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Buying an AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700? Head To A Store!

att-bold I needed a new BlackBerry Bold 9700 from AT&T and was planning on upgrading online through AT&T’s online portal. I just could not believe that AT&T wanted a $299 upgrade price for the phone even though I was out of contract. They are still selling the Bold 9700 to new customers for $199 after $100 mail in rebate on their website!

So I headed down to the official AT&T store in Times Square which they just redid and its gorgeous. I walked up to a salesman and asked how much it would cost to upgrade to a Bold 9700. They answered in seconds that it was $50 after $100 mail in rebate. They even took things a step further and said that I could get $100’s worth of accessories instead of the rebate. That is pretty awesome since I rarely fill out and submit rebates within all the fine print. On top of that half way through the upgrade the Store Manager threw in another $50 of free accessories because I was a “valued customer.”

They said that this $50 after rebate deal was supposed to only be for Black Friday but they told me it was extended until the end of December and maybe further. That is an AMAZING price for a phone that is arguably the best BlackBerry available.

So if you plan on picking up an AT&T Bold 9700 and you are out of contract head on down to your local store! It still boggles my mind that AT&T charges more on its website than in store since they have the fixed costs of rent and employee salaries.

Anybody have a similar experience?

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  1. Ron i just went to the Store on 5th Avenue between 41st and 40th next to the Sean John Store. they told me the same thing except for the extra $50. i totally recommend going to the store you get a way better deal. The 9700 will only cost u $50 i spent $200 last week on t-mobile but i still pay $19.99 for unlimited data so i am ok with my purchase.

    • How did you manage to keep the $19.99 unlimited data with the 9700 for $200? When I called they said if I get a phone discount I will have to upgade data plan to $30/mo one 🙁

      • i told them i just signed a contract in February 2009 for the 8900 i spoke to custom loyalty and they hooked it up no contract extension plus i was able to keep my $19.99 unlimited data

  2. Ronen,
    May I ask the name of the store manager who threw this deal your way? I am a bit away from Times Square, but I wouldn’t skip a $4.50 subway fair to get the same deal. 🙂

    What is your monthly plan, and what is the final price and stuff you got from them?

  3. You´re so lucky haha here in Ecuador, we get from $600 to $800… refund, no plans, no waranty

  4. OK, I just checked their web pricing, they also updated their website as well, it is showing $50 only on website, too! I am going there to upgrade mine and I will ask about the accessories package, too.

    I would rather get $100 back and buy my own accessories elsewhere cheaper, but it would be nice if they still offered some add’l accessories just for upgrading. AT&T is generally nicer than T-Mobile when it comes to keeping their customer, but nowhere near Verizon.. VZ always offers 1 or 2 months of completely free service when you upgrade/extend your contract.

    • I checked the website and its still saying $99.99 after $100 rebate. What are you seeing?
      I don’t remember the store manager but he noticed that I was out of contract for a little over 2 years and said it is up to his discretion to throw in a bit more. I think it was because I took the deal of just using the rebate to buy accessories.

  5. Always wonder why things are so much more expensive in Latin America

  6. I got my 9700 with this same deal sans the additional $50 in accessories on November 22nd.

  7. I purchased mine from Wirefly dot com for $29.99 on Black Friday. The deal just ended on this past Monday. I also had then send mine with 2 day delivery for $7.99…..

  8. Is this an eastcoast thing only? Every att store I call on the west coast says 99 bucks?..

  9. dude i went to dell online and i signed up for a new att acount. i got two free blackberry bolds for free with a two year contract. in addition the activation fee for both phones on the family plan was waved. what a deal.

  10. Hi! I got the same deal yesterday here in Plymouth, MA. They also filled out the entire rebate form for me, showed me where to sign, stapled all the necessary receipts and other paperwork to the request and put it in an envelope. All I had to do was put a stamp on it and mail.

    So far, I love the phone – upgrade from a Pearl which I never really liked because of the abbreviated keyboard.

    My husband was there and was looking at Bluetooth equipment. When we found something he liked, the sales person gave us 50% off because we are “good, loyal customers”. You won’t get that online.

    Get off your backside and go to the store. You get so much more than you do online.

  11. I actually got an awesome deal. I paid $250 for the phone since I wasnt availble for an upgrade and then on top of that I got $250 worth of accessories. but my contract had to be extended for 2 more years. I got really hooked up. I have receipts to prove it.

  12. ebaez12, what could you possibly buy at AT&T store for $250?
    I upgraded my phone on sunday and after asking the rep about the add’l $50 accessories, at first he said no, then when he checked he said he could take $50 off the phone if I bought $50 worth of accessories. So I bought a shell case (pair) and car charger. When I got home the shell cases felt cheap and too hard, also a bit slippery, and the charger was for 9000. I went back yesterday returned the cases and exchanged the charger, but I found the prices to be very high compared to elsewhere. I still kept the $30 car charger which is overpriced, because all previous car chargers I bought off internet would die or would have their fuse blown. At least with this, I can take it back to AT&T anytime it dies. But for everything else, they are really overpriced.

  13. I went to an AT&T store yesterday and paid $100 after the instant rebate; early upgrade. I was very pleased. 🙂 Maybe I need to go back and buy some accessories(car charger and case) for 50% off.

  14. I got mine off of eBay through a guy for $9.99 USD, with a contract renewal. He went through to get it and it was free from them after the $9.99 USD. I could have paid LetsTalk the $9.99 instead but I didn’t know they were offering it at that price at the time. The only downside was it took them almost a week to deliver it.

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