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Giveaway: Don’t pull a Tiger, use the Blackbook app 50 free copies + 1 for Tiger

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 03 20.14Many of you have information that you don’t want others to see, and these day’s privacy is hard to find. Many of you have been in the same situation where people want to see your cool phone. They end up not just touching it but also going through the menus and even your messages. You feel so vulnerable giving somebody access to your personal device.

Just look at the events that have surround the life of Tiger Woods. By now most of you are familiar with all the story of how Tiger got caught when his wife supposedly looked through his BlackBerry & found information he did not want her to see. This is not as much about what he did or did not do but about how easily the information on your phone can end up viewed by the wrong person.

The application BlackBook from mblware is a nice application for your BlackBerry smart phone that can hide your contacts, calls, E-mail, and SMS messages. The application is covert and totally hides itself because you have to type a secret code to even find/use the app, there is no icon on the home screen so nobody knows you actually have the app on your phone. To read more about this application read Ronen’s previous post on it at this link.

Giveaway Details: Here is the deal, mblware has offered to give away 50 free copies to BerryReview readers. All you have to do is simply leave a comment below. You have until Tuesday December 8th at 11:59 EST to post your comment. NO double posting. We will announce the winners later during the week.

The guys at Mblware have also thrown in a free copy of BlackBook for Tiger if he wants one!

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  1. Give me 1 copy… 😀
    Thanks anyway~ :)

  2. Very cool app….I hope I can get it

  3. Ill take tigers copy!!! Lol take it easy on the guy he’s had a rough week

  4. I want a copy! please!!!!

  5. Lord forgive me, but I need a copy of this! : )

  6. Count me in, I try to hide a lot of stuff.

  7. Everyone Need Privacy

  8. Cool pick me :)

  9. Wow, great app. O Hope win this one.

  10. Oh, what the hey. A free app’s a free app and I could certainly see how it would be good to have if somebody filched my Berry one day.

  11. I like my odds so far :)

  12. Lord, Lord, do I need this, please be so kind this Holiday season and pick me!

  13. I really want this, especially because it doesn’t have a trial.

  14. I like the sound of this program!

  15. It’s a shame 2 gettin caught, put me down 4 free copy

  16. I need one please!

  17. This would be REALLY useful! Thanks for the lesson Tiger!

  18. this seems like a cool app :) thanks for the post!

  19. Nice,
    I’d like to have this app

  20. Oh yeah I would absolutely love to have a copy of this.

  21. I hate giving my phone over to friends. Now this program also needs an update to hide ur pics and videos

  22. Man could I ever use this app! Please I would love to have one!

  23. This would come in very handy… Thanks!!

  24. This looks like one Slick App!!

  25. I’d like to win this to give to my daughter, she has always wanted it.

  26. Looks like a cool app!

  27. If you don’t want my car bashed with golf clubs please list me as a winner.

  28. LOL. This application will actually assist me in keeping secrets from my wife! I had not thought of that but I’m in!

  29. Great app. I am in!!!!!

  30. Nice app…I need it!

  31. Wow, this is exactly what I have been looking for so please pick me as a winner.

  32. I need all 50. One for me and 49 for all my “friends”.

  33. A must have. Hook me up. Tanx

  34. this would be cool to have.

  35. I’d like one please. No need to get “Tigerized” by my wife as well!

  36. Have been looking at this app for awhile, would love to try it out except they only have a buy option. Using MBLVault now and love it. Would definately love to get a copy of Blackbook to try on my Bold running OS

  37. i Can definately see a business use for numbers you dont want seen or available to others while everyone can see the personal use for a digital “blackbook” wink wink

  38. I need this giveaway,so don’t!

  39. Thanks tiger for the inspiration for this giveaway!!!!

  40. Also if Tiger doesnt want his copy i would be more then happy to accept it on his behalf Luis and Ronen 😛

  41. please hook daddy up with this app. daddy has different ladies and doesn’t wanna get caught

