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Zagg Sparq is a Slick Dual USB Charger with Built in Battery

zagg-sparq I am sometimes amazed when accessory makers come up with something innovative. Scott let me know about the Zagg Sparq which is a dual USB charger with a 6000mAh battery built in for mobile recharging. That means you could probably charge your BlackBerry 4 times from the device without having to plug it into the wall. It also has 4 LED lights built-in to let you know how strong of a charge it has left.

The coolest part is the whole thing fits into a charger the size of a regular Macbook charger. It weighs in at a little over half a pound. The slight downside I found is that it only charges each USB port at 1000mA which is lower than the 1300mA you get with a regular BlackBerry charger but more than the 500mA you get from a computers USB port.

The only thing holding me back is the $99.99 price tag on its product page but hopefully that will go down with time to a price I can justify…

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  1. Like the Fuel clip and this thing, I think we are going to be seeing a LOT of of these sorts of items in the near future. Smartphones and accessories in general are becoming more and more battery hogs, so keeping people mobile is becoming more and more of a market opportunity. What I like about this is you could charge practically anything from it, BT headset, iPod, BlackBerry, whatever.

    6Ah is a LOT of juice, in theory that’s about 4 complete charges of the D-X1 battery common to the current crop of BlackBerry devices.

  2. How about comparing its size to something more generic. A mac power pack is of no use to the vast majority who have not seen one.

  3. This is a great idea but I’d really love to see something with a lower price. Maybe if the offered it with several capacities with appropriate prices.

  4. Hey today the 14th, everything at ZAGG is 50% off.. So cheaper, YES !

  5. i just ordered it for $50 at ZAGG’s website.

    50% discount on EVERYTHING!!! just today (12/14/2009)

  6. Be wary of this product. I purchased this on December 28, 2009 and it’s February 13th, 2010 and it can nolonger power my iPod touch. They claim it can hold 4 charges for an iPhone, if it works. I think paying $99 dollars is a rip off if this thing can’t even last two months. Maybe a cheaper alternative would be better. I only used this thing twice, exhausting all 4 charges. So basically 8 times. I can only pray their warranty policy holds.

  7. Does the documentation give a stated shelf life?

    Charge it once a week would be my suggestion. I’ve got it to charge my Storm and my Tour fully twice each.

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