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Giveaway: 25 Free copies of Mini Email & Mini SMS

ScreenHunter_08 Dec. 14 18.32 MMMOOO has created two neat applications that make it easier to send quick E-mails & SMS messages. Each is a separate application and we got 25 free copies of each to giveaway. I should also mention that they not only make apps but also have a few themes as well check out a list of their products at this link.

The Mini E-mail application features are:

  • Mini Email allow you to quick send an Email to your contact via shortcut keys.
  • The fastest way to send an email.
  • Unlimited contacts allowed.
  • Two shortcuts for a contact, easy to memorize.
  • Multi color for group manage.
  • Sort contacts manually.
  • Shortcut key [e] for quick launch.

This application can be purchase at the Berryerview store for $3.99 at this link

ScreenHunter_05 Dec. 14 13.45

Mini SMS features:

  • Mini SMS allow you to quick send a SMS to your contact via shortcut keys.
  • The fastest way to send SMS
  • Unlimited contacts allowed
  • Two keys to send a SMS, easy to memorize
  • Multi colors for group manage
  • Sort contact list manually
  • Shortcut key for quick launch

This application can be purchase at the BerryReview store for $3.99 at this link

Giveaway Details: To enter for a chance to win leave a comment before 11:59PM EST Friday the  18th . No double comments are allowed if you do you will be disqualified.  Good luck  and thanks to  MMMOOO for the giveaway.

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  1. Very nifty looking web site, and definite app for the email power user.

  2. Sounds like an awesome app to win. Count me in.

  3. thank you!

  4. Yes please xxxx. Thanks!

  5. pretty sweet

  6. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Would love a copy!! Thank you?

  8. Give me..!! 😀
    Thanks :)

  9. This looks like a really cool app that can speed up common tasks and enhance productivity!

  10. It would be great to win these handy apps.they would be really useful for my storm.

  11. I would love to win a copy of those coooool

  12. I’m in

  13. =) nice to have

  14. I’m in =)

  15. im in =)

  16. This would be a really cool app to have especially if you’re a SMS user.

  17. I would love to win a copy.

  18. Sign me up… would love to have the opp to win this app…

  19. Can I please have one?

  20. Looks like a very nice app, I would love to have a copy. Pick me!

  21. Can I have a copy? Pretty please please? I’ll make you a banana split!

  22. Count me please…thanks!

  23. Please!!

  24. Gimme!

  25. Hi,
    Sounds like a great app. I just need this one.. Helps me to send quick emails to my friends and regular customers.


  26. sounds like an great app

  27. thanks

  28. Here’s my entry. Good luck everybody!

  29. nice handy app to have

  30. This is really cool. I always send short, really dumb emails to the same people. I’d love to win this.

  31. count me in =D

  32. Sounds like a very cool app!!! I would loove a free copy :)

  33. Oh yeah ill take both. hows that 😀

  34. sounds good

  35. Looks interesting

  36. I need that. Pretty pretty please

  37. Nice text’n and driv’n made easier!

  38. this could come in handy while sitting at work and wanting to text or email a friend without the boss knowing! Im in!

  39. looks nice!

  40. I would like to give this a app a try….

  41. Thank you very much guys!

  42. I would love to try this one out….


  43. id love to get the sms app!

  44. I’m in!!! :-)

  45. I will love to have it as it will increase my productivity

  46. Sounds good!


  48. Cool apps!

  49. Happy Holidays!!

  50. I use QSMS which is free for sms messages.

  51. Cool app! Thank you

    A french berry addict

  52. Count me in!

  53. Yes thanks I’ll have free copy.

  54. Thi is great. I’m in for a free copy.

    Thanks to BerryReview and MMMOOO.

  55. I would like a copy

  56. Yes I would like my name thrown into the hat for this app. Thank you berryreview for another great giveaway

  57. Yes please!

  58. count me in

  59. This looks good.

  60. count me in…. Please pick me

  61. i want i want

  62. Count me in please.. 😀

  63. Wow, both apps are very neat! W.A.N.T.!

  64. I wanna win….

  65. I’d like to take a chance on getting a free copy

  66. sound great. i would like to hav one for my bb bold. thanks berryreview for the contest.

  67. Cool app. Send it my way please.

  68. mini Me!

  69. It’s sound good, I hope I can win

  70. Good app, pick me. Thanks

  71. I would love the email app!!

  72. I’d love a free copy!!!!!

  73. This is an excellent idea and an app really needed so I hope to win a copy.

  74. I could use this :)

  75. I want one…

  76. pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

  77. I want to win. Thank

  78. Thanks for the giveaway. Hope I win this time.

  79. Thanks BerryReview for the contest.

  80. I’d like a copy.

  81. Me encantaría tener esta aplicación que me permitiría de seguro, traspasar el límite de solo difundir un SMS a más de 10 personas. Así lo espero.

  82. Wow, another cool app. Would love to have 1 copy. Thanks MMMOOO and BerryReview !!

  83. simple but powerful…
    count me in plz

  84. Would love to win something like this. Thanks for the oppurtunity.

  85. a must have

  86. CoUnT mE iN

  87. Thank you for the chance!
    Happy Holidays!


  88. Count me in! a chinese guy!

  89. i would love to have that mini sms

  90. Mini sms pls! TY :)

  91. Would love to have it.

  92. Want to win!!

  93. They both sound good. Personally I think I could get more use out of the SMS app, but I would use either.

  94. Great to have

  95. Thanks for the giveaway

  96. thanks for the change to get it free

  97. Cool Apps. love to try.

  98. sweet… count me in..

  99. I love this app!! thank BerryReview for this giveaway!

  100. Sounds good!

  101. Getting in just in the nick of time! THX for the giveaway!

  102. want to win

  103. wish to win!

  104. very nice!!

  105. Great apps I need them so much

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