  42. Interesting app…. O:)

  43. Let me be perfectly clear, I DO NOT need this app, I don’t think I will ever have a need for it! So if I win I will not use it, ever!
    Promise 😉

  44. One copy for me and im done with safetly on my BB (Blackbook + MBVault)! :)


  45. This app looks so cool. Hope I can win!

  46. SWEET!!!! Blackbook for my Blackberry nice.

  47. I’d Want To Win!!!

  48. I bet tiger woods wish he had this!

  49. OooOoo. I could use this application. Like, a lot. And no, I’m not a cheating spouse.

  50. If I dont win Ill probably buy its going to be a life saver….. no really…

  51. oh man please dont let me end up like tiger!!

    lolol THANKS!

  52. I would like one.

  53. Kewl count me in …

  54. Boy o boy is this a handy app to have!!

  55. coolshooolll im in yayyyy =)

  56. I would love to have this app……………..please select me. Thank you!!

  57. I hope TIGER gets his copy too! :)

  58. Would love to check this out. Thanks to you and the sponsors for all the cool contests…

  59. I’ll take a copy and one for air cheatin jordan

  60. I’m in!!! :-)

  61. I need a blackbook for my new 9700. Please send one copy my way.

  62. This is a great way to promote a handy product.

  63. I never win anything so why not win something that noone will be able to find?

  64. Are u guys talking about Cheata Woods? I need this app, don’t wanna end up like him. LMAO

  65. If I don’t win, I’m probably going to start just password protecting my device.

    Pick me!

  66. Can I get a copy pleeease :)

  67. Sounds like a really cool app!
    I’d love a free copy..

  68. Please hook me up! I dont want any reason for a woman to beat and chase me with a golf club =)

  69. Of course i have nothing like Tiger to hide, but there are things that sare FMEO… This would be Saweet!

  70. Sounds like a real cool program.

  71. count me in =D

  72. This could really come in handy

  73. I need this!

  74. This came in handy with my 8820 I had so long ago.

  75. Sounds like a great app! I would love to have it :)

  76. wow really nice soft!

  77. awesome! I need this! but don’t tell it to my wife, pleaseeeeeee

  78. Ooh, would be useful :]
    I’d loove to have it :3

  79. I’ll try, thanks

  80. Ohh good idea. I could totally use this.

  81. I could definitely use this

  82. I hope I don’t end up like TW, that’s why I would love a free copy of this app.

  83. I would like a copy

  84. would be nice to have a copy :)

  85. seems like a cool app

  86. very nice, would bea great app to own

    thank you

  87. Poor Tiger, kinda feel sorry for him. This sort of app could really come in handy even for not so fortunate among us. Count me in please!

  88. Did Tiger pickup his copy yet?

  89. Please give me and tiger this app..
    LOL.. 😀

  90. Hey tiger ill take your copy. That boat sailed.

  91. Yeah could really do with this looks good!

  92. OMG! I really, really need this. lol

  93. I’m in. Looks good.

  94. This app would be good to have.

  95. Man, I think I could of used this at least 2 or 3 times. Women are very sneaky & good at what they do, so I definitely need this!

  96. wouldn’t mind a copy of this

  97. This would be cool. Good luck!!

  98. My soon to be ex wife could use this – if she could figure out how to use it!

  99. I could really use this =D hope I win!

  100. this an awesome app!! count me in! 😀

  101. Hmm… Ya I need this. Let me emphasize on that: I NEED this. My co-workers have a tendancy to go through my phone all the time and it’s annoying since there is a lot of personal stuff on there. I tried the BB dog app where if someone touched your phone would make a noise but that was an epic fail and almost got me fired.
    Thanks for offering!

  102. i need this app please =(

  103. looks sweet, count me in!

  104. I really need this! Hope I get one!

  105. Want one! Thanks!

  106. This would be very useful for me at work

  107. I love this idea, I would love this app! Thanks again for the contests!

  108. What a great idea, not to hide anything from any certain person but from anyone who touches your phone.

  109. Cool app! Hope woods gets it!

  110. I def could use this. I don’t have as much money as Tiger but my situation could be just as fatal.

  111. I’m game for a copy.

  112. I want it so the wife don’t bust the windows out my car

  113. Want it

  114. W.A.N.T.!

  115. waoh..What a great idea,this an awesome app!! thanks berryreview for the giveaway contest.

