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Review: Bowers & Wilkins Zepplin Mini iPod Speakers

Zepplin Mini

Intro: Although we are a BlackBerry review site, it is no surprise that many BlackBerry owners also own an iPod of some sort. So with that in mind, today I review the most stylish iPod speakers I have ever seen; speakers that demand so much attention that they are as much a show piece as they are functional.

Actual picture I took, actually looks this good in real life!

Actual picture I took, looks this good in real life!

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[rating: 10]
Price: a hefty $399.99. But for the audiophile, worth it.

Review: To fill you on on the company street cred, Bower & Wilkins is known for audio equipment used in professional studios. Thus, even though the Zepplin Mini is only about a foot long, it is no surprise that they somehow managed to still make this a powerhouse of a speaker.

  • Sound: To get the heavy bass going, the small Zepplin Mini has a flow port–a specialized air funnel–in the back to get that extra “oomph”. I have tried the Mini on its highest volume and despite its size, it can fill up a whole room without losing the quality of the bass.
  • iPod Dock: The Mini holds an iPod upright, as shows in my picture above, or in a landscape position. For iPods with accelerometers, this allows you to access cover flow features while using the dock. Alternatively, for those who want to use music from another audio source, there is an analog audio jack in the back as well as a USB port to connect to a computer. Notice that the Zepplin Mini tries to support digital formats, such as the iPod connector and USB, so that the audio doesn’t have to be converted back and forth, deteriorating the sound quality.
  • Exterior: As you can tell from the picture, the Mini is a sexy speaker. The most eye catching feature is a curved shiny backplate beneath the held iPod. The same finish is matched at the bottom of the Mini with a shiny strip around its bottom. Sans the black back connection section, the rest of the mini is all black mesh speaker.
  • Controls: The Mini comes with an black shiny ergonomically shaped infra-red remote. The design of the remote is comfortable as it sits in your hand. The buttons are simple and intuitive, including volume and track controls. However, the use of infra-red technology can be a little bit frustrating when trying to control the music from another room.

Conclusion: If you are in the market for a high quality sexy expensive iPod dock, look no further.

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  1. I agree.. it is no surprise that many blackberry owners use a Apple iPod or iPhone too.. i myself have a iPhone 3GS, a Macbook Pro.. but that does not lessen my love for my berries. 🙂

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