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Holiday Giveaway Part 2: Another Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth Headset

BT2080_Product_01Last week’s giveaway was a major success, with BR user “Brayndeded” pulling out with the win. So let’s do it again! In case you missed it last week…

“With the global recession upon us, the team here at BerryReview is happy to spread some cheer and play internet Santa this holiday season. So today, with some help from our friends at Jabra, we are going to be giving away a Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth headset. The headset prides itself on simplicity and usability with a intuitive status display, easy on/off button, pin-less bluetooth connection and choice between ear-gel or ear-hook. Find out more info here.

  • Prize: One Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth Headset.
  • Terms: Because this is a physical item that needs to be shipped, this giveaway is restricted to those in the United States. Entries must be submitted by 11:59PM EST, December 20th, 2009. Read the rest of the terms here.
  • How to play: Below I will ask a question, answer that question in the comments section to this post using a valid name and email address. Multiple submissions are allowed provided you have different things to say. Once again, comments must be submitted by 11:59PM EST, December 20th, 2009.
  • Question: For those who read BerryReview via the regular website, what does it take for a website to get on your regularly checked list? For those who read via RSS, what does it take to get a website on your RSS list?
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  1. To become a regular read, a site must be updated regularly and have relevent content. I love coming here daily for a good read about all things BB.

  2. Originality. Exclusive news, give a ways and great content.

  3. To read a site regularly it has to have fresh content and exclusives as well. I have a ritual in the morning to start off reading berryreview and 3 other sites that are along the same tech/blackberry sorts.

  4. BR was actually one of the 1st sites I visited when I got a BlackBerry, I love it b/c it is not too add heavy, it’s updated all the time and with the addition of the BerryReview Websignal… this site remains as my #1 source for all info BlackBerry. The team here is doing a wonderful job, and with all the contests & free giveaway codes… the competition has some catching up IMO. Long Live BR!!!

  5. A website has to be current in the latest news, have various resources on their site, nice to have contests and giveaways and just being a reliable source is what gets on my regularly checked list.

  6. A website has to be updated regularly as berryreview dot com. It got my attention a year ago when it helped me out on a certain situation. Since then I have been a daily reader and subscriber. Keep up the good work berryreview…. Fan boy 4 life!!!!

  7. To get on my RSS list, a website must have good, original content that contains accurate and reliable information. If they’re only reposting stuff from other blogs, then they won’t stay on my RSS for too long. If they post too many irrelevant or unnecessary posts just to increase volume, they won’t stay on my RSS list for too long. It’s quality over quantity.

  8. As a reader via RSS, I’m quite picky when it comes to adding a site to my list. The site should have useful and original content. It also helps when they have contests like this 😀

  9. To be on my RSS feed, must have succinct, original, reliable, useful info. Be frequent enough and topical to be a valued resource, but not overwhelming with spammy tendencies and/or retreads.

  10. Content, variety and humor are a prerequisite to make it on my RSS feed. I look forward to reading BerryReview feeds everyday more so than regular news feeds.

    Thanks Jabra and BerryReview for bringing this contest back.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  11. as long as free prizes are constantly being given away, I’ll do what it take to try to keep up with the freebies.

  12. I do both. For a website there needs to be frequently updated articles, reviews, etc. A friendly webpage that (like Berryreview) allows you to see a forum, stores, and any other helpful information. For the RSS feeds I use Viigo. It’s pretty much the same thing, but if the article doesn’t perk my interest in the first sentence, then it’s deleted. So the RSS feeds have a more difficult time in keeping me reading.

    Thanks for offering this bluetooth headset! Good luck to everyone!

  13. The website has to have info I can use, in a timely manner. The RIM supported “Inside Blackberry” Blog for example is a joke. Last post was December 7th!

  14. The site should have useful, up to date and original content. It also helps when they have contests like this

  15. Honestly, as much as I Hate it & I hv seen you guys have done some changes. One of the reasons as I was thinking about it the other day is that BR does these giveways as first come first win & that makes visit this site first before anything else

    the problem with that is that people in the west coat don’t get the love cuz the time we r up the giveaways have all been scooped by the east coasters cuz of the time

    I have br on both my rss & bookmarks & I visit it 5-6 times a day


  16. Lesbian porn..always keeps me coming back for more..nuff said

  17. For a website to make it to my RSS feed, it must have interesting articles, industry news, and other useful information that I need. BerryReview is frequently updated with articles, news, and alerts that help me get through the day.

  18. Personality. I have to like the style of the writers on the website, as well as the content that they provide.

    When that happens, I start to visit regularly (like Berry Review).