  116. This is cool. May I have a copy?

  117. This would be a great app for sneaky folks like me :))

  118. Very interesting, I’d like to give it a test drive !!

  119. I will like a copy please.

  120. Sounds great!!

  121. Could really use this app. Thanks.

  122. Hot app! want it

  123. sounds like a pretty cool app!

  124. I’m a spy, I need this 😉

  125. This would come in so handy.

  126. looks awesome! would love a copy! thanks much

  127. This would handy to have. Would love to have a copy.

  128. This would be awesome.

  129. Wow poor tiger. But the girl sure was hot..

  130. reading someone elses email or text should be a crime just like it is to open someone elses mail delivered through snail mail…..a fedeal offense….but anyways i would love a copy

  131. Thanks for another awesome contest!

  132. Hahaha this is great, I’m a long time tiger fan and an avid golfer myself and think this would be a great app for Tiger…..not saying that I’m going to go down Tigers route (although I’ll take his golf game) but I would love to use this app, please enter me in the contest. THANKS!

  133. I’m in, I want to give it a try, it looks interesting.

  134. I need one of this app

  135. I recently got busted so I could really use this application. Thanks to mblware for developing this application and giving away some copies.

  136. Love to get a copy. Thanx

  137. This is great!!! I need this app. I’m tired of family members thinking they can browse my private stuff.

  138. I need this app!! Although the new Bold 9700 has hit the seen, I my 9000 still garners a lot of attention and people always want to take a “look” at it.. I love love love to give this app a try and hopefully keep the private pics under wraps! 😉

  139. Hey i’d love to have this… people at college cannot be trusted!

  140. Haha. Nice title!
    Would love to have 1 copy

  141. Privacy is just that and should be held sacred. I’d love a complimentary copy.


  142. Cool app, I think this feature should be default in every blackberry

  143. Hope I win, sounds like an awesome app!

  144. I think she beat the Tiger out of his Tank

  145. I hope I get this one…

  146. Hope to try out the application. This is the app I was looking for.

  147. Awesome!

  148. FORE!

  149. Too Funny. “Don’t pull a Tiger”.Hope to get a copy

  150. I’d love to have this app

  151. This is the application that we all are waiting for! Good move and decision on making it work and available for BlackBerry users! Blackbook you ROCK!

  152. I need an app like this :)

  153. this app would be kewl

  154. Nice program and just might come in handy…
    So I please win one….

  155. I want to win a copy!

  156. I need this app. heh heh.

  157. I’d like one.

  158. This would be a good program to have!

  159. This is a very well needed app. Finally one with great personal benefit, not just the ability to order food…

  160. i would like one too :)

  161. cool appz for all great men out there hehe ..

  162. I would love one of these for my Storm

  163. “don’t pull a Tiger” lol

  164. A great idea. No more going thru your logs and deleting things you want no one to see. I want one even if I have to pay for it. I will wait till the 9th, just in case I win one.

  165. sick program hope i can get it :)

  166. Oh excellent. This is something that I’d always wanted on my Nokia simply because I am paranoid about privacy. Having this on my BB would really be cool.. I hope I win 😉

  167. Oh, I’ve got stuff to hide…

  168. Ahhhhh…great headline, man! Apps gotta be just as cool.

  169. Sure.

  170. Heyy this sounds “too” neat, if I dnt win this, its a for sure buy, not that I’m hiding anything from my girls, its the guys that piss me off. :)

  171. Sound great !

  172. Now thats how to stop the cookie from crumbling.. phew..

  173. Obviously I don’t want to be another Tiger Wood ! :) So please choose me as the winner !!!

  174. can i win pleaseee

  175. Interesting app…a must have for the simple privacy

  176. Pick me. Pick me. I would love this app.

  177. Absolutely fab,can’t wait to have one

  178. Don’t whant to exp twice the same thing. So I realy whant to win this copie.

  179. I need this application baaaaaaad. Pick me, pick me!

  180. Sounds awesome.

  181. WOW! I really need this app I would come in handy! Thanks BerryReview for the opportunity ^_^

  182. Don’t want to be like Tiger, better to be safe than sorry.

  183. With an app like this, i wont worry leaving my phone on my desk at work without anyone thinking i have something to hide if i put it away in my drawer. It is there visible to all and i can have a clean face all the time.

