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BlackBerry BIS Outage? Let Us Know!

maninthedark We have been getting reports all morning that BlackBerry BIS is having some serious trouble. I have confirmed that there definitely is/was an outage in the EMEA region causing issues with email and other messages sending, receiving, and viewing attachments along with More requests. Even web browsing is really going slow.

Reports say that it is causing issues on Verizon, T-Mobile, and I can confirm that AT&T is also experiencing problems. Let us know in the comments what you find and where you are located!

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  1. Rogers is out in Nova Scotia Canada. I can’t send or receive email.

  2. Verizon in MD: No emails have come in since shortly after 2am

  3. Sprint OUT in Michigan.

  4. T-Mobile in CT. Can’t receive e-mails. Can send e-mail and SMS is working.

  5. AT&T here in Cincinnati, OH. I can not send emails..

  6. Telefonica Ecuador, no service at all.

  7. Cellular South, Mississippi is out.

  8. 845am CST TX Verizon..all is okay

  9. AT&T in Indy area is out, no email all morning…

  10. Sprint out in Austin, TX

  11. AT&T no emails from any accounts since around 2am. Albany NY area

  12. Rogers in Toronto, ON
    Able to ‘send’, but messages are not delivered
    No incoming mail

  13. Tmobiel carrier – BIS outage from 2.30 am EST. Boston metrowest. Emails to does not work. Out bound emails stay in inbox and never sent.

    • Charlotte NC. No emails since around 2AM. Internet going very slow. I have switched to Wifi on my Storm2 to use most apps due to extreme slowness on 3g VZW

  14. No mail or browser on Verizon in West-Central Pennsylvania at 9:51 AM. BBerry users paralyzed and becoming comatose.

  15. US Cellular – Missouri area – receiving emails fine, browser is extremely slow.

  16. At&t BIS (only emails – BBM and Gtalk are fine) is down since early 3am, got one email through about 8:25am… Hope this will be back up soon!

  17. AT&T BIS is down in Franklin, TN….

  18. Telus in Vancouver, BC and email is down completely, bo incoming or outgoing. BBM and web browsing seem to be normal.

  19. Verizon in Orlando, FL. My BES is working, but my BIS is not. I can’t receive emails at all. I’ve send my service books like four times. When the problem’s corrected, I’m going to have a LOT of emails. :p


  20. Verizon in Arizona, no emails since 10PM last night.

  21. nTelos in South Virginia is out…

  22. Long Island New York (Verizon) cannot receive – can send

  23. Venezuela is out too, outage in Movistar, Movilnet and Digitel… All three carriers are not getting anything… only BlackBerry Messenger working

  24. Blackberry e-mail out in Columbia, South Carolina – Verizon Wireless.

  25. TM in Rhode Island. No email (in or out). But browser is working. TM rep I spoke to confirmed it is a global outage.

  26. Outage in New England area on Verizon, Sprint and AT&T BIS. Last email was at 1:07am this morning. Of course, cannot get through any carriers for support or to RIM for support.

  27. Outage in Jacksonville, FL on Verizon

  28. Down in New York/New Jersey. Starting to twitch uncontrollably.

  29. I have been out all morning as well. I am on verizon in NY. I tried resending my service books and still nothing is coming through. Good news for me though is that my emails from my BES are coming through. So I am not totally in the dark.

    Also BBM is working or at least I am able to send and get them.

  30. no emails in MN on Verizon since 1:09 a.m.

  31. out in san jose, ca since 11:48pm last night.

  32. I am hoping they have this resolved soon. Its very annoying. How did we ever live before blackberries?

  33. TMo out in MN. I do get texts, though.

  34. T-Mobile email down in Atlanta market since 2am

  35. TMO BIS down in greater Seattle area.

    e-mail negative
    BIS internet is OK though.

  36. T-mobile BIS out in Minneapolis, MN out since ~2a

  37. Verizon Wireless- im a sales rep for veizon wireless. BIS is down. Massachusetts

  38. VZW here in NYC .. not getting my AOL email’s and not getting my OWA work emails to my BB…

  39. I am not receiving incoming emails. My outgoing emails appear to have been sent, but are not being received. I can make and receive calls and texts I have Sprint and am located in Southwest Florida. Asseveral others have already posted, a rep from Sprint confirmed that it is a known global issue with all blackberries. There is not an estimated time that the issue should be resolved but I was told I can call back in 2-3 hours and they may have an estimate. Thanks for the posts…while this issue is unfortunate for all us us, it’s nice to know we’re not alone! Good luck getting through today everyone!

  40. Confirmed down in RI using Verizon.

  41. T-Mobile in Portland, OR Slow web and no mail

  42. Verizon’s my carrier in Massachusetts. My BB is getting only intermittent SMS and no emails. Browser is fine (and actually faster than usual).

  43. Sprint in CA out, too.

  44. Sprint BIS is out in Salt Lake City. No e-mail.

  45. BIS email just reactivated as of 0800hrs for TMO in greater Seattle area.

  46. Yup – no push email in northern Ohio – my carrier is Verizon.

  47. the outage is all over the internets now.

  48. NYC – can’t send or receive email on Verizon

  49. Mail out in Syracuse, NY ATT. Nothing this morning.

  50. Mail starting to flow through again starting about 11:10 Eastern in Toronto.

  51. Cannot send or receive email since early this morning in Cincinnati, Ohio

  52. This is also effecting Sprint.

  53. T-Mobile 9700 not pushing email but everything else seems ok.

  54. BIS e-mail started happening here once again at about 11:00 EST (VZW, Upstate NY). It appears that there must be a significant backlog still to be worked off as I am still missing e-mail form during the outage. 🙁

  55. A mail I sent on BB on my university account to myself at 9:37 EST showed up at about 11:15. I have not received any mail on BB since midnight. My browser started working within the last hour. I am in rural center-west Pennsylvania on Verizon.

