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Leaked OS for the Bold 9000 & 8900 version

image[1] For the longest it was all eyes on the slim & sexy BB Bold 9700 & the other devices had no love,  but wait no more a new leaked OS for the BB Bold 9000 has hit the net Version

You can pick up the new OS at this link:

UPDATE: Looks like the 8900  was not left out you can pick up the 8900 version at this link:

This is not an official OS and you may Brick your Berry if you do not know what you are doing. If you do decide to do the upgrade do so at you own risk, always do a back up of you contacts and 3rd party apps.

Let us know in the comments what new changes you find or bugs, not sure where the post originated both BBLEAKS and BBOS have posted this.

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  1. Here ya’ go cry babies.

  2. Downloading for the 8900…

  3. Grabbed it already and going to load on after rebooting problems with the .3XX ones i hope this one works and fixes my viigo as I am tired of page view to view articles. fingers crossed or its back to .238 with its bluetooth problem.

  4. Right off the start, noticing the boot up time is maybe 20% faster than the .348 build. (between 2-3 minutes)
    Delivery notification for sms is fixed =) happy about this one (little D above sent checkmark)
    Facebook and the disappearing status for a few scrolls is also fixed (no text disappears)
    The last build (.348) i found was pretty good of a build for myself, this one is much more responsive, from turning off Mobile, to turning on wifi, barely a delay compared to previous build.
    Wifi/UMA connection through Rogers took no longer than 6 seconds to connect and receive a txt.
    Backup/Restore of previous build seems to have went flawlessly.
    Been running all of my apps, so far no problems, seems much better than previous builds all put together.
    Checked music player, plays songs in order without freezing, like some previous builds.
    Live msnger, BB 5.0.52, Newest Ubertwitter beta, weathereye, shazam, BB App World, all working great, no issues so far.
    In the last 40 minutes of setting up all my apps, everything is working great, little bugs from last builds are fixed. No programs were broken upon re-installation/restore process =)

  5. Has anyone with AT&T and the 9000 downloaded this?

    I am curious to know if the browser has been fixed in this update..

  6. Only issue for me is the camera app has the middle 3 icons grayed out, all option are available via menu.

  7. I’ve been using v5.0.0.314 for about 2 weeks now and had random issues and a java erro that started yesterday that wouldnt allow me to check my sms messages prompted me to try this one or downgrade. Since 9pm last night things have been great. Battery life seems to have finally come around and lasts more than a day.

  8. I started getting a browser x-portal error over the weekend(I am on At&) and on 5.0.238 on my Bold. So I saw this leak and loaded it last night. All is good but the x-portal browser message is still there. It prompts yuo to use the x-portal(which returns a 400 error) or try the page anyway. This works but only for the first page (next does nothing)

    Poking around the forums(Crackberry) it seems that this is an At&t problem (which they are aware of) that effects all 5.0 OS devices (non-touch) beta or official (9700?). It may be related to touch vs non-touch devices since the x-portal is reported to be for touch enabled devices.

    No expected time frame for a fix. I have not tried the official 4.6.0 release as yet to see if it is present there as well. I just don’t want to give up 5.0 features. I will use Bolt in the mean time.
    Just what At&t needs……..

  9. This version comes with BBM 5.0.0. Does anyone know if this is really 5.0.0 or 5.0.0.x. The newly leaked OS for the 9700 (OS has

  10. On the bold 9000 it came w bbm .33

  11. BB 9000, AT&T seems to be working fine for me.

  12. Everything seems to be working fine but trackball is not working properly. will scroll but pressing function wont responce. Have to press the Enter key.

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