  184. This is great! Can be a real life saver! We all need something like this

  185. This is a great way to keep information secure. Thanks to Berryreview & mblware and good luck to all!

  186. I am not the only one out there that has info on the BB that needs / wants it safe from prying eyes, got to keep it all safe. I even take mine to the Head with me, I can’t just leave it out.
    I would really enjoy trying this one out.

  187. Would love this app on my BB!!

  188. I wish to have this apps for my BlackBerry.

  189. maybe now i wont have to delete call logs or messages. please berryreview can i haz blackbook?

  190. I definitely would like to have this app.

  191. I could have used this years ago!!!!

  192. I don’t want to be like Tiger, please let me have a copy! LOL

  193. I would love this

  194. please dont let me end up single….could actually leave phone unlocked sometimes…!!!!!!!!

  195. hell yeah…we can’t make the same mistake as tiger… I need this :)

  196. Wow, cool app. Would love to win a copy. Thanks Mblware and BerryReview !!

  197. I don’t live a life like Tiger, but this nifty little app would make life a lot easier. Thanks for creating this app and for being so generous to give out a few free copies. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  198. I feel sorry for Tiger. But I’d love to have a copy (free) of this app not for any ‘darkside’ reason but for my BlackBerry to be more equipped with another great app. Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck to all of us :)

  199. I want!!

  200. I’d love to have this app..!!!

  201. Nice. Please chose me to winning. :)

  202. I think this is a must have on any blackberry.

  203. I need it MORE than Tiger!!

  204. I would love to have a copy.

  205. I would love to see this app in action!

  206. meeee

  207. I’d like to win, good luck everyone!

  208. Sounds cool; hope I win!
    – win a cop

  209. I wish I had this yesterday. I feel vulnerable whenever a chick asks to use my phone.

  210. MUST NEED NOW!!

  211. Sweet app!!!! Please chose me as I could really use this app but cant afford to purchase since im unemployed.

  212. Oh please can you set me up with a copy.

  213. Hoping for a copy!

  214. souds good!

  215. I would love this,its about time I can kept my girlfriend out of my data!

  216. Would love to have this app!

  217. Thank you for the opportunity to win, I would like the app for privacy usage. Great need in today’s work world.

  218. This sounds great!!! I would like a copy of this app.

  219. This would be such a useful app to have, even if you don’t participates in “transgressions” LOL!

  220. This would be a veryyy nice Application to have. If I get the chance to check it out I will definitely recommend to friends and co-workers!

  221. I need this app for some last minute top-secret Holiday Shopping!

  222. if i don’t get this app I might be john bobbitt’d

  223. very nice app… i would like to use it to keep my info confidential

  224. Count me in.

  225. This is a must have app for every Blackberry user.

    Absolutely perfect.

  226. Hook it up!

  227. hey i’d love to have one of this! thanks for offering

  228. I would like to try this app out.

  229. I hope I win.

  230. Tiger’s wife wouldn’t worse than my girlfriend, and I would not better than Tiger, so I think I need this

  231. I need this!!

  232. This app can prove to be very useful.. I’d like to try it

  233. This amazing application looks amazing…..i want it!!

  234. I would like one of these. Thanks!



  236. Want one as well

  237. I’d like one.

  238. Sign me up already : )

  239. i want i want

  240. I badly need this wonderful little app! Thanks!

  241. Yes….this would definitely find a home on my bb. I’m crossing my fingers to win!

  242. looks like a nice application to have to show the latest blackberries to others but be able to block certain info! thanks!

