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Giveaway: Vlingo Plus Version 4.0 10 Free codes to be won

ScreenHunter_10 Dec. 17 23.52Vlingo recently updated their popular Speech to text application to version 4.0. The new version adds support for most of the IM applications and it lets you speak your text input almost anywhere you can type within  your Blackberry.

Some of the features include:

  • Instant Messengers: BlackBerry Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! IM, Windows Live Messenger
  • Calendar Entries and Editing
  • Websites (fill any text box)
  • Any Messaging or Email Screen
  • Address Books (allowing users to speak new contacts)
  • Most other downloaded applications, including Facebook®for BlackBerry® Smartphones, BlackBerry App World™ and more

Vlingo Plus is available for purchase For a limited time only! $14.99 each regular $19.99 on their website. There is also a free version but does not include all the features.

Giveaway: 10 free codes for Vlingo plus

Rules: Simply leave a comment below and tell us what you like about this application. The winners will be chosen randomly, no more than one comment per user is allowed, you have until Monday before midnight Easter time to leave a comment. Good luck

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  1. Oh please!!! Would be great!!

    • Reason: I use mainly BBM and this version is something I’ve been waiting for for a very long time! E-mail/SMS was ok in the previous version, but with my BB friends on BBM, and my wife on GTalk, this version is the only one to offer what I need.

  2. Sign me up!!! Would love to win this app!!!

  3. I’d love one. Vlingo is awesome, as I drive a lot and being able to speak it vs. typing it, is a lot lot easier and safer.

  4. In =)

  5. OMG woww i never thought i would see Vlingo being given away for free. I’m a beta tester for it and have been using version 2.1 since ages. i love this app, but find the price tag of $20 too high since im a student. i love how the app adjusts to your voice patern over time and become more n more accurate =) i would loveeeeeeeeeeeeee to have the plus version for free =) plzzzzzzzz pick me. i hella wanna try out the Vlingo Everywhere feature. go boston n go MIT

  6. thankyou!!! is the only one that have almost everything in 1 app for all the other apps… quite usefull while driving…

  7. Speak to Text > Driving & Texting. Cant get any better than that.

  8. Great product! Would love it.

  9. please one over here

  10. It’s the kind of app I’d like to have. Texting takes too long especially when in a rush.

  11. please one over here to be honest i just want to try it out

  12. Great app. I would like to hav 1 for my love  bold. Pls pick me. Thank

    • This is very useful app exspecialy while driving…i can’t stop to using my . Even I’m driving.when I hear the ring tone from bbm I will check out wat my group friend chatting. I’m hate that I can’t apply for safety drive.with this vlingo,I solve my problem & can enjoy both driving & bbm time . :d pls pick me. Thank

  13. I could really use this app. I travel alot for business and it would be great to speak to text or email while on the road

  14. hands free… thats one of the main reason….

  15. Vlingo let’s me talk out txts while driving without endangering myself or others. I don’t have to look at the small screen to see my txt messages! It rocks!

  16. Awesome!! 😀
    I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀

  17. Love to win a copy! This app is essential when driving or on the move.

  18. I’m not sure I can wait until Easter?
    “you have until Monday before midnight Easter time to leave a comment. Good luck”

  19. This is essential when driving and great when otherwise would have to do a lot of typing.

  20. Pick me please.

  21. I’d LOVE to have a copy of this app!

  22. I would like to have a copy of this app. I like the features of being able to speak my texts rather than typing while driving. I am always typing emails, txts and BBMS; this would be great to have so I can reply to all asap, when I am on the road… Choose me as this would be very benifitial for me!! Thank you in advance for the chance to win….

  23. Never had it,never tried this app. Being that it,s FREE….let me have it !!

  24. I hope I win a copy of this application. :)

  25. With the using phones while driving laws around, this app is a must have.

  26. Great app … would love to have it.

  27. because is free!! and hands free!!

  28. I have a 2 hour continuous commute Monday through Friday. This would be nice so that I don’t run anyone off the road. I’ve tried this on my pearl and my Tour. Thanks Vlingo and BR!!

