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Giveaway: eWallet win one of 20 Free copies

Is that time of year again when a lot of you are doing lots of shopping right? In this days if you are like me you tend to shop online right form your BlackBerry. eWallet is a BlackBerry application by Ilium Software that stores your credit cards, passwords, PINs, calling cards, accounts, usernames and much more on your BlackBerry. The information is encrypted and you are the only one that has access to it. The application was updated recently to version 7.0, check out Ronen’s post for more information.


Product description:

  • Use AutoPass with Firefox: eWallet’s AutoPass feature now enters usernames and passwords for you in Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer.
  • Enjoy a great new look: eWallet for Windows has a brand-new interface, making it easier than ever to work with your info. And if the new look just isn’t for you – choose the Classic Style to use eWallet the way you remember it!
  • Give eWallet some personal touches: personalize eWallet with a selection of styles, color schemes, and background options for a one-of-a-kind look.
  • Open your most used cards fast: the new Recent Card list shows you which cards you’ve just had open, so you can switch back to them quickly.
  • Keep eWallet ready when you need it: leave the program running when your wallet locks on security timeout – no waiting for eWallet to load the next time you need to open a wallet.
  • Get quick tips as you work: new ToolTips offer pointers and teach you how to use eWallet’s options, so you can learn more as you go.
  • Choose one style for all your cards: set global properties for your cards like the gradient background color, card borders, showing the icon or the hidden fields, and more.
  • Read your info quickly: optional shading for alternate rows makes it easier to see each card item when you’re working in Flex View.
  • Find help fast if you need it: eWallet’s Help Center links you right to our email support, online knowledgebase, step-by-step tutorials and full eWallet documentation.
  • Work on Windows 7: eWallet is fully compatible with the new Windows 7 OS, as well as Windows Vista and XP.
  • Enjoy many other new features: eWallet 7.0 also has improved remote sync options, updated printing (including print preview), a customizable Quick Access toolbar, faster search that displays results as you type – there are too many updates to list!

Giveaway Details: A chance to win a free copy of eWallet, there are 20 available.

Rules: Leave a comment here before Midnight Monday the 14th, no double comments are allowed, if we do see one you will be disqualified

The application is available for purchase at the BR store for $19.95 which is not too bad for what it does, and you can also read a full description of the product.

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  1. Let me be the first to post, so ill take one 😀

  2. I would really enjoin a copy of this program. Thanks.

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  4. I could use a copy!

  5. I would like to give this software a try.

  6. This looks great!

  7. This will def. help with online shopping!

  8. I’d love this!

  9. I could definitely use of copy of this app. Pick me!

  10. I’d love a copy.

  11. would definitely love to have a copy :)

  12. I could use this program immensely.

  13. Would love to have a copy of eWallet on my Storm.

  14. Count me in!!!


  15. Cool I could use this

  16. This sound very useful. Wouldn’t mind trying it out if I could win.

  17. would love to try the app!

  18. I coulf use this

  19. This app sounds great! Wouldn’t mind a lil’ pressie! 😉

  20. This is the best giveaway ever. I REALLY need this! Please pick me and happy berry shopping everyone!

  21. Here’s my entry. Good luck everybody!

  22. I would love to have this…it’s sounds great. Good contest.

  23. yes please

  24. I’d like a copy please and thanks!

  25. Great app – started using it years ago with a Palm, then Winmo, and now on my Blackberry — seamless sync with my laptop too!

  26. e-wallet help my limited brain memory.

  27. thank you!

  28. I’m in!!! :-)

  29. Great program … I’ve used it on Windows Mobile and my PC for years. Would love to win a copy.

  30. 1 copy for me.. 😀

  31. I need this!

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  32. App sounds great, would like to try it out

  33. Good Luck everyone!! Looks like a pretty sweet program!

  34. This is a great program, i would love to get a copy. Thank you!

  35. This app looks mighty fine for the BlackBerry Tour!

  36. Looks nice!

  37. I’d like to win.

  38. sake it up and throw me to this mix too

  39. Would love to get eWallet so that I can keep my personal information safe.

  40. I would love to have a free copy.

  41. Thanks guys. I appreciate ure generosity.

  42. Had eWallet for an old WinMo phone. Would love to have it for my BlackBerry!

  43. Ok I’m in =)

  44. I’ve been a big fan of eWallet since the very early days of its existence and was a heavy user in my previous WinMo life… I’d love to get back to using it!!

