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Holiday Giveaway: Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth Headset

BT2080_Product_01With the global recession upon us, the team here at BerryReview is happy to spread some cheer and play internet Santa this holiday season. So today, with some help from our friends at Jabra, we are going to be giving away a Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth headset. The headset prides itself on simplicity and usability with a intuitive status display, easy on/off button, pin-less bluetooth connection and choice between ear-gel or ear-hook. Find out more info here.

  • Prize: One Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth Headset.
  • Terms: Because this is a physical item that needs to be shipped, this giveaway is restricted to those in the United States. Entries must be submitted by 5:00PM EST, December 11th, 2009. Read the rest of the terms here.
  • How to play: Below I will ask a question, answer that question in the comments section to this post using a valid name and email address. Multiple submissions are allowed provided you have different things to say. Once again, comments must be submitted by 5:00PM EST, December 11th, 2009.
  • Question:  Assuming you own a BlackBerry, do you own an iPod? and if so, what kind?
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  1. I own an older iPod classic 40GB. My wife uses it now that I have a BB Storm.

  2. i have a blackberry storm 1. i own 2 ipod classics one a 30gb and the other an 80gb.

  3. No I do not own an iPod, my Blackberry is my music player when I am out and about. I just don’t see the need to carry 2 devices when my BB covers all my needs.

  4. No I don’t own an ipod and feel neglected that all nn-US residents are being excluded from teh Xmas love…. :( Gonna go sulk in the corner…

  5. I have an iPod Touch 2nd generation which I love. I have a ton of applications from the application store and it’s nice to have as an addition to my Bold 9000.

    I use the iPod as my music player. I also keep videos on there as well as games. I don’t carry it around with me everyday like I do my Blackberry.

  6. No I do not own a Ipod I have a BB and use that when I want listen to music.

  7. I don’t own an ipod and never have. just my blackberry.

  8. No, I do not own an Ipod.

  9. Yes i have a Blackberry Bold 9700, and my 16GB BBPOD. I use them both a lot, together sometimes. When im listening to Music and typing an email at the same time or play BlockBerry and listening to Music. I sometimes get interrupted while watching Dexter and i get and email, so i hold the Berry Button until the open apps come up head over to messages icon open it reply and go right back to watching my video(Dexter). all this with out putting the other device away.

    I love how SmrtGuard only charged me once for both devices, if the only knew. Will hope I win, good luck to all.

  10. Nope…don’t own an iPod.

  11. I have a Bold 9000 and have never owned an iPod. Don’t need one, I enjoy using Slacker to listen to music.

  12. I have the Blackberry Tour 9630 with USCC. I have some songs on it, but I also have an 8gb Itouch (it was a xmas gift last year). I can’t stand Iphones, but I do use the itouch for the wifi at work/lake. Otherwise, if US Cellular offered the Storm 2 I would have purchased it and sold the itouch. Would be nice to win this bluetooth headset as I’ve purchased 3 and have never gotten one to work on my Pearl 8130 or the tour.

    Corey Davis

  13. I own a blackberry curve. Yes, I do own an ipod.
    1st gen nano 2G black.

    Its hooked up on my car stereo. I only carry it when flying somewhere..

  14. I do not own an ipod. But I do have a first gen Zune that is a rockstar!!

  15. You are assuming right. I have a BlackBerry Storm and I don’t own an ipod.

  16. actully don’t own an Ipod. I just “borrow” my wife’s when she’s not looking! :-)

  17. I own a ipod touch 2nd Gen i have a blackberry storm 1, and a curve 8310

  18. I have 2 iPods actually. I have the 80gb Video and I just got a 64gb Touch. I can’t live without them. I have a Blackberry Bold, so I am happy with the best of both worlds.

  19. I had a first generation Ipod Nano but my 2 year old daughter decided it needed a bath. Presently I use my Bold 9700 as my mp3 player.

  20. Yes, I own a BlackBerry… but not an ipod. I listen to my mp3 on TOUR! Would luv to win Jabra BT2080 BlueTooth, been looking for one since I got my new BB :)

  21. Yes,My BlackBerry is my Ipod with an 8GB memory card in it.

  22. I have a 80gb ipod video and a 16gb Touch. Never us them since I bought a 16gb media card for my BlackBerry!

  23. I do own an iPod, but it gets little use. I have an iPod mini from before my BlackBerry days. I’ve been trying to think of a better use for it, but it sits in my bag most of the time.

  24. I don’t own either, I live in the Dark Ages. That’s why i want to win.

  25. I own 2 bbs, but no ipod. (i do own a first gen iphone, but i gave it to my gf when i got my first bb 😛 )

  26. I don’t own an ipod. Everything I could ever need is on my BlackBerry.

  27. I have an ipod nano, never use it though. The battery is complete crap after a couple years thanks to Apples poor batteries and the lack of drag and drop updating has caused me to replace it with something else.