    When I realize that I’m coming by more than once a day, I subscribe to the RSS (like Berry Review).

  19. For a site to make it to my RSS reader, I check the front page and make sure a majority of the articles interest me. I also check to make sure the articles are original and not just a rehash of other sites’ material.

  20. I already check this site daily, so I think it’s doing a pretty good job.

    But to answer your Q, it should have the following:
    – original content
    – information made easy to understand, without too much technical jargon (laymen’s terms for the everyday person)
    – newest, most up-to-date information
    – interactive articles, such as this, that requires reader feedback
    – freebies
    – variety of information, an all-in-one kind of site so I don’t need to check others
    – dependable/objective reviews on relevant items, products that people are most likely to buy
    – usable tips and tricks

  21. I think in both cases, website and RSS, it needs to be:

    1. Updated frequently
    2. Have an active user base that shares inputs
    3. Contain information on new products/tools that I don’t know about

  22. To get on my RSS list takes compelling content. I’ve got a very wide range of feeds in my list. But for a BlackBerry feed to get into my list, pretty much it just needs to exist. :)

  23. For me to read regularly, it needs to have fresh and interesting information published on a regular basis.

  24. well.. berryreview enters in my check liss of RSS feed… its a really well organize website and also i like to be involved a lot in the giveaway.. does not matter if i win or not.. i like the emotion to be on it…

    thank you berryreview.. for this year.. and for all those giveaway won it and not … thank you…

  25. I read this website directly (not via RSS). I look for original and timely news on new products, new software, and new services. And a sense of humor.

  26. To get on my RSS feed a website must be relevant to what I’m interested in, provide original and thoughtful content, and provide a generous amount (if not all) of that information in the feed. Sites that simple publish a title and 2 lines that then forces me to go to their actual page is just annoying.

  27. I read most sites via RSS. To get a spot in my RSS reader, a site needs breaking and exclusive news and giveaways. Not too much other junk either.

  28. I keep checking this site because I like how you aggregate almost everything that I find interesting about BlackBerrys and you, usually, are very early to report software updates. I’m one of those people that likes to ALWAYS run the latest versions of my software. :-)

  29. I read via rss. Different sites get on my feed list for various reasons, ranging from practical info to entertainment. Some don’t stay long, and a few stay but don’t get read much. I check my BlackBerry-related feeds usually a few times a day. In this category I look for news related to the devices, carriers, and software. Giveaways are a plus.

  30. can you hear me now 😉

  31. Regular sites have to have the info before the other sites with interesting writing style(s) on a mix of topics and good visuals. Games and lame applications waste my time. I need the truly useful stuff. :-)

    RSS has to get my attention REALLY quick!

    And yeah, freebies and contests keep coming back.

  32. news, updates, contests, free apps, and first come first served (the first X to comment will win a free app) contests =)

  33. For i use WebSignals, RSS and the mobile site via my BB, then watch the site throughout the day on my work PC. A site needs to have up to date news and information and cannot be too far behind the other sites. It also has to weed out the junk and worthless news that no one checks out. A big bonus is giveaways, contests, polls and other ways for user’s to get involved like tips. in my opinion is in the top 5 blackberry sites. The list being;

  34. I use RSS with Viigo (Of course) and the mobile site via my BB, when Im working I use my PC, I check this site (And others) each couple hours (My job let me do it) A site needs to have up to date reviews (Its your force) and information. Nobody have better giveaways, contests, and the most important info on web. For that, I frequently visit you.

  35. I use the RSS feed. I’m looking for a site which gives me the latest updates, whether its a new model or new software. I don’t have time to test every new item myself, so I want a good review that really helps me find the best.

  36. I look for the latest updates. Most websites I check often also incorporate a little humor, so that might factor inot it too.

  37. To make a site something I check regularly, the site must offer something unique in comparison to others that focus on similar content. The style of writing may also have a lot to do with it. When the articles on the site also get a lot of comments, I immediately take notice.

  38. To get it on my RSS Feed List, the frequency of updates matter too on top of the above criteria (in my other post on the website itself). When the words giveaway or contest appear in the feed list, its an added bonus to keep checking the feed several times the same day. It also helps if the news from the site is fresh and yet to be posted on other blogs or news sites.

  39. To get on my regularly checked list, it has to be something relevant to my needs or interests, and it has to have somewhat uniqueness and not be a clone of another site.

  40. I got my Jabra today, charging it now, and I gotta tell ya folks, its awesome! Very comfy and light weight. David S and Berry Review hooked me up quick, got it in 3 days!
    Thanks guys.

