around 4:30pm EST here in SWVA on a AT&T Bold 9000… good thing I still have Wi-Fi to fall back on so I still have browser…

  15. BIS down in Miami Florida since around 6 pm

  16. Yeah, nothing in Billings, MT since about 5:00 MST.

  17. Been down in Chicago for hours

  18. Sprint BIS in Sacramento down since 1pm Pacific

  19. Very frustrating, Will RIM reinburse the customer for all the frustration to millions of its customers or will it be overlooked? Why should we as customers take the heat? Come on RIM/Blackberry step up to the plate and be accountable!

  20. No BIS for most of the day in the Seattle region on AT&T.

  21. I just want my connectivity back. A day a year is not bad considering how reliable service usually is but it just feels like a lifetime.

  22. I just read this after a soft reset and battery pull. The DC area is affected on the Sprint Network.

  23. I’m getting nothing through…no e-mail…twitter…sms. Nothing. I’m outside Seattle on Verizon.

  24. I have one word to describe my reaction to this BS: WTF!

  25. Been out for many hours on both BIS and BES in Toronto

  26. is there any offical word or ETA from RIM?

  27. Research In Motion Ltd. said late Tuesday its technicians are working to resolve e-mail messaging delays on its Blackberry smart phones in North and South America.

    Phone calling and texting services appeared to be functional, but users in the Americas have been unable to send or receive e-mail messages. Would-be users tweeted their frustration on social networking site Twitter. Some said they also could not connect to the Internet.

    Waterloo, Ontario-based Research in Motion Ltd. said in a statement it apologizes for any inconvenience experienced by customers.

    It marks the second time in less than a week that BlackBerry users in North America have had to deal with e-mail outages on their Blackberry devices. Research In Motion said last Thursday that technicians had isolated and resolved the issue and were investigating the cause. RIM didn’t say how many users were affected or how long that outage lasted.

  28. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I haven’t been able to use my berry properly for hours.

  29. Think of it this way guys…just a glimpse of what’s to come in 2012! LoL.

  30. Out here in Seattle since at least 2 pm. PST. No email, bb messenger or internet on my Storm with Verizon.

  31. No BBM, BES or BIS in South Florida – AT&T. Internet still working with non-blackberry browser.

  32. I’m in NB Canada (on Rogers Wireless) and my whole family is suffering complete outage of email, browsing and periodic dropping of BBM. I have a friend stuck at LAX trying to fly home for the holidays and she’s suffering the same crap. My Twitter feed is full of irritated BB users currently.

  33. In the year that I have had my Verizon BB this is the first time that I have encountered a blackout here in So. Calif. It is frustrating not being able to retreive email, etc. Oh well at least I can still play my Addictive Towers Defense. HAHA.

  34. Problems with BBM and very slow for Email. Understand that Telus, Rogers, Bell, are bring people to the BB world but, Hello??, dont leave the loyal out in the cold. Fix it or Loose it.

  35. My Sprint BB is totally out. Three more days then all my BB troubles go away. I’ve had it with the BB’s in general. Going Droid.

  36. wow I just got a load of emails to my bb hopefully that means it is getting fixed soon

  37. I am currently in Taiwan and can confirm the outage has occurred over here too. I have not had BIS/BES service for the last 7 hours.

  38. In a way I’m glad. Thought it was my BES system. Nothing worked for 4+ hours today from Maps to email to chat or web browsing. Came back up around 6:30 PST

  39. Rogers in BC has been out since at least 3pm PST

  40. This is very bad for RIM’s reputation, hey Waterloo guys, you gotta shape things up there, you make wonderful devices which are the best on the market, but they gotta work all the time – not just most of the time – let’s hope that RIM will at least apologize and explain (in detail) what has happened, and what they’re doing to prevent this in the future!!

  41. Still nothing here in Seattle, no e-mail, twitter, web…etc. I’m with Verizon and Droid has never looked so good….sigh.

  42. I have 2 BlackBerry devices and my 8330 is about to turn into an HTC Hero real soon… I’ll keep my Bold for now… c’mon RIM these outages have to stop… Looks like I’m going to work selling Android devices instead of BlackBerry tomorrow… I’m still a diehard BlackBerry fan but dang RIM, something’s gotta give!!!

  43. No working in México neither.

  44. I’m still out, and have been on bbm and email since about 5ish here in Spokane, wa.

  45. Dang, this is starting to SUCK!

  46. Thank GAWD i logged on before i wiped my phone and reloaded a backup – I thought I screwed something up… it’s 1230am in California and my Verizon BB 8130 still has no internet or email – my husband’s AT&T Work BB 8310 has been in the same boat…
    PHEW!!!! it sucks but I’m releived! thanks for sharing the info

  47. BBM is working for me now, able to send, receive, send/receive invites as well… Browser is still out unless I use the HotSpot browser or connect via Wi-Fi… still unable to log into my BIS site online or on my Berry

  48. AT&T in Orange county, California. Everything down, except Bolt browser. Weird stuff!

  49. AT&T in Midwest – kaput! Cannot even login to the Cingular website to try to send service books! I have doorknobs here with more life in them than BIS right now… YUCK!

  50. BIS is back here in ottawa.

  51. I was down sometime after 4pm EST. I am with Rogers on Bold 9700. I thought was just me until another at work who is with Bell was having probs too, then I knew it was BIS. Past 2 hrs my internet has been working but mail still seems to be

  52. I just sent myself mail to and from on my BB, it is working. However unable to log into my BIS.

  53. found an email this morning that was sent to me last night around 930ish on computer – still hasn’t made it to my phone. (milwaukee area)

  54. Wa down around 6pm. Still down past 11pm in San Antonio, TX. Txy came in but no email or internet us

  55. I’m a newbie to BB and I freaked. After playing around with all my settings and still nothing. Then I set the led connection notification to on and I got the green light. Pulled up Pandora and slacker radios and ta-da,they worked. So, I figured it had to be my browser since all browser dependent apps wouldn’t work either. Blackout huh.. Kept me up till 3am this morning. Thought. I skrewed up. Great to be back.

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