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Giveaway: Pocket Informant for BlackBerry win one of 30 free copies

It is the holiday season & the developers of Pocket Informant are in the gift giving spirit. A few days ago Ronen mentioned that this application was updated to version 2.0 with useful new features. Pocket Informant created by WebIS is a full Calendar, Task, & Contacts management for your BlackBerry.  This application works on devices with OS 4.2 and above which pretty much means most devices in the market. The application is created to work with the BlackBerry OS not a ported version which means it will integrate with the menus on you BB. There is a town of features for this application which I will mention a few of them, you can read the full description and available for purchase for $19.99  here.


Some of the features include:

  • Syncing with outlook on desktop
  • New look in all views, new edit/view dialogs etc.
  • Search View
  • Today View
  • Icons/colors assigned to contacts/events/tasks without categories
  • Templates
  • Contacts linking to events/tasks
  • Journal sync to Outlook
  • Getting Things Done (GTD) Support
  • Franklin Covey Support
  • 15 day trial available

This application combines all of the nice features for multitasking and scheduling on your blackberry making the BB experience even better.

Giveaway: A chance to win a free copy of Pocket informant, there are 30 available.

Rules: Leave a comment here before Midnight Tuesday the 15th, no double comments are allowed, if we do see one you will be disqualified.

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  1. wow, i want this

  2. This is the first contest I’ve seen for Pocket Informant. Great contest Berryreview & thanks to WebIS! Good luck everyone!

  3. I need, I must have a copy! Please choose me, please choose me!
    Thank you in advance…. For the chance to win..

  4. i want one please!!!!!!

  5. Best Pocket Organiser on PDA, now on BB.

  6. Yay =) thanks guys for the contest

  7. I’d love a copy of this.

  8. could really use this

  9. Pick me please and thanks!

  10. i want it! thank you :)

  11. Please pick me, yes, me, right here! Thanks

  12. I’m in!!! :-)

  13. This is an awesome program. I really depended o nit for work when I had a Windows Mobile device and am glad to se the enhancements they have added to the Blackberry app. I would love to win a copy!

  14. I have a million appts and def need this app!
    Pleeeeeease pick me!

  15. I live with my outlook sync and would love a copy of this and be able to control right from my BB!!!!!

  16. This is a GREAT product. Look forward to winning a copy! :)

  17. Sweet,
    thank you so much for this opportunity.

  18. Cool app.. Give me 1 copy..
    Thanks anyway.. 😀

  19. Send one my way please.

  20. This is great! Have heard a lot of good things about this app!

  21. WOW! I want a copy so bad but the price is keeping me from getting it. OHhhhh please pick mee……!!!

  22. Thanks for the chance!! Pocket Informant looks like a great program!!

  23. I used this great app with Windows Mobile. Would perfectly fit on my Bold now.

  24. I could really use this to get my life in order. Thanks.

  25. I am in…. i had the older version… would love the new one

  26. Looks nice!

  27. I tried this on winmo and thought it was cool. Would love to win.

  28. you can throw my name in the mix thank you BR

  29. me too!

  30. Would really appreciate this one!

  31. I would love to have a free copy.

  32. How nice. I do welcome a copy. Appreciated.

  33. Pocket Informant would be great for my BB Bold.


  35. I am currently testing a copy of Pocket Informer and so far I love it, would love to have a full verison

  36. I used to have this for PPC, and would love a copy for BB!

  37. Would love to have a copy!

  38. I am looking forward to winning a copy of Pocket Informant.

  39. WOW! This would be so much better than just the standard BB Calendar! This looks really awesome. I’d love to win! Thanks BerryReview!

  40. Hey, I’d love to have this!

  41. Yay pick me guys….. Thanks

  42. It sounds great. Must have can wait to win

  43. This application has piqued my curiousity…always love to try different application for my berry phone…Thanks

  44. Come on… Daddy needs a new pair of shoes… I mean Pocket informant

  45. Pick me 😀

  46. one of the better BB apps out there.. hope I win

  47. Please pick me!!!!

  48. I would love a copy of this app

  49. Dreams do come true,plz one free copy for me.

  50. I would love to win a copy of this!

    Thank you

  51. It is one of the most useful apps I have ever tried – will be great to have it. lol

  52. Yes…this app looks sweet! I would love to have a killer calendar instead of RIM’s POS. Hook me up.

  53. Sweet giveaway!!!

  54. I am especially interested in the franklin covey integration. Would really like to be considered! Thank you!

  55. One for me please!

  56. i would luv to have this cool programs….I’ve used it in my windows mobile days….

