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RIM Sued Once Again for Patent Infringement – This Time by Prism

prism-patent It seems like RIM gets a high profile patent infringement lawsuit every month. The latest is coming from Prism Technologies LLC according to Bloomberg. They claim RIM’s desktop server, BES servers, and devices infringe on their patent for an “authentication system that can be used with services conducted over the Internet.” Sounds like every website with a login form is covered under this patent… Though Prism is focusing on the BlackBerry 8330 and BES in their complaints.

I did a bit of searching and it looks like this is the patent in question:

A method and system for controlling access, by an authentication server, to protected computer resources provided via an Internet Protocol network that includes storing (i) a digital identification associated with at least one client computer device, and (ii) data associated with the protected computer resources in at least one database associated with the authentication server; authenticating, by the authentication server, the digital identification forwarded by at least one access server; authorizing, by the authentication server, the at least one client computer device to receive at least a portion of the protected computer resources requested by the at least one client computer device, based on the stored data associated with the requested protected computer resources; and permitting access, by the authentication server, to the at least the portion of the protected computer resources upon successfully authenticating the digital identification and upon successfully authorizing the at least once client computer device.

The crazy part is that Microsoft has already settled with Prism in September for the same patent. Now Prism just made the complaint against RIM yesterday. The complaint was filed with the ITC which cannot demand patent royalties but can block RIM from importing them into the country…

Crazy stuff… Wonder how much RIM will pay out this time to make it go away.

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  1. These patent lawsuits are ridiculous, as it’s impossible to make any sort of hi-tech product these days without someone coming along years later and claiming you violated their IP. It’s time to reform the US patent system.

    RIM should also open a factory in the USA so they wouldn’t have to worry about the ITC blocking imports.

  2. God help evryone who walks the straight line

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