  29. Handsfree handsfree this is a product seriously needed on the roads in Dubai
    Love to have it 😉

  30. I could use this application on my new Storm 2! I hope I win.

  31. Would definitely like to be considered for a copy. It would be sweet to cut down on the awkwardness caused by fat-fingering the wrong letter in certain words in texts/IM’s/emails! 😉

  32. I love the free version of Vlingo! I use the note to self feature almost daily!!! i could sure use the full plus version thats fo sho!!

  33. Great app, made your help me from getting any more tickets while using my phone while driving…

  34. This would be great to have and even better to win it.

  35. helps while driving and its free!!

  36. sweet. Pick me.

  37. cool app, hope I win this

  38. On the road for work all day everyday. I would use the hell out of this app. Thanks for the opportunity. Enjoy your holidays.

  39. I would like a copy of Vlingo plus please. This app is the bomb. This would make my full day complete. Good luck everyone. Thanks Vlingo & berryreview for the chances.

  40. this would be a great x-mas present to myself

  41. I love the talk to text feature on this app. I saw it on my friend’s berry and knew I had to get it. Hope I could be one of the lucky ones!

  42. I love this application. I use it for everything and having the plus version would be awesome, especially for free since I lost my job for Christmas! I’d love to use the expanded functionality! Nice Christmas gift indeed!

  43. I like this app simply because you can do many things with your voice other than typing the command.

  44. Just great this app, can be my security while I’m driving or something like that.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  45. I like how you can use it to do a multitude of things. Not just one item. You can use it to update Twitter, or send a message, or do a search it is very versatile. A combo of it and make for perfect Blackberry use driving in the car.

  46. 10 free copies – I have no chance I’m too late. But count me in please.

  47. Such a great program! I can hear and reply to txts safely while driving. Please pick me! I want it badly!

  48. This would be a most marvelous addition to my blackberry. Please and thank you for considering.

  49. Count me in. Make a nice end of year present to me..

  50. I love the accuracy of voice dialing, that’s the moneyshot! Having it “ANYWHERE”
    is a fantastic idea!

  51. Because it simplified the work to write… I’d really love to win this application… Thank you!!!

  52. I tried the free version and it seems to work on the storm I

  53. i would like this win.

  54. I had this back when it was free. It is very useful and would love to have it again. Paired with would be an awesome set up!

    Thank you BR and Vlingo!

  55. Yes Please!

  56. Love the free version of Vlingo and really want the full version.

  57. I need this to drive and text!

  58. I would love to get a copy so I can see how good Vlingo is! Thank you guys.

  59. Have had Vlingo for awhile now and although I had some compatibility issues when the Tour was released, it was updated and works very good. One thing I always wanted was to be able to use Vlingo for many other apps on my phone not just for texts. I would love to be able to use this new version to try the new features. Vlingo is a must have for anyone concerned about their safety on the road and wanting to get more from their Blackberry.

  60. I liked the earlier free versions where you could SMS everyone and would like the paid version to use with BlackBerry Messenger among other apps!

  61. I love being able to enter long strings of text when I’m outside and my fingers are too cold to type!

  62. I really would like this, I live the free version and use it allthe time,

  63. I have use the free version before and really liked it and this one has got to be even better. I would love to win this, it could be a real time saver.

  64. This is an awesome application.. hope I will win this.. would be a nice Xmas gift! :)

  65. I like the idea of simplifying where and whenever possible. Vlingo plus seems like a great tool / application to accomplish just that.

  66. I’ve never used Vlingo before, but I like being able to say something and it being sent in an I’m or saying a website and going right there.

  67. Been using vlingo since it was an all free beta. with the smiley face icon… Finally paid the 18$ to go for the paid app .. Then they come out with this … Sounds amazing … Would love to not have to pay to upgrade

  68. I’ve been using Vlingo since v2 (and love it) .. I want a free upgrade this time!

  69. I’m using v2 and love it. Great tool!

  70. Awesome app. Would love to try it out.

  71. I love it because it will stop me from getting another “no headset” ticket. Now I can talk in IMs with confidence that five-o won’t pull me over.

