Review: Samsung SBH 600 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Samsung SBH 600 Bluetooth Stereo Headset


Price: $99.95 at the store.
[rating: 10]
Summary: To put it succinctly, these are by far the best sounding bluetooth headphones I have tried so far. While the others have focused on the design exterior design rather than the overall sound quality, the Samsung headphones did exactly the opposite–they focused on sound quality rather than the exterior design. So if when looking for headphones you care more about the music and less about how you look, these are definitely the headphones you want to check out.

Exterior design: The Samsung headphones are large audiophile type headphones that fully encapsulate the ears and have a thick padded headband that connects them over the head (and is surprisingly comfy). So while you won’t mind wearing them at home, they might not be so trendy walking down the street or on the subway. Although, you may be able to pull off the the vintage-loving west-village look if you tried.

Sound quality: The Samsung headphones sit over the ear (instead of burrowing a speaker into your ear), allowing the sound to take its natural path through the pathways of your ear. The headphones are surrounded by leather padding that presses against the outer portion of your ear to block out other sound. The headphones have many controls, but the most important is the sound profile switch which allows you to choose from normal, wide and bass profile settings. If you have read any of my previous reviews you know that when I review audio products I am chiefly concerned with the hardest sounds to get in a mobile product–heavy bass. So I was pleasantly surprised when the bass setting really brought the music to another level. By combining the heavy bass, the noise canceling padding, and the over the ear speakers, the sound quality of the Samsung simply blows away any other bluetooth stereo headphones.

Controls, Chargers, etc: While the sound quality of the Samsung headphones are amazing there are some subtle points that I think can be improved upon. For one, the controls for the headphones are randomly placed all over the headphones. For instance, to answer a call there is a button behind the ear, to control the volume or track the controls are under the ear, and to turn the headphones on or off or switch between audio profiles there are toggles on the front of the earphones. The controls just seem to numerous and scattered to control naturally without much training. Secondly, the headphones charge using a specialty charging post, not a more common mini or micro USB port. This means yet another charger to add to you wall outlet, something I truly hate.

Note: We received a demo unit from the company in order to write this review.

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