  243. Well, I’ve never been unfaithful, but you never know when such an application might um, come in handy…

    *Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink*

  244. This app can come in handy, hopefully I get picked :)

  245. great to have

  246. This app is definitely a must have. Pick me! Pick me!

  247. I Want One!

  248. I could hide my porn & let my kids play games! Me please!

  249. I need this app. Please pick me!!!

  250. Please pick me. I need to hide my numbers from prying eyes. Thank u :)

  251. Must have this!! I have stuff to hide from someone….

  252. I never win but I thought I’d try. So don’t pick me and prove me right :)

  253. I have nothing to hide – this would be pure research. Honest.

  254. This sounds like a great idea to keep private items away from nosy people.

  255. this app is so cool, can i get a copy of it? 😛

  256. I need this…I can’t end up like tiger! lol.

  257. Oh yes, please…

  258. I like this app and need it. yes please

  259. Hi, this looks really good.

  260. This would be a nice app to have … Thanks !!

  261. Tiger should be a man and admit what he did. Shit, he should have admitted what he was doing, and Elen….cmon, you’re married to Tiger Woods; even Jordan’s wife knew what he was up to, she just let him be and collected the checks. Hit me up with this new program.

  262. sounds interesting…
    count me in please..

  263. I sure as heck need this asap!

  264. I wish Tiger knew about this app a couple of weeks ago, because maybe then he wouldn’t BE ALL OVER MY TV!!!!! NEXT!!!! This sounds like a great app that I could definitely benefit from!

  265. FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah this is every guys dream. matter a fact i should say PLAYA for yall One Woman Guys out there

  266. Hi! Please send me my free copy. Thanks!

  267. You have got to love the BlackBerry. Now, there’s a Blackbook to go along wth your secrets. :) It’s definitely your best friend!! This must be a great app!! lolz. Count me in!!

  268. I´m In

  269. Sounds like a very useful app
    Count me in please

  270. Man! This app would really have saved my ballz a few times! No need for a 2nd phone anymore 😉

  271. Pick me – I want a hold in one!

  272. I’d like this, good luck everyone!

  273. Love the blog and this app is just what I needed! I’d love to win a copy.

  274. Nice to have sometimes!!
    Good luck to all.

  275. Pick me! Pick me!

  276. Id like a copy please..

  277. Using Tiger Wood’s story for this post makes it seem the Blackberry has poor security, when in reality, it has the best. Security was either not being employed properly on Wood’s phone, or his wife had access to the password.

    This application is not a security app, is a dishonesty app, and a bad one at that.

    The phone bill will reveal the calls you place, so this ain’t gonna hide anything from a suspicious wife/husband/lifepartner. If they have the lock code to your phone, then they probably have the information to access your phone statement.

    Heck, it’s listed in the apps list, if I saw that while snooping, I’d know something was fishy.

    BIG FAIL in my book, you might as well use the “file lock” application that just renames files.

    Google Voice would work just as well with a hidden icon, maybe better, as the MMS/SMS/VoiceMale messages can be sent to a gmail account not associated to the phone, no phone bill tracks, no stress over an SMS popping up at the wrong moment.

    Did I mention Google Voice is free?

  278. I’m looking for this kind of app everywhere. Please add more functionality like hiding photos, videos and perhaps something more like the similar app for iphone, if you know what I mean 😉

  279. Would love to have and use. Great application.

  280. I’d like a copy please

  281. Pick Me if it can hide picture folders.

  282. This app looks and sounds awesome! I live with a bunch of nosy, gossiping roommates so this app would help me a great deal!

  283. Forget about tiger. pick me. Damage is already done to him.

  284. i would LOVE to have this app. please pick me!!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  285. I need to tigerproof my berry….thx

  286. hey i would like to get it pls pick me lol ty in advance

  287. cool i would like this app

  288. pleasseeeeeeeee pick me

  289. I really need this before I wind up like Tiger and be caught by the tail! Lol thanks for being there for us.

  290. Would love to have this on mine. Top App for anyone.

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