  72. I can finally get the NYPD off my back about driving talking. Please throw my name in the hat.

  73. Having the trial version is nothing like having the full functioning program. I’d love to have this program. It would save me a lot of time and effort, as I would be able to pair it with other visual/speaking programs in order to reply to texts and e-mails.
    Hope to win this one – that would be a Merry Christmas! :-)

  74. This app is great would love to have this

  75. I liked the free version!

  76. I’ve never tried it, but really look forward to this very useful app. In my state (as with several others) “hands-free” is a requirement. Really think this will enhance productivity.

  77. I need this so I can stop texting while driving!!!

  78. I just downloaded the free version of Vlingo to see what it was all about. I was pretty skeptical, thinking whatever benefits it brought, it wouldn’t be worth it to me. After playing with it for about 10 minutes, I realized, this app could be really helpful. In the paid version, I would be all over the email option and ability to use it with my instant messengers. Fingers crossed that I’m one of the lucky winners. That would be an awesome Christmas gift for sure.


  79. i’m very interested in winning this!

  80. Me me me me.

  81. haven’t tried this since it first launched

  82. I’d love a code! Just bought the old version a few weeks ago, kind of frustrating that there isn’t an inexpensive upgrade path.

  83. I am all about the task. I will be driving and think about something I need to do, and say, “Note to self…get stuff for dinner”, and it will add the task. That’s worth the price of admission.

  84. Would love to get my hands on this

  85. I love the fact that I can use this while driving and keep my eyes on the road more.

  86. I would like this so that I can safely use messenger to talk to my wife while driving, I have tried it out with the txting and love it.

  87. Sweet. This app just keeps on stretching out the added features. Love it, haven’t used it for a while, but lookin to get back to using it.

  88. wow merry christmas indeed

    thank you

  89. I have been using vlingo for a while now, the plus option would be great to have!! thank you!

  90. Like the free version. Would love the full version!

  91. I love Vlingo because it does what it does and is what I need! Love this app!

  92. me me me

  93. Very cool contest, I like the intagration with a varity of app from native to 3rd party (kind of like a 1 stop app)

  94. great app, love to win!

  95. I’d love to win a copy of this!

  96. My fav feature definitely has to be the ability to type into any form with the push of a button. It will also help prevent texting and driving and even better it’ll also prevent typing with gloves on while driving!

  97. I like Vlingo because it keeps me from getting tickets for texting while driving!

  98. Best thing about this for me is calendar entry, cuz Im big on forgeting things. I need a quick way to enter info right when I think of it. Yhe free version was wonderful.

  99. What’s not to like about this program? It’s really useful when you are not able to type a message for whatever reason (e.g. – driving) but need to send something out. I really hope I win this.

  100. Vlingo anywhere is genius! Can’t wait to use it in BBM! Also think launching apps via voice is genius.

  101. I need this! I would love to have this especially since I drive 40 miles one way everyday – could be a great life (and let’s face it: ticket) saver!!!!!!
    Thanks for offering BR.

  102. I love this app because it I’m able to send messages while I’m driving without typing them.

  103. Vlingo is an awesome app. The ability to send messages hands free is da bomb!

  104. I really hope I win this app. BerryReview ROCKS!

  105. Hands free!

  106. I Want To Win!

  107. I use the free version to access email AND messages. Would love the full version.

  108. Crossing my fingers. . .

  109. I like the search function! Please select me!

  110. I really like to use this to leave myself notes while driving… much better than trying to type & drive / safer too!

  111. great for those times when you need your hands for other things

  112. This is a great program so I certainly would like a free copy.

  113. pic me

  114. i love to read my text messages

  115. Gives me an excuse to talk to myself.

  116. It’s ability to decipher what I say even when I am sick with a cold and sore throat!

  117. I’d love to have this… great software to have especially while on my way to Rutgers :)

  118. This sounds like a great app. Count me in.

  119. Please choose me. As a clinician hoping to see if these applications could bring value to point of care usage. Thanks in anticipation.

  120. I have the old free version and love it. I would really love to have the upgrade – and winning a copy is even better!

  121. Would be pretty sweet to win.

  122. Speaking entries to address book is big….merging all messaging apps is great too…

    I’d love this.

