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Review: MusicSkin Cover for BlackBerry



Price: $15
[rating: 8]
Product Summary: MusicSkin provides full body protective vinyl stickers that cover everything from BlackBerries, to laptops to iPhones. Each protective body sticker for the BlackBerry is composed of a front sticker and a back sticker. One can choose from thematic art combinations or create a custom artistic theme of their own. Each artistic theme incorporates images that work together on the front and back sticker to create a unified artistic experience throughout.
Review: One of the first things I noticed about the Music Skin, is that it can function both as an artistic expression of self and as a protective covering over your device.

  • Protection: Specifically, the MusicSkin acts as a second protective layer sitting over the most exposed part of your phone–its face and backplate. The Skin is made of a durable vinyl, which acts almost like a rubber layer that prevents scratches and dents from light impact.
  • Fashion: But more importantly, the MusicSkin acts as an artistic differentiator in a sea of conformity. It is no secret that here at we love BlackBerries. But when you can look around the subway and see at least 20 people using your exact model phone, you feel a little less unique and special. In that respect, MusicSkins give you a way to customize your BlackBerry using more than just a theme, so that the outside of your Berry is as much an expression of you than your precious personal data within it.
  • My crappy home-made custom version

    My crappy home-made custom version

    Personal notes: I tried to customize a skin and wound up just making a mess of the whole process by not taking full advantage of the usable space and color-scheme. Thus, unless you have time to make it work, I suggest choosing from their library of ready designs. They have many different areas of interest and have made specific themes that can work on both the front and back of a device. However, if you do choose to create a custom skin the process is fairly easy; Drag your image onto a template designed for your device, adjust the background color, and preview your image twice before placing your final order. Even if you order a pre-designed image from their stock, you will be able to preview the skin on your device before ordering.

Final Verdict: At $15 you really aren’t risking much for personalizing your Berry. I say go for it!

Note: We received a custom BlackBerry skin from MusicSkins in order to write this review.

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  1. These skins are AWESOME! I got a Bob Marley one a couple months ago that is sick. Definitely high quality and not like some of those cheap sticker skins out there.

  2. OH MY GOD THEY HAVE PARAMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wonder what my boss would say if I walked into work with a Lil Wayne MusicSkin on my company issued Blackberry.

  4. Your boss would tell you to stop making it rain…now a custom skin of my cute little dog could do nothing but bring joy to our workplace. Their custom tool is suprisingly easy to use.

  5. They have skins for The Beatles, AC/DC, Kiss, Johnny Cash, The Who, etc. but where are The Rolling Stones skins? C’mon Mick would not be happy about this.

  6. Pretty sweet deal.

  7. Nice, I may order one.

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