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Bolt Browser 1.6 Released – Adds Default Browser & Password Manager

Split Screen 03 Bitsream let us know that they are releasing version 1.6 of the popular Bolt browser today with some interesting new features. The main additions are the ability to set Bolt as the default browser along with a new password manager which RIM really needs to add to the native browser. They have also added full socket connectivity which supposedly can speed up downloads by up to 15%.

The new download should be available now at

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  1. “he popular Bold browser” = “he popular BOLT browser” ? 🙂

  2. The ability to be the default browser is an awesome addition!

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  3. No big different between the crrent version. The scrolling a bit rude/nonsoft. But i still use it as my main browser.
    Hopely the nxt version will have a nice scrollng, jst like the opera mini 5 beta.

  4. 8310, 4.5.163. After installation of this 1.6 release and finished the battery pulling, while signal coverage shows full, still unable to load the start-up menu. Only jammed at the “loading…” Page.:(

  5. Doesn’t seem to work with html emails in opening up the browser. Anyone else having this issue? Works ok on regular emails.
    Having a default browser option is pretty awesome

  6. Doesn’t seem to work with html emails for me either. Anyone else have issues with html e-mails?

    • Their FAQ states:
      “it makes BOLT default browser for opening any links in plain-text emails or SMS/MMS.”
      SO apparently NOT for anything else. I got excited about this “default browser” thing, apparently that excitement was misplaced.

      BOLT deleted.

  7. Storm 9530 with OS
    I have downloaded the browser. It runs.
    I have downloaded the “BOLT Launcher Plug-in”.
    I’ve done a battery pull twice.

    There is nowhere I can find either within the browser itself or within the BlackBerry menus to enable BOLT as the default browser. Under Advanced Options…Browser I still have no choices but “Internet Browser”.

    That said, actually using it to view some web pages I’m not at all thrilled. If THIS is a preview of what a webkit browser is going to be like on a BlackBerry (due to the Torch acquisition), I sure hope RIM gives us the option of webkit or not webkit for which browser. For the sites I visited I found BB browser to be MUCH faster and web sites looked MUCH better (probably since they were mostly sites optimized for mobile).

  8. Sorry not impressed. Can’t locate the password manager and as for default, well my belief of a default browser differs to theirs.

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