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Are There 110,000 BlackBerry Theme Developers?

Theme-studio-5I recently found out that BlackBerry Theme Studio 5.0 has been downloaded over 110,000 times since it was released at DevCon. I realize that many of those downloads can be attributed to downloading the app multiple times or new users who just gave up but that is still a HUGE number. I have run any numbers on this but I doubt that there have been 110,000 themes ever released since the Plazmic CDK came out for the 7100! I would even be amazed if there were 10,000 theme developers out there.

Could it be that the newer and feature full v5.0 appealed to a whole new user base beyond regular BlackBerry Theme Developers? I know when some people saw the new toolkit with easy transitions and connection to Adobe apps they thought “I could do that.” The question is if they actually every released any of their creations.

Right now RIM is pushing full steam ahead with themes. They just opened App World to themes this week and the list of available themes is growing fast. I still have not noticed any totally new players in the theme field but I don’t doubt there will be many. Our own BlackBerry Theme Database is the most popular page on BerryReview after the homepage which is kind of crazy. There is definitely a huge thirst for customizing the BlackBerry that is just not possible on other smartphones.

So what do you think? Are you a new BlackBerry Theme Developer working on pushing the envelope?

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  1. I’m a theme builder with one customer – me. I have worked to refine a theme that works exactly the way my quirky brain works and what I find aesthetically pleasing. Because I may want to use copyrighted images in my theme and not worry about distribution rights, legalities, or finances, I’m fine with being one of those anonymous downloaders.

    Not sure how many like me are out there, but that will account for some of the numbers.

  2. Im making free themes sometimes, all for fun or relax 🙂 My latest themes are BlackNature (on BerryReview) and OrientStyle, for Bold 9000. Earlier made couple themes for 82xx and 88xx (Elegant theme for example). You can find some of these themes here on BerryReview or

    Can anyone tell me how can i put my themes to AppWorld and it is for free or i must pay something for RIM?

  3. I’m thinking RIM is going to have to make a serious structural change to App World. Themes are SO popular that I suspect it won’t be long before most of what you see in either Top 25 Free or Top 25 Paid are going to be Themes. Already Top 25 Free is almost half Themes.

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