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Zeebu Super Baby Go! Lets Kids Play… With Your BlackBerry?

super-baby-go When I first heard about this game from Zeebu I thought they were crazy. I would be more likely to hand my BlackBerry to a drunken monkey before giving it to a kid to play with. Then over this weekend my nephew turned one and my dad was getting his attention by letting him touch (and bite) his brand new BlackBerry Tour… This got me thinking that Zeebu may be on to something. 🙂

The Super Baby Go! game provides you with some kid friendly entertainment on your BlackBerry. You simply launch the Super Baby Go! select an activity and give it to a kid.  As they press keys, the screen reacts with relative audio and visuals.  Select Letter Blocks, press “A” and a letter block image of “A” appears followed by the sound of a voice saying the letter “A”.  Super Baby Go! intercepts all email or phone calls so you don’t have to worry about accidental emails or phone calls.

Super Baby Go! is regularly $5.99 and is on sale for $3.99 during the holidays. They also have a free version which we mentioned before that has a few less features at this link in App World. As fair warning if you are crazy enough to give a kid your BlackBerry to a kid I hope you have some insurance. I know my dad does…

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  1. I have recommended this app to anyone with an infant or toddler

  2. I think its crazy only if your kid likes to put things in his/her mouth. My daughter put everything in her mouth when she was an infant/toddler. My son, on the other hand, does not put anything in his mouth unless it is food.

    I would not have let my daughter within 10 feet of my phone unless I had lost my mind and wanted it to have a bath (she was a drool machine), with my son it is not a problem. As a result, on discreet occasions, my soon has played around with BabyGo on my BB. I say discreet because I limit his handling to brief periods of strict oversight. 🙂

  3. Dude…one word…OtterBox.

    my boy LOVES BabyGo!

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

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