  57. sounds so much like what i’m looking for an ical clone for my BlackBerry

  58. looks very cool

  59. Nice count me in

  60. I would love it!

  61. Sweet! I used this for along time on my hp axim 5 and my old htc phone and loved it! Glad to see it out for the BB.

  62. This looks like an awesome app. I would love to win this one.

  63. Want to win!!!!!!

  64. probably the only thing that i really dont like about my BB is the calendar on it and it’s syncing with my Mac. Hopefully i can win this and improve my BB.

  65. Looks like a handy app, I’d love to try it.

  66. Work and life are difficult things to balance, an app like this make it easier, something my wife and kids would love. Hopefully I get lucky and win a copy.

  67. WOW! I would absolutely love to have a copy of this program……..

  68. Thanks to Web Information Solutions & BerrReview for this competition!

    Undoubtedly, I would love to win a copy of Pocket Informant.

  69. Please consider me for a free copy.

  70. This look sweet! Please hook me up!

  71. Oooo, pick me!

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  72. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

  73. looks informative

  74. I really love this program!! :)

  75. GTD support is the main reason I’m looking at PI for BB.

  76. this is a very powerfull appz..
    count me in plz

  77. Free copy please :)

  78. I Want to win

  79. Would love to win this!

  80. Hmmm, this one also seems better than the original calendar!

  81. Nice application…
    I ♥ this application…

  82. nice app. pick me

  83. Count me in please.. 😀

  84. woo… great app that last time i use on my windows mobile. i love it so much… pls pick me. i wan…plsssss… thank

  85. I had this app on Windows Mobile 6.1 I believe. I think it would be so much better on the blackberry, but I don’t want to buy it again..would be awesome to win this.

  86. I love pocket informant!

  87. yayyy me love contests =)

  88. would love a copy:)

  89. I would love a copy of this app

  90. I would like to enter for a free copy of PI. I tried the trial and liked it alot. Thank you! :)

  91. I’ll take a chance. Thank you for the giveaway!

  92. I’d love to have this app!

  93. damn i wanted to be he first one to post oh well, ill take one too 😀 😀

  94. love to have this app as a Christmas present

  95. I would like one.

  96. Pick me

  97. pick me =)

  98. Dear Santa:

    Please bring me a free copy! I would love this app!

  99. Giddy up! I want this.

  100. I will like to have it.

  101. Is great!

  102. I have been using PI for several years and purchased many upgrades for my pocket PC. I purchased the full version for my BB when PI first came out. I was sorely disappointed because my expectations were based on my PPC usage. The program is awesome for the PPC. If version 2 for the BB is improved closer to the PPC version I’ll take it! Would love to give it a shot. I’d be happy to give it a review too.

  103. Would definitely use this app. I’m on the road every day for work and I’ve been looking for an app that could do this. Thank for the opportunity. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  104. Another sweet and useful app contest. This is a whole lot better than regular options. Recommend giving it a try.

  105. 1 for me please
    thank you!!!!

  106. nice app to have
    thank you guys

  107. thank you

  108. Pocket Informant rocks! Would love to win a copy. Thanks.

  109. The icons feature is so cool. Brings back palm PIM memories. Thank you berryreview.

  110. Another cool app, wish to get 1 copy. Thank you BR !!

  111. PI looks to be the perfect PIM addition to my device! Count me in on this gracious giveaway!

  112. I have been trying PI out for a week now and absolutely love it. It has all I need and then some. It is very apealing to the eye without being overdone. Thank you for creating such a great product.

  113. Looking forward to this one.

  114. A very useful application for all. I am hoping that I get to be lucky in winning one of the 30 copies. Thanks for the opportunity Berry Review and Pocket Informant.

  115. Awsome, WebIS and BR! Enter me as a giveaway contestant!

  116. Oh to be one of the lucky winners! :)

  117. great to have

  118. Been following this app for a while. Pick me BerryReview.

  119. this little app is so cool!

  120. Looks like an interesting product I’d like to try!

  121. pick me

  122. This looks like something I could use !! Please consider my comment.
    Merry Christmas!

  123. I downloaded the Trail version for my 8900 running 5.0. The initial sync went well, but then all the appointments on my calendar disappeared and would not re-sync. I know Trail versions are not the full versions, but this should not happen in any case. Their were other issues as well with Contacts. I have a feeling this is not ready for OS 5.0 and needs a major updating. I will pass until it is truly ready for OS 5.0.

