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Gwabbit Free Edition Released with Free Annoying SPAM

Gwabbit-Free We mentioned that Gwabbit was going to release a free edition of their application but Imran let us know that it is now on App World. While I totally applaud Gwabbit’s efforts to make their app free I am afraid of the cost they placed on users in doing so.

So what’s the difference between Free gwabbit and Paid gwabbit? The free version of gwabbit for BlackBerry is just like the paid version with one key difference. Free gwabbit includes an alerting feature that lets your contacts know (via email) when you’ve added them to your address book using gwabbit. This service is invaluable particularly for sales and business development. Of course, “gwabbees” can opt-out of the gwabbit alert service at any time if they prefer not to stay current on who’s added their contact info.

That means that Gwabbit will email any contact you add to your address book through their service. They say that recipients or what they call “Gwabbees” can opt out of the SPAM alerting service at any time. Sounds great right!!!

On top of this you also need to remember that Gwabbit sends every email you receive to their servers so they can parse them for contact information. This is the default “Automatic” mode but you can turn it to manual if you want. I am known to be a bit paranoid especially when other people can read my email… I can see large corporations lining up to get Gwabbit!

It is totally understandable that Gwabbit is a bit scared of what will happen when Xobni releases their BlackBerry app. The future Xobni app promises to include practically all of Gwabbit’s features along with quite a bit more and it is backed by RIM’s BlackBerry Partners Fund.

So anybody running over to App World to pick up a copy?

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  1. Wow, definetly got getting this app

  2. Unbelievable. Besides the obvious security/privacy implications of their Automatic mode (you WANT some company getting every email you get), you are going to REALLY piss some people off when you “out” them to be spammed.

    Run away from this folks.

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  3. Any news on when Xobni cometh?

  4. Thanks for the write up. I certainly don’t like the fact that my email has to go thru their servers to look for contact info. And I’m sure my contacts won’t appreciate the SPAM, either.

    I’ll pass on this one.

  5. They made a BAD BUSINESS DECISION here, folks. Told them but they were too arrogant to listen to the users (customers). This app is DOA.

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