  45. Will be great to have one n looking forward to win

  46. Please pick me!

  47. I would love one……for christmas…please!!!!

  48. I need this app to get more organized

  49. I would love to win a copy of this!

    Thank you

  50. looks to be a really nice program would love to win a copy

  51. Hope I win – I could really use this.

  52. Id love this to keep track of my bills!

  53. really nice

  54. cool count me in

  55. I would use this!

  56. I just got my Storm 2 less then a month ago and would love to win this app for it.

  57. Oohh.. I want this one… I’ve decidied to leave SplashID behind and this would let me finally make the break. Thanks and crossing my fingers (and toes)…

  58. In todays world with all the pins numbers, password and logon ids we need to remember an app like ewallet is a god send. Hopefully my luck is in.

  59. Pick me please……. ewallet would be a very nice app have…..

  60. this would be good to have..

  61. Really a great app! :)

  62. This looks awesome

  63. cool appz..
    hope can win this appz

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  65. Winning this would be like xmas for my blackberry =)

  66. Wow, seems much better than the original pass keeper!

  67. hope i win this app. need this one badly

  68. oh yes… this is a great app for my bold…. can keep all my pass. i love it. hope i can won 1. pick me please…… thanks

  69. woot woot more contests =)

  70. Would love this:)

  71. This is a must-have app so naturally I want to win a copy.

  72. this looks like a great app and I would love to have a copy

  73. Count me in please.. 😀

  74. I could really use this app

  75. I’d very happy to win this app!

  76. I’d love this app!

  77. Pick me

  78. This sounds like a great app for the BB! Nice features!!

  79. I’d love to have this application for my S2. Thanks for offering!

  80. I like it :D:D:D

  81. eWallet is the bomb – over the years I’ve bought licenses on Microsoft Windows CE for Handheld PCs, Palm OS, the Pocket PC and (Microsoft) Smartphone operating systems under all their different names.

    There are other solutions I have tried, but nothing is as “polished” as Ilium Software’s eWallet, especially when you take into consideration the desktop synchronization (it’s extremely disappointing that Ilium Software STILL do not support Apple’s Mac OS-based computers, however)…

    I haven’t actually bought a license for the BlackBerry OS version of this yet, though only because I did not realize that it was available for this operating system, but who knows?

    Maybe I won’t have to buy a license for this woutstanding piece of software after all…

    Anyway, regardless on whether you win this or not, eWallet is the best product in its class and you’d be making a mistake if you pass this by – easy to use, extremely secure, pretty to look at and very reliable (Ilium Software’s customer service has always been EXTREMELY helpful over the years, too!)… There’s nothing I would complain about with regards to this product or company!

  82. need this to store my personal information

  83. Plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssse pick me !!

    I want to win!

  84. I want it as I need it

  85. Great opportunity…

  86. enter contest

  87. Wow, cool app. Would love to have one copy. Thanks BR !!

  88. Thank you BR. Seems like a really useful application.

  89. Thank you Luis for the great review. I could definitely use this app.

  90. Just what I need.

  91. I was never a fan of SID, I hope I win a copy of eWallet to replace the limited Password Keeper…

  92. I used to love this program on the pocket pc but since I switched to the blackberry I haven’t used it. I would love to start again.

  93. This would be fantastic for travel. I would love a copy.

  94. Nice, just whaty I have been looking for.

  95. eWallet looks like exactly what I need to keep the bf out of my BB! Thanks for the opp!

  96. great to have

  97. Another useful app given away by BerryReview. You guys are awesome. In the contest.

  98. I’d sure like to try this out!

  99. Great application, please choose me as the winner :)

  100. would love to have it working on my device to make life on the blackberry simpler.

  101. Me wanna copy for free!

  102. Such useful applications to be won!

    This is BerryReviews way of singing:

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas….


  103. So many giveaways recently.

    Merry Christmas to all and may the best person win.

  104. Thank U berryreview for this giveaway!! love to have this app as a Christmas present

  105. Would love to win this one!

  106. Sounds like a great app I would love an opportunity to get this!

  107. i would like to participate too, thank you!

  108. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  109. This program really looks cool.

  110. Yep. This program is really cool. I love it.

  111. Sounds cool. Hope I win

  112. Very nice .. after trial, I would buy it, but the price very high. For students like me it is unaffordable.

  113. count me in

  114. A copy please…

  115. Sound Cool..

  116. would luv to win! Thanks BerryReview!

  117. Sure…why not? I’ve learned to never say never!

  118. I’d like to try this.

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  121. I really want to win this one! Cool program!

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  125. I want one

  126. Merry Christmas to all and may the best person win

  127. I want a free copy.. Please

  128. Pick me!

  129. These giveaways are awesome. Now if I could just win one…

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