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Copy2Contact Compares Themselves to Gwabbit

copy2contact-vs-gwabbit A year ago there was no solution for automatically grabbing contact and calendar information from emails. Then all of a sudden Gwabbit and then Copy2Contact (previously called Anagram) stepped into the market with two interpretations of how this would work. Gwabbit was always $9.99/year subscription and Copy2Contact now similarly costs $9.95/year since their beta finished.

I was always curious to see how the two compared and Copy2Contact has kindly published their own interpretation on how the two stack up against each other. Copy2Contact obviously comes out on top in all features as you can see at this link but that is to be expected since it is their comparison.

I wanted to ask all our readers what they thought of both applications. Do you have a need for such an application? If so what application do you prefer? and why? Did the cute Gwabbit bunny mascot influence your decision at all?

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  1. I had Anagram originally and liked it but when it became a pay app, I looked into Gwabbitt and tried the trial version (if paying I might as well compare). Loved the Rabbitt icon, automatic grab and during the very short trial it grabbed my contact info perfectly. Therefore I paid the annual fee and have been regretting that decision ever since.

    Now the inconsistent capture, slow wait for capture (need good signal strenght) and no option to force capture data yourself (i.e. highlight selected address info and then activate program…a la Copy2Contact) has me longing to return to Copy2Contact…I just hate to pay another $9.95 until my Gwabbit term expires in October 2010.

    If you are going to select one of these (perfect fo me & business use) then go for the Copy2Contact and do not let that cute rabbit icon gwab you.

  2. I used to use Copy2Contact and is really good till the time they made it a yearly subscription. But I agree Copy2Contact is way better then Gwabbit.

  3. I have Gwabbit for Outlook and on my Blackberry and I am 100% satisfied. It does exactly what they say it will do. I don’t need or want anything else. Besides, Gwabbit is a one time fee and not yearly like Copy.

  4. I should clarify that Gwabbit is onetime fee for Outlook. Which by the way, has saved my life! Awesome product!

  5. Glad to hear good feedback on the products! Just want to clarify that Copy2Contact is a one-time fee for Outlook, and a yearly fee for Gwabbit. A look at Gwabbit’s web site shows the same fee structure. Copy2Contact also works with CRM systems like and Palm Desktop.

  6. Oops, my comment should have read:
    Just want to clarify that Copy2Contact is a one-time fee for Outlook, and a yearly fee for BLACKBERRY.

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