  28. i don’t own an ipod. i use my blackberry for everything. i do lissen to music but mostly in my car. i don’t like lissening to music on my bb because after all it is a phone (it’s purpose is to keep me in touch with people and have people keep in touch with me, plus keep me orgranized n informed about my emails, task, events etc) and it not optimized, in terms of battery life, for lissening to hours worth of music. i listen to music in my car when im commuting. also, i dont like having headplugs in my ears 24/7 and not being aware of my surroundings when i walk. so basically im happy with my bb the way it is, n i don’t think i will ever be needing an ipod =) woot

  29. Hi, thanks for offering!

    To answer the question, Yes I own an iPod Touch, It’s the 3G 32 GB kind.

  30. I personally don’t own an Ipod but I have bought them for my daughters. I may be taking one over after Christmas. I listen to all my music on the Storm, but I hate when I get disrupted in the middle of a song, so I may start using the old shuffle for music while working out or riding the bike. I rather not fall into the Apple world of hardware, I just can’t stand jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else. Maybe I’ll just get an off brand mp3 player instead so I can still say I don’t own any Apple merchandise. Hell I don’t know.

  31. No, I don’t own an iPod, but I do have a Creative Zen.

  32. I like Blackberries not apples. Sorry Steve Jobs if I contributed to you health woes. I AM Team RIM!

  33. I don’t have any of! I guess I am just out of touch- no doubt! I am getting my daughter an Ipod for Christmas. That should count! lol :)

  34. Ahhh…my wife has a 30GB classic – myself…I just rock out the new S2 baby! :-)

  35. I do not own an Ipod. I have been a Creative Labs fan and have a couple of their players but lately my Bold does the trick :)

  36. even better, i own a iPhone along with a iPod TOuch 2G and an iPod Photo 40GB and they all work…

  37. No. I don’t own an iPod. I use my BB as my Mp3 player :) One device to do it all :)

  38. I don’t feel a need for an Ipod because my BB’s player does a pretty good job and has an 8mb microSD card. Why carry an extra player? Slacker also works well for me because it can cache music and still play in areas here where the mountains block signals. Now my wife…she could use an Ipod. 😉

    Now, about that headset….

  39. I don’t own an Ipod, my Blackberry has got it covered!

  40. I have a 2nd gen iPod Touch 8 gigs and a BlackBerry 9700. I hope I win.

  41. I’ve got a BB Curve (8310) that I just love. The only reason I have an iPod (16gb 4th generation Nano) is that a very (very!!!) good friend gave it to me as a gift. And the only reason I actually -use- the iPod, is that I can do so without having to use iTunes, which I really (really!!!!) dislike. For anyone interested, theres a great mp3 player called MusicBee (google it) that interacts very nicely with all the iPods and eliminates the need for that bloated iTunes crap.

  42. My BlackBerry is my music player. Don’t have an iPod.

  43. i have an ipod nano 3rd gen. that little monster is almost 3years old. but recently i bought a blackberry 8520 and the monster have been sleeping in my backpack for a while now. i prefer listening to internet radio using slacker (free) than my ipod that i have to add songs to listen to new music. kinda hassle. Its better if i can have a bluetooth while listening to my blackberry. :)

  44. From their site

    The Sound ID 400 is a premium bluetooth headset and earpiece that was scientifically engineered to be comfortable for all day wearing comfort and have the clearest audio experience possible. (

    I have it and love it!

  45. i have all my Blackberries still since my first on, Curve 8310, then got a Storm 9350 and since i couldnt type on it i got me a Bold 9000, luv it. I do also have many other gadgets. I have also a MS Zune and iPod Touch. I still use my Bold for music, vids etc… but on trips i use the touch or Zune to keep my power up on the Bold.

  46. Thinking about it i havent touched the touch or Zune in a while, basically had my Bold surgically attached to me, so this headset would be perfect, i have bluetooth in my car.

  47. Yes I have an ipod classic 30G.

  48. My soon to be ex-wife bought one of these (in spite of her knowing money was very tight) so that she could talk to her perv boyfriend all day instead of doing her job (real estate) and making some money! I could really use something nice happening for a change.

  49. I have an ipod classic 80G that I hardly ever use (due to the fact that I have the BB. If I need music when running, I’ll borrow my wife’s ipod nano.

  50. ah yes

    i sure do, i got me an iPod Touch recently and holly molly. this thing absolutely amazing. the browser kicks some sweet behind and the apps, i guess there is an app for every thing.. i love the device..

    i freaking hate typing on it and will not use it as my main device. I still love my work horse (9700) and the Itouch is a very nice kool toy…


  51. I don’t have an iPod, I have a Creative Zen but that’s just because I’ve managed to break every iPod I had when riding my motorcycle. They tend to drop out of my pocket at 80+mph and shatter on the ground.