  41. The Site has to have news thru the day, Doesn’t have to be the first to report the news but can’t be several days late with it either, I check on all the sites via twitter if there is something to find out it is posted and I go to it.

  42. I read via the RSS feed. It is all about content. I care a lot less about frequency of updates than I do about quality of content. When it comes to BB, I am most interested in the latest news, deals, tips, etc. and give me the full post in the feed.

  43. To stay unique! To keep updated and offer open thought

  44. I don’t have many websites on my RSS list, but I do have Berry Review on it. I think to first attract an online audience contests and reviews are the way to go, but the actual quality of the posts are what keep readers coming back to your site and adding the site to their rss feed (at least for me =D). So it is important not only to have relevant information (for instance, blackberry news and reviews on berry review) but to also be up to date with all the good stuff. So mainly quality posts, but also quantity since there are tons of updates relating to blackberries daily.

  45. For me the site has to offer news and promotions that fit my array of equipment. Currently have 4 different blackberries in my arsenal and I enjoy sites (like berryreview) that don’t concentrate on just the newest and most expensive. Being update often and regularly helps out too!!

  46. lots of updates, organized, useful information, free stuff!

  47. New, updated, interesting content with exclusives, and interviews, reviews, humor and of course free stuff once in a while. Good luck.

  48. In order to be compeditive within the blackberry community a site must have frequent, accurate and relavent updates, contests and giveaways are a nice added extra but primarily I go to sites for information and to see whats new within the BlackBerry world, BerryReview is a prime example of how it’s done right, please dont change anything David, it’s very dificult to improve on perfect.

  49. I’ve marked this as my primary favorite in my browser folder for BB News. Berryreview has the most content that actually means something. Other sites have a lot of filler.

  50. To be a regular read website it has to have real up to date news.
    News and tips that are not on any other site first. BerryReview
    in my opinion has consistantly achived this! And that is why I
    check here EVERY day at least twice a day!!!!!

  51. Up-to-date information about my interests is what draws me to websites. Staying on top of the market with the latest software and hardware out there. The free drawings always help out and probably keep a lot of people coming back.

  52. Information that is important to me – reliable info on BB, useful info on other hobbies, fun stuff. Of course, the contests are always an added bonus and can be the deciding factor. RSS is critical for me – I’m too busy and too forgetful to keep checking back, getting feeds delivered puts it right there and is also a reminder to check back. BerryReview RSS feed rocks!

  53. It has to peek my interest with articles that are up to date, innovative, speak to key industry issues (i.e. Meaningful Content), flavor it with some eye candy (i.e. Good Visual Design), have a sense of personality, care about its readers – be upfront and honest – even if it hurts. Have a Thoughtful User Interface, easy navigation, (i.e. repeat navigation in footer), always display Contact Information for articles, reliable Search features, feature Sign-Up / Subscribe options, a sitemap is always nice, Cross Browser Compatibility, Web Optimized Images, and most of all, keep the reader challenged! BR – that’s you! I visit several times a day and am addicted – see what you’ve done! :)

  54. To get on my Viigo feeds, a site needs to have great BlackBerry articles. Like BerryReview!

  55. In order for a website to be checked regularly, it needs to have credible information, and offer some unique quality’s that the other ones don’t have already. For instance crackberry usually has a lot of the up-to-date device news, where as berryreview has more up-to-date application news which is why berryreview has earned it’s spot in my top 3 websites i regularly visit

  56. [QUOTE]For those who read BerryReview via the regular website, what does it take for a website to get on your regularly checked list? For those who read via RSS, what does it take to get a website on your RSS list?[/QUOTE]

    It takes your reporting on common problems and easy fixes and having an easily searchable database. It takes Good quick, accurate answers to questions like Ronen seems to be good at. (a good giveaway here or there doesn’t hurt, either)

  57. I read BerryReview every day on my laptop because it helps keep me up to date on Blackberry’s. It lets me know what new applications are out there and fun ways to update my Bold. The information has to be true and it’s best to have the latest news as soon as possible BerryReview does both of these for me.

    When I am out during the day I also read BerryReview on my BB to check for the latest news and updates.

    This is my favorite Blackberry site and it always has the latest Blackberry news.

  58. I keep updated via the latest technology and RSS feeds. This is an item well worth having since Jabra makes one of the best headsets on the market.

  59. Who won?

  60. I need a good noise cancelling bluetooth headset for my BB Storm2

  61. Real up-to-date news and often giveaways can make a ready very very frequent.. I got BerryReview on both FireFox and Viigo, including other websites that involve BBs and love reading them.. Not only RSS titles but also the reviews and articles themselves..

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