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Google Pushing QR Codes for Google Maps Desktop & Place Pages

favplacesticker Google just put some major weight behind the QR Code 2 dimensional barcode system by adding it to Google Maps. The QR Code will take you to the businesses Place Page on Google with reviews, coupons, and more. Sadly they did not add a QR code reader to Google Maps but are instead relying on 3rd party solutions for BlackBerry like NeoReader and BeeTag.

I have been waiting to see if QR Codes would take off and it looks like they might just get off the ground. RIM is already using them in the new 5.0 version of BlackBerry Messenger to add friends and groups so this is a logical extension. I just wish RIM would build it into the camera by default.

Google is sending window decals to thousands of businesses around the US so that you can easily be taken to that businesses Place Page on Google. I will be looking out for them but let us know if you spot any!

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  1. For all ATT users….
    Of course ya’ll know that ATT blocked the blackberry maps app with their service book, right? well think again…
    use the geo location to generate any location in the world, then open blackberry messenger and scan the image…
    You will be asked: Geographic coordinates found, View on map? click Yes, and Blackberry maps will open…
    that means you have to have a QR code of a map everytime you need to open Blackberry Maps…:D

  2. So let’s have a review of which QR scanner for BlackBerry is the best one

  3. I just downloaded the new BB messenger and it reads QR codes quite well. I tried Beetagg but it wanted to actually take a picture then scan. The messenger just reads what in the viewfinder. My only problem is that all google qr codes go to and no further. But I haven’t checked through all the settings yet.

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