  123. I’d love this app!

  124. Who wouldn’t want Vlingo? I am all for anything that makes my life easier.

  125. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

  126. Bravo Vlingo! It can dictates lingo even during tango. Its more fun than bingo. Even Rambo goes loco over Vlingo…

  127. I just tried it for the first time today, and what I like is that it seems to work. I tried another voice-to-text program last year and gave up, but this works a lot better.

  128. i would really like to win this more than any other app

  129. Would love a copy so I can reply to txt/email messages without the frustration of typing on my Storm

  130. Be lingual with Vlingo.

  131. Pick me!!!!!!!

  132. I have been using the free vlingo for awhile now and to day they disabled the free version so I am bummed. I love the app and used it alot for texting , much easier than typing

  133. Using the free version of Vlingo now. Awesome app. I like the integration with a variety of app from native to 3rd party.
    Help me keep both my hand on steering wheel instead of BB. 😛

  134. This is great. I’m in for this super amazing app….

  135. The 9700 keyboard is extremely stiff and difficult for typing (though great for browsing/reading via the trackpad), so I’d like an app that would allow me to do less of that.

  136. Very good app. I would love to have it.

  137. Oh yeah I want a copy :)

  138. I like this app!! Vligo is a good app for the blackberry!!! I want it!!!

  139. I can text while driving, and not break the law.

  140. sweet!!

  141. nice hope i get a chance to win :)

  142. What a xmas it would be with a copy of this. Thanks

  143. here goes nothin……….

  144. Love the news and weather

  145. i want my phone to understand me. =]

  146. Please Santa… I’ve been so good. I use my bb so much, I have trouble using a regular keyboard.

  147. I absolutely love this software. I used it the very day it came out and haven’t stopped yet. I would absolutely love to win the Plus version. Thanks BerryReview and Vlingo for making this happen.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  148. Hey wow… I’d love this app. I’m still pretty new to BR and haven’t really won anything yet. Would love to have this!!!! Thanks for offering!

  149. this app saves lives, dont text n drive!

  150. I think the coolest thing is the safety factor. I’m using, but would rather use this!

  151. i love this app but can’t afford to buy it. the vlingo everywhere feature seems really awesome. id love for a free code!

  152. i love this app, the options are great, and also safe like the texting feature

  153. Cool app…though BlackBerry is typer-friendly, could definitely benefit from using Vlingo.
    Hope Santa gives me this for Christmas~!!

  154. this app is sick. send messages without typing would be great. especially long messages

  155. Greate app!

  156. This would be a very useful app for me.
    Would defiantely make using my Tour an easier

  157. Awsome apps. Everything in one place. If i won I can uninstal other comunicators apps from my BB

  158. only 3 words: Simple, effective and efficient!

  159. Nice app for lazy people like me who don’t like typing.

  160. Ah wid lurve a fwee app to turn ma sppeech inter text!

  161. the best feature i like is its integration of twitter/facebook status. that’s pretty neat and useful!

  162. Would Love the updated version…..have 3.0 at the moment

  163. It’s very convenient to use one app instead of install each messenger’s app

  164. I like the accuracy of the voice recognition

  165. I just experienced this free trial and have been using it for a couple weeks, the full version would be great to have.

  166. I have the old plus and i love it. I don’t think its right for them to charge for the new plus.

  167. I love being able to update twitter and Facebook and searching by voice.

  168. this app is really helpful…. i would love to have it …..

  169. Count me in!! 😀

  170. Would be perfect to send emails without typing!! Luv it!!!

  171. Sure works better then the blackberry voice command.

  172. I like the ability to compose emails while driving since I am on the road frequently. Vlingo rocks!

  173. I love the fact that you can use your voice to type. Who wants to use a keyboard anyway?

  174. Text to speech technology has always amazed and baffled me.
    However, it makes sense that if it works for one area where text is written that it would work on all areas where text is written. Or am I being too obvious?

  175. This app would feed into my addiction rather nicely! Would love one please!

  176. I’d like one. Makes it easier to answer text messages from the wife.

  177. I want one!!!!

  178. Vlingo is great for safe use of my blackberry storm. Bless you guys.

  179. Would like to win a copy of the full version.

  180. this would be amazing. should be built in like on the iphone.