  56. Just started coming in again.
    Welcome back BIS.

  57. ATT in San Diego……Still out
    Nothing from late last night to now, 8:48am PT…….
    and yesterday, I missed a few too……..

  58. Yep, same in NJ, last email I got was at 2:27am. RIM do something!!! WTF!!

  59. Yep, same in NJ. Last email I got was at 2:27am. RIM do something!!! WTF!!! It’s been down for 9 and a half hours!! Why I’m I paying $100 for this?

  60. BIS has been down since at least 7 AM EST on ATT.

    BB 9000

  61. Just received a “flood” of catch-up e-mails which appear to bring me up to date. 🙂 (VZW, Upstate NY)

  62. Telus 9700 in Alberta, Canada. My e-mail has been down all morning but browsing still works. I got one huge backlog of e-mails an hour ago and nothing since.

  63. browsing and bbm seem to work….but emails are lost…i’m on verizon in michigan

  64. Sprint BIS in Sacramento, CA also down

  65. I’m from Santiago, Chile, and have had problems with Movistar since this morning. No e-mails at all, but web browsing seems to be working just fine.

  66. Emails have been offline all morning. My Road Runner emails just came through about 30 minutes ago, but my gmail and work email appears to still be offline. Using Sprint in Raleigh, NC

  67. It is 12:38PM EST here in Northern Virginia on Verizon and neither my Tour nor my Storm are receiving email. Weird thing is I CAN send email (via an integrated Yahoo account). I seem to be able to browse and BBM, and Viigo IS getting articles.

  68. Out in Chicago suburbs. Last email received was last nite at 10 pm CST.

  69. at 12:45PM EST, we are now starting to get push emails! Yay!

  70. I’m in Indonesia.
    No issues with e-mails and browsing, but BlackBerry Messenger have been going berserk since around 1 PM local time (6 AM GMT).
    My sister, who lives in Australia, experienced the same problem.
    I still have BBM messages not yet delivered as of now, sent a few hours ago.

  71. Just got one here in San Diego @ 10:07am PT…

  72. Well I am still unable to browse the web using Opera Mini or BB Browser. WeatherBug is Showing just that; A nice image of a bug. And GMail app isn’t loading emails so i figure this problem is still going strong. I’m on T-Mobile.


  73. BIS came back to life for about ten minutes around noon EST and then died again. ATT & BB Bold.

    Why is it that BIS is so much more erratic than BES. If RIM wants to enter the consumer market, they need to have consistent service.

  74. I, and everyone I know here, have not been receiving emails (google apps) since yesterday at around 3:30, we’re in Venezuela.

  75. I’m in Lancaster, PA on Verizon Wireless using a BlackBerry Storm and BIS email seemed to work OK until 2:43 AM, but the next email was delayed 16 minutes, and then no emails until 12:02 PM this afternoon from emails that should have been delivered from 4:37 AM and on. At noon today, the delay was 1 hour and fifteen minutes. I received an email at 1:44 which was only a five minute delay, but an email on my Google account which should have arrived at 1:47 PM has still not arrived and it is currently 2:02 PM, so BIS is very unreliable and slow currently. Usually, Gmail is very quick. At this time, I haven’t noticed much of a difference using the native browser or Opera.

  76. Looks like it’s back up!

  77. Seems to be up now.

  78. E-mail via BIS in the Boston, MA area seemed to stop around two or three in the morning. It’s now 2:23pm and I have yet to receive an e-mail on the ‘Berry today.

  79. Email and BBM is out for me. Telus Alberta

  80. Email/BBM out for me in South Western Ontario – Telus – last email received around 2.15am

  81. Received only 2 emails today since the outage began here in San Diego…
    It’s 1:30pm PT.

    Sure hope RIM comes clean with what the problem was….and what the solution is/will be!

  82. at&t in Nashville Tennessee is out as of now

  83. I am getting email again. It started about an hour ago getting three or four at a time. Its now 4:40pm EST in Alabny NY USA and its still spitting out emails from this morning at 10:00am. Maybe they will catch up with today by tonight??

  84. Both T-Mobile and Verizon BIS affected in the Seattle, WA area. Continuing to see sporadic messaging, has been down for a couple of hours.

  85. LMAO!
    TMOBILE’s ENTIRE network is down.
    No voice. SMS. Data. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
    What a great day. No BIS in the morning. No service at all in the night.

  86. I’m in Southwestern VA and my AT&T BB9000 came back alive around noon today EST, got flooded with about 100 emails at once… all notifications are up and running for me as well as browser… can’t say the same for my nTelos 8330…

  87. out in Columbus Ohio, can send email but not receive

  88. Was on for an hour or two at noon time EST but for the past 4-5 hours, its down again…

  89. WOW! BIS goes down and now that its up again we get another new version of BBM! Talk about a roller coaster ride with RIM these days!

  90. If you are still waiting for service to come back you need to resend your service books. You can do this on the BIS website by clicking on help then click on send service books. You only have to send service books one time for all accounts. Or you can do it on your Blackberry under email settings. If you do it on your phone you have to send service books for each email account. If it doesnt work then wait and try again later. It will eventually bring you back up. Once successful you will recieve an email confirming setup.

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