  124. This looks cool. Please hit me up with a copy!

  125. What a cool software, please choose me as the winner!!!!:)

  126. I have a disability and my blackberry reminders are so important to me. Getting this would definitely be a plus!

  127. This is the best PIM software available for any platform.

  128. Looks similar to an app I had on my Palm Pilot. I liked having the calendar and task list on the same view

  129. Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me! Pick me, pick me!

  130. i would try it looking good

  131. Wow I’d like to grab it. Hope thanx

  132. Nice idea. One application for everything. I would love a copy to use and pass the word to my friends. Thanks guys!

  133. I have used PI for windows mobile for years. It has always been a great add on/improvement for time and activity management. I am excited to see the they have come out with version 2.0 for the BB. I have been waiting for this version to pop before I try it on my Storm. I have been Jonesing for PI since switching over to a BB 6 months ago……

  134. Don’t know anything about it but I like free!!!!!!!!!

  135. I would like a copy.

  136. Looks like a very useful software. Could use a copy in time for Xmas.

  137. Thank U berryreview for this giveaway!! love to have this app as a Christmas present

  138. Tried this on my TREO way back when, would like to have on my BB Tour!

  139. I’ve been looking around for an app just like this and would love a chance to get this !!!!

  140. I would very much appreciate a chance to win in the contest !

  141. OOOoooo what a neat giveaway!!!

  142. Wow,
    I bought PI license for iPhone,
    but I changed my machine to BB from iPhone…
    then I forgive my PI…
    then I expect to win in the contest!

  143. Count me in…. looks like a great app!

    Thanks for the contest guys!

  144. getting my BB Storm 2 in a week. This would be great for my 1st app!

  145. I had it for my PPC, would be nice if I have it too for my Blackberry.
    I would suggest also, one license can be also use for other device type since many people have more than one devices.
    Before that happen, very very thankful for a free copy.

  146. In to WIN!

  147. count me in

  148. Let me have a copy…

  149. Could I have a copy please?

  150. Pick me…….

  151. Pick me, please.

  152. hey please pick me! i want it!

  153. I’m down

  154. hey please pick me! i want it! is cool!

  155. It’s a nice software.
    Hope can get it.

  156. nice apps, can u give that a gift? :) i love this app :) thnks

  157. Sure…why not? I’ve learned to never say never!

  158. Looks like an useful application. But have to try it to see if it is really useful..

  159. I’d like a copy

  160. Good program!

  161. Hv the trial and looks like a great app, would be great to win it..

  162. Awesome app to have. Can I get one?

  163. I hope I get picked for a free PI! I used to have this program for my palm treo, and I liked it.

  164. Looks very useful. Count me in please.

  165. ill have on please

  166. Inform me! I would love to have this app to keep organized for school!

  167. This sounds a lot better than the built in stuff.

  168. Put me in on this one, looks like it could save the day.

  169. holy crap, i almost missed this one. IM IN!!!

  170. I’d love a free copy, I’m kinda tired of the original (and incomplete) RIM Calendar.

  171. Hope I win

  172. This gift is for my gf :)

  173. Wow! That sounds cool! Please include me in also!

  174. As heavy user of calendar on blackberry, Pocket Informant is prime application to be used. Have tried it on Windows Mobile platform, Blackberry version would be as great.

  175. I dont wish to enter the contest, I just want to say that this is the best app I have ever purchased, and recommend it to ANYONE who uses their calendar feature on the BB. I’ve tried so many- Pocket Day, e-Mobile, etc and have always gone back to Pocket Informant!

  176. wish me luck

  177. This would be one great app to have… Im in

  178. Longtime BB user here. I “live” out of my schedule and task lists. This would be perfect for my business and personal agendas.

  179. A copy of this would be perfect!

  180. pick me please!

  181. I hope I haven’t missed the deadline. I’d love a copy of Pocket Informant. I used to use this app back in the day on my Pocket PC. Have I dated myself?

  182. Hell Yeah, this app looks a lot more user friendly then the native BB app

  183. I’d like to win one please

  184. would be grat to win. i’m testing it at the moment and wants to buy it in the next day 😀

  185. me me me me me me me me!!

  186. Awesome app. Would love to own it.

  187. Good luck to all.. :S

  188. Brilliant app. I would love one of these.

  189. i want i want

  190. Is there any change for me? I hope to receive a copy too!

  191. I could to participate to win?

  192. I would really like a copy of this app!

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