  181. I love Vlingo! I spend 30 hrs a week in the car, and this app allows me to keep in quick communication with my team, family, friends, and clients without having to pull over to type emails

  182. I want to test the full version for myself before recommending it to my friend’s, family and co-workers. I’ve had a few near misses trying to text while driving and this application will make me a much safer person on the road. Send me a code, the life you save may be your own. :)

  183. Vlingo’s cool!

  184. The ability to respond quickly via voice is important to me, as I can sometimes spend and entire business day sitting behind the driver’s wheel of a car. Having the ability to shoot someone a message by speaking my email keeps me from having to pull over to do so.

  185. this is important app when i cannot type, would love to have it

  186. This is indeed a nice add on to my BlackBerry Smartphone. My partner got a ticket last week itself in trying to call his wife, if only he had this he could have messaged and voice dialed with ease.
    Let’s make me a winner… whatcha say?

  187. Wow would I love to have this for free… I think $20 is too much. Anyhow, this could be very useful since I drive a lot these days. On average I’d say my drive is 30 miles a day to and back from school which is about 1 hr and let’s face it – we can’t live without texting… let’s save some lives!

  188. As I am in my car for 8-10 hrs a day, this would be great for keeping both hands on the wheel!

  189. Great app BerryReview, once again thanks for the contest, i hope to have good luck this time.

  190. Been using this app from the start, amazing app.

  191. nice to win this

  192. i would love to win this…. i am road sooo much and this will definatley save me from an accident or two

    thank you

  193. Awesome…Vlingo….speaks the common language. I believe it would be a revolution!!! Hats off Vlingo….! I am in for the price….I hope I win…

  194. Looks like a winner of an application!!!

  195. I loved the free copy of this app before it became limited. Sure would like to have the “big” version for Christmas :)

  196. This has been one of my favorite apps for the BlackBerry. I love how I can text and Twitter with this app!

    Hook. It. Up.

  197. I’d love a copy of the app!

  198. I’m a huge Vlingo fan and would love to win a free code for the Plus version of 4.0

  199. I want it and need it. Please give it to me

  200. I need it as I use blackberry a lot for my daily life. Please give me one.

  201. Seems like a great tool for work where my hands are busy signing. It would improve efficiency tremendously.

  202. Would love this app sooo much.

  203. Love Vlingo already and the new version looks great. Not sure why they are charging existing customers so much so it would be a great Xmas gift to get the upgrade for free. Love berryreview – Happy Holidays

  204. pick me!

  205. But, I REALLY NEED IT!

  206. I’m telling you guys, Vlingo is absolutly awesome. This app is a must have on any blackberry. RIM should really think about preloading this onto all berry’s instead of the Voice activated dailing(VAD).

  207. Another great giveaway. Thanks

  208. This is an amazing product! Will definitely increase productivity and speed. Please let me win this!

  209. me…i have beta tested this and have had this until i got a new tour!

  210. i could use a copy!!!

  211. Would love a copy of this app.

  212. My favorite thing about Vlingo is its awesome ability for ubiquitous capture. I email myself all kinds of stuff as I am driving. It is good to know that nothing slips through the cracks.

  213. No more typing. Just say it!!!

  214. Great product!

  215. Vlingo is the perfect app for me…I’m always in the car and constantly on my blackberry…texting and driving is No Bueno!! lol Great way for me to stay up on my business and person life!

  216. i need vlingo in my life!!

  217. I love that this product makes it safer to use my blackberry while driving.

  218. Great to have

  219. I never tried this app. So, please send a code my way. :)

  220. I am a long time user of vlingo the free version. And I will love to use all the new feat.

  221. Recently a new law was introduced that prohibits drivers from calling or texting unless through a hands-free device. I enjoyed the free version of the Vlingo and I would appreciate the full version to help me drive safe and avoid tickets i.e. avoid an increase on my insurance premiums.

  222. Vilingo really seems to have made some big strides with this version. I am a big fan of speech to text technology. Especially if it works with my Jawbone headset via bluetooth. Handsfree rocks!