    My fiance has an iPod touch though, I think it’s like 18 or 32gb. I just use my BB when I’m not on my motorcycle.

  52. I have a 2nd generation iPod. That’s about all we can afford at this time.

  53. I have a second generation iPod Touch (oh, and a Blackberry Storm 2).

  54. I don’t have an iPod, I have a Blackberry for that sort of stuff! :-)

  55. I own (all working):
    1. iPod Touch 32gb;
    2. iPod Classic 160gb;
    3. iPod 80gb (5th Generation);
    4. iPod Shuffle 4gb;
    5. iPod Shuffle (original)

    And of course, I have an iPhone 3G and my beloved Bold 9700 :)

  56. 1. Just bought an Apple Shuffle.
    2. Plan on a itouch 32gb in spring
    3. Dedicated blackberry user

  57. Own a BB Tour and dream of a iPod.

  58. I have a bb 8900 but no ipod.

  59. i have a black emerald blackberry 8120 and i own a blue ipod nano 5th generation 16gb….

  60. Jabra Bluetooth Headset is the best of the bt headset. i like to hav 1 for my bb bold too. to make my bold into great music device and also answer the call. thanks for the contest. 😀 please pick me. merry xmas.

  61. I have a third generation ipod nano. A birthday gift from my great friends. =]

  62. I do have a BB (Tour 9630) and I do have an iPod – A 3rd Gen 20GB iPOD (Not color!).

  63. I have a ipod nano 2 and 2 blackberry bold, 9000 and 9700

  64. I do not own an ipod nor do I ever need one!!! I have always enjoyed and preferred my Blackberry and it’s music rather than an ipod. I use my Blackberry as a media player all the time at home, on the go and especially in my car with the Blackberry Bluetooth Stereo Gateway.

    I do not have a bluetooth earpiece and would love one. Thanks for the opportunity in the contest.

  65. I have a BB Curve

  66. I don’t have an iPod, but I’ve got a Zen Mozaic. ^_^;;

  67. I don’t own a blackberry or an iPod. I do have a MP3 player though.

  68. I have a Blackberry Tour, and an 80G Ipod Classic. Looking to get a Touch tho!

  69. I own an iPOD nano, 3rd generation.

  70. I do not own an iPod. I have a BlackBerry Storm and a BlackBerry Tour and a BlackBerry 7100i, why would I want an iPod?

  71. Yes I do, I own an Ipod shuffle (latest generation)

  72. I own a BB Storm 2 and LOVE it! And I own an 16g ipod touch 2nd gen and love it…and would LOVE to win this Jabra for Christmas for my wife because I have no idea what to get her. (She also owns the BB Storm 2).

  73. I do not have an ipod or blackberry, have request out for christmas gift.. Hopefully will get one or the other and could certainly use blue tooth to use with my new

  74. I have an ipod nano. Great giveaway!

  75. I have a blackberry 8330 I do not have an IPOD but do have an Ipod touch….I am true crackberry addict not to mention smartphone guru….love the giveaway….

  76. I have a 3rd generation Ipod Photo, and an Ipod Nano (sans camera). And… a BB 8830 and a 8330.

  77. Own BB, also own ipod shuffle.

  78. Love my crackberry, also love my ipod classic.

  79. Love my blackberry, also would die for my ipod touch.

  80. Purchased blackberry, also pruchased ipod nano.

  81. Addicted to my blackberry, also addicted to my ipod mini.

  82. My Blackberry with u2 theme definiately matches my ipod special edition u2.

  83. I do magic tricks with my blackbbery so I also have ipod special edition harry potter

  84. I take a lot of photos with my BB, so I put them on my ipod photo.

  85. I own a blackberry, However I do not own an ipod. My blackberry does everything I need that an ipod can do.

  86. I own a 80gig 5th generation ipod

  87. one of the main features i hoped to see in iPod’s and the Zune is wireless head phones, one of the many reasons i have to put my Bold down in a long time, bluetooth head phones are becoming afordable.

  88. I do not own a iPod
    Why own a iPod if you have a Blackberry that can play music just as good.
    Blackberry Rocks!

  89. I don’t own an iPod, and I hope I can keep it that way 😀

  90. Thanks BerryReview!

    Yes, I own a BlackBerry, but I do not have an iPod.

  91. I have an ipod touch. would love this!

  92. I own an 2nd gen iPod touch, the only reason why I bought it was because a friend of mine fell on hard times and I bought it to help her out. I also was secretly wanting one because of the Mass Effect game that was on there…but shhhh, that is a secret.

  93. Yes, I have two kinds, ipod 4g and a itouch.

  94. I own an ipod as well as an i touch.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  95. Ipod Nano (4th generation) 8GB

  96. I own an iPod Nano (1st Gen), which I’ve faithfully maintained till date.

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