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OS for the Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and 8520 Leaked

image-thumb1 Arjey from BlackBerry Forums Au leaked these through to me earlier today and uploaded them for us. I know this version has already been leaked for the Curve 8520 but have posted the new Mega just in case the old ones have gone down.You can pick then up at:

8900 5.0:

9000 5.0:

8520 5.0:

The usually warnings apply, blah, blah, beta, blah, blah, bricked… You know the deal 😉

Let us know what you find in the comment section below… And thanks again Arjey. Keep them coming…

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  1. All languages??

  2. Language and Input Support:

    – English UK
    – French
    – Italian
    – German
    – Spanish
    – Brazilian Portuguese
    – European Portuguese
    – Catalan
    – Czech
    – Dutch
    – Polish
    – Arabic
    – Basque
    – Galician
    – Greek
    – Danish
    – Swedish
    – Norwegian

    Input Support:

    – Afrikaans

    Hope this helps 🙂

  3. De ja vu? .411 for all 8520, 8900 and 9000 was leaked sometime on Dec 9 (at least that’s what shown in the timestamp of the file I downloaded last week).

    • Hi,

      Yeah, I only just realized not long ago. Either way, those links are out of date and I think that was only for the 8900 and 9000, this one includes the 8520. Or maybe it was the 8900 and the 8520 :S can’t remember but all three are here now 🙂

  4. this has been out for the Bold and 8900 since i think last week.

  5. I’ve been using this for about a week now. seems solid and stable. i’m on AT&T w/ bold 9000

  6. i can’t cas battery

  7. I can’t seems to update from OS while the other one, .250 can upgrade directly. I am using curve 8900, does anyone know what seems to be the problem? Thanks a bunch!

  8. These links are down already can you post more pls!

  9. Anybody find a current link for the the latest OS for a BB 9000

  10. With 411 on my Bold, battery was draining faster than ever before. Not even gettin 20 hours standby time.

    Then i did some experimenting, and by Removing the BBM I now easy get >3 days standby, including some daily use. I now have 65% juice on battery, after aprx. 58 hours since last charge.

    I didnt ever use the BBM when i got bad readings, but from the log it showed constant access during the day,… and it looks like that was one big reason for the quick drain.

  11. Hi Kay & Bill,

    I will re-upp the firmware for you later on. Keep your eyes peeled on this section.


    Sounds like a weird issue there. Which version of BBM are you using? I have the 5.0 firmware on my 8900 and use BBM religiously, my battery is averaging about 2 days.

  12. Arjey thank you sooooo much :-)! Thought I was out of luck!

  13. Sorry Kay & Bill, something came up last night. here is the new link for the 9000, Bill:

    Kay, which device firmware were you after?

    lindstrom, there is a .56 update if you are willing to try it out. Link:

  14. Thank you so much Arjey :)! I don’t get off work until 6 pm and I won’t get home until 7 which is over two hours away! Will it still be an active link?

  15. That’s the link for the 9000. If it’s down when you get home, just post a reply here and I’ll get on the case 😉

  16. Oh my I need it for the 8900 🙁 is there a way you can post that one?

  17. When are they ever going to release an official 5.0 OS for the Bold, Tour or 8900? Our company won’t allow us to install unofficial betas. I thought we’d have something by now!!

  18. Unsure if it was announced to release at the end of this year (not so far away) by RIM for these devices… Something 5.0 was announced to come out but I can’t remember. Maybe it was the BOLD2 and the STORM2.

  19. I have a Curve 8900…… this upgrade going to erase the apps I have purchased??

  20. i have been testing the 5.0.411 release for about 1 month now, every thing is working much better than the other 5.0.* releases but i had found two issues, one is that if i put the network in 2g/3g i can’t be on a phone call more than 2 minutes it always say call error, but if i use 2g only (EDGE) the call a never lost call, so my guess i that when is on 3G the phone try to download mails from my server (imap not push) and if the signal is poor then instead of not finish the mail connection it finish the call.
    And the other problem is that when im on a call if i try to use the blackberry internet browser through wi-fi the phone restart.
    I just post this comment so the next release can fix this.
    Sorry for my english im from argentina (spanish). Ahh my phone company is claro from argentina

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