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2009 Holiday Gadget Gift Ideas for the person who has it all

giftWith the holidays upon us many people are wondering and making last minute decisions about what to get for that difficult person who has it all. You know who I am talking about since I get asked this question all the time during the holidays. There is always one person on your list you cannot find the right gift for. I know how frustrating this experience is so I decided to round up a few alternative gadget gifts from $18-$250 that might just work. Check them out below:

  • Rubik’s Touchcube – remake of the classic puzzle game
  • USBCELL – Who said you could not charge everything through USB?
  • SolarVoice908 – The Bluetooth headset that charges with the sun!
  • Norelco Arcitec Shaver – Always adding a few new features and boy do you want one!
  • eStarling Wifi Digital Frame – A picture frame with an email address…


cubeRubik’s Touchcube
Cost: List $149.99 Holiday Special $49.99
Where to Buy:

Super Cool! I have to give credit to Techno Source, the makers of the Rubik’s Touchcube. Great job on one of the all time classic toys. I love the idea that there is no hole on the toy for the  ac adapter. The cube has charging contacts just like all the new BlackBerrys (except my Storm2). So I placed the cube on the display stand and started charging it. A red light appears on base until ready when a green light appears. To be honest I can not tell you how long it takes to charge because after 5 minutes I started playing with the Touchcube. Each side acts like a button. Power, Scramble, Hint, Solve, Undo, and Sound Control. Double tap the side to activate the button. The cube is touch enabled so when you hold it in your hand the built-in accelerometer only activates the top of the cube.

Let the games begin!

This really works just like an original Rubik’s Cube. You can only move by row or by column, and starts out complete and it needs to be scrambled. To move horizontal or vertical just swipe the three colors in the direction you want it to turn. You can also turn just the top by making a diagonal swiping motion from one middle edge to the next middle edge.

What the buttons do:

  • onPower: Turns on/off
  • s(Scramble): Randomly scarmbles the cube a total of 40 moves
  • Q(Hint): Shows the next move for solving cube(the row will flash).
  • test(Solve Mode): Step by step the cube is slowly solves. You can stop it by double tapping again.
  • return(Undo Mode): Either undoes your last move. Or if you hit solve it goes back to before you hit solve

The Rubik’s Touchcube is a lot of fun and a great present for all!


Cost:  $17.99/ Pack AA
Where to Buy:

Without even taking it out of the package this one is a fan favorite.  AA rechargeable batteries? YUP! Lift the cap and you will see why! It’s a battery that charges via USB. Never again will you be looking for your lost charger. The price is double a regular pack of rechargeable batteries but then again you don’t need to buy a charger.  Moxia, the makers of Usbcell, are also in the midst of making more battery sizes including batteries for selective phones like BlackBerrys.




SolarVoice908 Bluetooth headset
Cost: List $79.99
Where to Buy:

I don’t know about you but every time I get into my car I realize my Bluetooth headset is dead. I must have like 5 dead headsets in my car.  Thanks to iTech that doesn’t happen anymore. Since I got the SolarVoice908 I  stopped  worrying about charging my Bluetooth headset. I know many people carry two devices for work and the SolarVoice can pair two devices simultaneously! An issue I have with headsets is how uncomfortable they are. I don’t know how people keep them in their ears all day. This one is designed differently and is very comfortable. It comes with an ear loop although i prefer not to use it.  Another great feature with this Bluetooth headset is that I can stream music from my BlackBerry (A2DP). It’s not stereo sound but I  love using it. I already bought a few of these for family members for the holidays!


norNorelco Arcitec Shaver
Cost: List $249.99
Where to Buy:

When I think of gifts for those who have everything shavers always come to mind if the recipient is a man. There is always a newer model with just a few extra features that make it a great gift. Whether it’s your Dad, Husband, Brother, Grandfather, or even friend  you can’t go wrong with getting him a Norelco shaver.

I currently own the Norelco Spectra Deluxe 8894XL  AKA “The James Bond Shaver” and didn’t have a need nor did I think I would desire a new shaver. However after testing out the Arcitec 1090, I am in love.  It’s a very smooth and clean shave. Some might feel it’s bad that the power cord can not be put directly into the shaver. The slick carrying case allows you to charge the shaver or you can use the stand it comes with. I travel for the weekends a lot and I can’t tell you how many times my shaver goes off in my bag. The Arcitec has a lock feature by holding the on/off button for 3 seconds. The LCD display is a really nice addition to the shaver with a count down of minutes left of the charge. The maximum charge is 65 minutes. Now my biggest question for all electric shavers…… Why can’t a good shaver also have a good trimmer. The Arictec’s trimmer is actually pretty bad, but I like I said I am yet to find a great shaver with a great trimmer. You might not think of buying a  shaver for someone because it’s something every has, but getting them the Norelco Arcitec is a pretty safe bet.



eStarling Wifi Digital Frame
Cost: List $249.99  Holiday Special $199.99
Where to Buy:

Last but not least is the eStarling Wi-Fi Digital Frame. Finally! Not just a rotation of pictures on a memory card. This is what I call a Digital Frame! You name it, this can do it. I call it  “The All-in-One Digital Frame.”  It is a 10.2″ touch screen frame with Wifi, Gmail Pictures and Video, Twitter, Facebook, and much more.

When using your camera or video on your BlackBerry the digital frame really comes in handy especially with the simple to use email feature. I took it out of the box plugged in the ac adapter, and within seconds it found my wifi connection. It automatically updated to newest software and that’s it. It asks for a Gmail account (it’s recommended to make a special account just for the frame) and then it’s set up. I browsed through my BlackBerry and sent all my pictures and videos from my BlackBerry to the frame. INSTANTLY the frame got all my pictures and videos.  The frame updates with Gmail and all other accounts that you signed up for every few minutes. Without doing anything the pictures are added to your slide show.  There is a 2GB internal memory and you have the option to add more via SD. The retail price is $249.99 which is a bit steep but eSterling has now lowered the price for the holiday season to $199.99 with free shipping.

With all these features this frame really sticks out from the crowd. It includes a touch screen, photo streams, and videos along with integrated Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, Flickr, Picasa,Google Calendar and so much more.

I know this list might not be the solution for everybody but let us know if you spotted other good gifts for the person who has everything. I am always looking for good ideas and these are the best I have found so far so let me know if you agree or disagree!

Note: We received review units from the companies to evaluate the products

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  1. Would love to get the email picture frame, sounds like a great piece of tech!

  2. I like the USBCell… totally James Bond!

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