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Urban Transport Series: Electric Scooters, the Razor E300

For big city people, transportation is a sore subject. Walking can only get you so far so fast. Cycling requires a full workout when just trying to get from point A to point B. Worst of all, the underground subways are smelly and crowded. So most of us find ourselves in the latter category, sitting unhappily in crowded urine soaked subway cars playing with our Blackberries to pass the time until we can breathe easy again. In this series I plan to cover subway alternatives, gadgets and gizmos that may empower you to take control of your commute without looking to out there.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter


Buy Link:
Price: $175
Pre-requisites: Weight limit 220 pounds.
[rating: 9]
Summary: The learning curve to use the Razor electric scooter is fairly easy. Just give a simple normal kick to get going, then pull the throttle on the right handle grip and you are off. There is a bike-brake grip on the left handle grip for easy bike-like stopping. It is one speed. On a straight-away it is fairly zippy, getting you about 10-15 miles an hour and about 3.4 miles in distance on a single charge. The tires are heavy duty and air filled and there are shocks for handling bumps in the road. The only real technical downside is the weight of the E300. It is unbearably heavy, so there is no chance you are going to be carrying this thing up and down steps. But if that’s not an issue, it is a great toy. I have used it to visit friends, transport heavier things in bags I hung from the handlebars, and even just for joyrides around Manhattan. For $175 it really can make life a whole lot easier.

IMG_7386IMG_7418IMG_7435Stigma: I reviewed the E300 in an electric blue color. It looks kind of childish and reminds people of kids push scooters. sells a black version which probably looks a little bit more adult-like. But I have a feeling if you read this far into the article, you just might be willing to take a few looks for convenience.

Subway Killer? Assuming you want to go somewhere roundtrip, the E300 is perfect for trips to destinations 1.5miles or less. That is roughly 30 NYC blocks without avenues. For those short trips–ones where it is a waste to take the subway but yet too annoying to walk–the E300 is perfect to fill that gap. It isn’t a commuter gadget, or subway killer, but definitely a small step in the right direction.

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  1. Did it come with that bright blue helmet too?

    Does the plug to charge it wind up internally so you could conceivably plug it in @ your destination if it is somewhere like a friend’s place?

    How long does it take to charge?

  2. Really cool. How much does the charger cost?

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