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Verizon Offers Up Free Wi-Fi to Broadband Card Users

verizon-wifi Verizon is really starting to like Wi-Fi. Tom let me know that they have just opened up the doors to all their mobile broadband card users for free Wi-Fi. Sadly it looks like BlackBerry users are left out in the cold on this one since they are targeting it at USB, Mi-Fi, and laptops with 3G built in.

Even if you have a Verizon tethering plan for your BlackBerry you still need VZaccess Manager 7.2+ which is not compatible with BlackBerry devices. Currently only version 7.1 and 7.0 are supported for BlackBerrys… Hopefully Verizon is moving towards AT&T’s stance of offering up free Wi-Fi to all customers with a data plan on their smartphone.

If you do have a mobile broadband card you can read more about the new service at:

via Verizon

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  1. The official Verizon press release is

  2. I kinda doubt BlackBerry users (ok, its only 8530 and 9550 right now) will get in on this any time soon. Even with tethering plan you are only paying $45 whereas the minimum data card plan is $60. Unless they offer perhaps a $30 plus up for BlackBerry plans that gives you tethering plus free wifi.

    Then again…wasn’t it Verizon that for the past MANY years told the world we didn’t need wifi since their network was fast and everywhere? I know they are changing their tune, but that combined with the current carrier war just makes this announcement so ironic.

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

    • I am guessing that Verizon is looking for ways to free up bandwidth on their native network. This new capability does not use the native WiFi radio within the device, but rather it allows a user to use the VZAccess Manager to use the computer’s WiFi card to the Verizon service:

      “When within range of a Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot, customers can use VZAccess Manager to connect with a Wi-Fi-enabled notebook or netbook computer.”

  3. The new versions of VZAM can be configured to perform as a wifi management (similar to zero config or access connections). I am assuming that if a VZW wifi hotspot is available it will simply appear and allow me to connect? Must my broadband card be inserted? I ask because VZAM works for wifi management regardless if the broadband card is present. Surely the card is the authorization mechanism. Any reports on the performance of this free wifi network.

  4. I have confirmed that VZW explicitly disabled this for smartphone users — VZAccess Manager 7.2, required for the wifi connection, works with my BlackBerry 9630 (aka Tour) in order to establish a Mobile Broadband (EvDO-A) connection, but the “WifFi Locations” tab disappears after a few seconds. Thanks once again, Big Red — NOT! 🙁

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