  223. Awesome

  224. Hey I want one. Pick me. Please!

  225. I would like to win a code so I can put it on my daughters BB. Anything to prevent her from messaging while driving !

  226. Vlingo Anywhere is a great idea.

  227. Nice program I just don’t like paying for each feature separately…………..

  228. Good luck everyone.

  229. I need this app in my life!!!

  230. Great App for my BB…
    I wanna win :)

  231. Count me in!

  232. I love this app, it’s easy to use and I like that I don’t have to type. 😛

  233. This is the best app I’ve ever used on my BB. I love it.

  234. I have downloaded the trial version only to remove it twice before. It just never did everything I wanted it to do…and $20 for a BB app seemed a little steep. Then v 4.0 came out, I decided to try again. The $5 cut doesn’t seem like much, but it was enough for me to give serious thought about buying it. I’d be a liar if I said I never wrote a message while driving, but I really keep it to a minimum; for $15, I figured I could cut it out all together. I was going to just buy and install it but at the last second just installed the free version to try and I’m kind of glad I did.

    The Facebook and Twitter status update works great…but I never really updated those while I was driving around. I also liked how easy it was to open any application. However, my biggest in-car use is with BB Messenger and email and those are the features that are locked on the free version. Speaking of BB Messenger, maybe I misunderstood the message, but is it really true that whoever you want to send a message to has to have Vlingo, too? If that’s the case, there’s no way I’m asking everyone in my contact list to also buy it so having it to use with BB Messenger is out.

    My other issue is with memory drain. When using it regularly, it sucks up 15-20MB quick; I have to pull the battery a couple times a day to keep the rest of the phone functioning properly.

    I really want to use this app but I still need something to convince me to actually buy it. I’m going to keep looking to see if I’m wrong about BB Messenger and see if I can find a reason for the memory drain. I haven’t decided against getting it yet, but I’m not leaning any more towards making the purchase.

  235. Obviously, I like that fact that it works on almost any application. I would very much like to have a copy of this excellent app!

  236. I would love this app. Hope it is me you pick as one of the luck 10!

  237. can i have it ?? please !

  238. I have been using the free version; it is wonderful. I used it today to email myself my grocery list on the way to the store. I would be thrilled to win the Vlingo Plus!

  239. I would love to try this application!

    I love the features and I think it makes text- to- speech very simple and easy to use!

  240. the speech to txt is accurate…i would love a free upgrade!

  241. I use Vlingo all the time. It is a real time-saver. I can make calls and search the web without having to key anything in. It is a real safety tool when driving when you are trying to call someone instead of fumbling through your address book.

  242. This is definitely a Blackberry must have…I’m a Blackberry newbie and I have told everyone to try this application…I use this all the time…I love, love, love Vlingo.

  243. this is great appz..
    hope can win this appz

  244. Yes please. help me keep my driver’s license!

    — Robert.

  245. This application has evolved so much. Hope I win.

  246. Gimme gimme gimme, gimme some vlingo.

  247. I’d love to win this.

  248. No texting while driving law starts Jan 1 in NH. I’d like a copy please!

  249. Here’s my entry.

  250. What a awesome software to help me to type email in different way. Please choose me as the winner!

  251. I have used vlingo in the past…What an awesome product. I hope to be one of the winners…

  252. I wish that I had this fully finctioning version. Previous releases were free and the software was awesome to boot.

    I could REALLY use a copy. Thanks for considering me.

  253. Great App!!! My number one on the list along with Opera Mini 5

  254. I love this app for when I am driving especially. The upgrade would be great to have becuase of the options.

  255. This looks like a fabulous upgrade. It works wonderful while driving or if you are just busy, I like the fact that it works with BB Messenger now, among all the other messengers. It will make things a lot easier and quicker to reply when you are on the go and don’t have really much time to tap on the keyboard!.

  256. Wow, didn’t even know this technology existed. Was just thinking about how this would really round out BlackBerry technology.

  257. I use Vling now so the upgrade would be good.

  258. coolllllllllll!!!!

  259. yay free? lol

  260. This time it is a comment, not a reply to be in line with instructions. Love the fill text in any box feature. thanks

  261. not to late!

  262. Sounds great.

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