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Giveaway: Wifi Hero 20 free Copies

Ronen mentioned Wifi hero by Twinkler Software a little while back which automatically turns on your Wi-Fi based on location.  This could be useful for those that don’t want to go through the trouble of turning on the Wi-Fi every time you are by a hotspot. You can learn more about the application by reading the previous post. The application is on sale until December 11 for the price of $3.49 regular price $4.99 you can get it at this link.

Twinkler Software has offered 20 free copies to give away to you  our readers, you just need to leave a comment on here before midnight Monday the 7th. Please no double posting, or you will be disqualified, and we will announce the winners later during the week. Good luck!

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  1. Hello, this would be awesome and good luck to all entrants!

  2. I’d like to try this program out!

  3. this app will be perfect. I always have to turn WIFI on when there is a signal

  4. I hope I win!

  5. Sounds good … perhaps I’ll be a lucky winner!? :-)


  6. I want to win! Please! =)

  7. I like that app…I want ti WIINNN!!


  8. Why not? I like wifi.

  9. Thanks you berryreview and twinkle soft for the opportunity.

  10. Thanks you!

  11. This app would make my BlackBerry life so much easier!

  12. I use wifi alot with my Bold. This would be a really nice thing for “IT” to have! :-)

  13. I would really like to get this, too!

  14. sounds nice

  15. Sounds like a great application that would certainly save a few minutes each day. I typically turn on the Wi-Fi when I get home each night, and off in the morning when I leave to conserve battery life.

  16. This is a handy tool to have..sometimes I even forget to tearn on wifi

  17. This seems like a logical addition to any wi-fi user, like me!

  18. That’s one app I’d like to try, especially when roaming…

  19. This app would make my blackberry perfect! Also save me some battery life when I forget to turn my wifi off when I leave a hotspot. Good luck everyone!

  20. yes please

  21. Sounds awesome! Hope I win!

  22. I’d like to try.

  23. This would be perfect to use on my new bold9700. 😉

  24. Would love to win this! Thanks.

  25. Love to get it and see if battery would last longer

  26. 1 for me please!

  27. #FIFA #WC2010 Group C : #ENGLAND 2. #USA 3. #ALGERIA 4. #SLOVENIA :)

  28. I’m in!!! :-)

  29. me tooo WOOT WOOT =)

  30. Wow! That is one neat little app!! 12kb that’s it?

  31. Pick me please.

  32. Would be a useful app – anything that increases battery life is a plus! Plus I won’t have to remember to toggle WiFi off at work 😉

  33. Looks awesome! I will buy it regardless (duh – guess i wont win now for sure :)

  34. would love to get a copy! i always turn it on and off.

  35. Would love to have it!

  36. Pick me Pick me…!! 😀
    Thanks~ 😀

  37. Excellent. Pick me

  38. This sounds like a big time battery saver. Should be a good one to try.

  39. Sounds like an awesome app. Real pain turning wifi on and off. Hope I win!

  40. sounds good… Thanks!

  41. This app would be very useful! pick me! Thanks.

  42. Didn’t win from previous post so I am trying again and would like to really win this app.

  43. would like to give this app a try, dont use wifi as much as i could due to turning it on and off, dont like leavin it on so i can save batt power.

  44. I’d Love This!!

  45. will be useful with my new 9700 from T-Mobile

    Save some battery…

  46. This would be nice to own

  47. Need to help my Bold’s battery. Would love to win

  48. This looks like a great app… I would love a copy


    thank you for the chance to own

  50. hey! this app is great! it’d be a perfect christmas gift for me! haha. good luck to y’all!

  51. This sounds like a nice little app.

  52. Can’t wait to try it out

  53. sounds cool

  54. Wow – I def. need this. Had tried the contest at CB and lost that too :(

  55. I’d love this for my 8900

  56. I’d like one! Thanks!

  57. Please pick me!

  58. Nice count me in

  59. Cool! An app for the trully lazy! :p

  60. Twinkler Software is cool. i like this app and I’d love this for my bold 9000. pick me pls. thanks for the contest.

  61. Sounds good! :)

  62. really a great software!! i hope to win 😛

  63. Would love a copy of this!!

  64. for me!

  65. Sounds like an awesome app to have. I’d love to win a copy.

  66. I will like to have it for saving battery life of my Storm2

  67. Could definitely use this between home and work networks.

  68. I need it

  69. oh man, I’ve been wanting this.

  70. I’d love a chance to win WiFi Hero !

  71. Wow this app looks cool. I’m in for this free app I hope I win, I need it. Thanks.

  72. Sweet offer. Just in time for Christmas!

  73. Here’s my entry. Good luck everyone!

  74. free copy please!

  75. Love to get a copy. thanks

  76. Yes Please I badly need this! Make me a winna!

  77. Twinkler Software is great. I’d love this for my 8900. thanks for the contest.

  78. Wow. This looks amazing. I hope I win and good job to whoever gets a copy.

  79. I wonder how the app detect the location and turn on the wifi. Wish I could get this app

  80. Please please please. I want this app.

  81. Great App, i will be more than happy if i win a copy, Thanks again BerryReview for this great contest.

  82. Could use an app like this! And it would be a great Christmas present to me :)

  83. Was hoping 2 buy this useful app but getting it free works 4 me too

  84. Sounds like a great app!

  85. This would be great for my new 9700!

  86. this great, little app!!

  87. Im down for one! I love wifi

  88. Cool app :)

  89. I want this app, too.

  90. Cool app~ Just what I was looking for…
    Would love to give it a try.

  91. That is awesome!! Please choose me as the winner :) !!!

  92. Love to have it my own copy.

  93. signing up!

  94. Hopefully I will win Wifi hero.

  95. With all the wifi stuff around us these days,it must be really great to own an app like this.

  96. This is a great app!!!
    Perfect for me as I only use wi-fi at home and would love my BB to turn wi-fi on and off accordingly to save bettery. It is the smartest idea RIM forgot to add to their portfolio.

  97. I want to have a copy of this app.

  98. useful and handy i am signing up for this one.

  99. This looks so cool. Even if I don’t win, may have to buy it.

  100. I would love to win a copy. Thanks Twinkler Software and BerryReview !!

  101. This would be a real battery saver and life saver. One of those nifty little apps that makes my life so much more simple. Thanks for developing this app and making it available. Now if I could win it, I’d really be thankful! :)

  102. Oh I’d so love a copy! Please please :) Batt life on my 8900 is not the best and I need wifi at work and home but not driving in my car 😛

  103. I need a hero, a wifi hero :)

  104. Please chose me. I realy need this app.

  105. (WI) would you not give me the (FI)rst chance to (HERO)worship this application?

  106. pick me!

  107. This app could be useful for the people on the go, it would be nice to have it! :)

  108. just to try some luck. really interesting up!!

  109. Out of all the things I truly need this one. Make me a lucky winner BR! :)

  110. This sounds interesting might have to give it a try.

  111. Sounds like a very cool app. I would love a free copy :)

  112. I would love to use this app daily. please please please

  113. This is such a good idea! I want it!

  114. good stuff! heres my chance.

  115. In to WIN!

  116. I use wifi all the time while i’m at home, operator signal is very low. But everytime I went out, I forgot to switch it off :( This app will help me a lot!

  117. I really need this little app for my BB Curve! Thanks!

  118. it would be great to try this on the new Storm 2! thanks!

  119. Yeah, I’ll happily take a copy of this – it’ll save me having to manually switch my wireless networking (“Wi-Fi”) on and off everytime I arrive at/leave home (which is quite frequently, because I live and work on an Army base)… You don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten to turn the damn thing off.

  120. great to have

  121. count me in :)

  122. Great app, how does it work? Need to do some research… would love to give it a try.

  123. sweeT!

  124. Pick me!………………………………….. pleeze

  125. Count me in please! Tried the trial and worked perfectly!

  126. Please give me a copy.

  127. Great software. I’d like to have a copy. Thanks in advance.

  128. sounds great software…
    count me in

  129. sounds like something i need

  130. Sounds cool

  131. Me please!

  132. Look like a nice apps.

  133. This really does sound useful. I’d love a copy.

  134. I´d like one, too – thanks!

  135. Thanks for the contest.

  136. Hope I win – would LOVE to add this to my new 9550!
    Thanks guys!

  137. I would like a copy – thanks!

  138. Pick me!………………..Me please!

  139. Nice, I’m in..

    I would like this app….

  140. am i in time

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