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Nikkisoft QuickLaunch – Another look…

Wow! I must say that I am impressed.  Since I last reviewed QuickLaunch back in March, many improvements have been to the software to not only increase the functionality of the software, but more important, the usefulness in my software.

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Back in March, I had discussed how even though there were many things that QuickLaunch could do to increase a users experience on the BlackBerry, there were a lot of downturns as well such as decreased productivity for those that were simply addicted to the natural interface of a BlackBerry.

It looks like the staff at Nikkisoft have taken those opinions into consideration and greatly improved all aspects of the software.

The most significant changes that I find are the integration of other applications into one.  In QuickLaunch is now the ability to display the date, time, and weather within the launch bar so that one doesn’t have to back out to the main menu to display this information. From within any application, one simply has to launch QuickLaunch to view the date, time and weather!

Another functionality that has been added directly into QuickLaunch is the ability to mute the camera shutter sound!  For those of you who like to sneak a picture or two in while at the theatre, this functionality will allow you to do so discretely!

QuickLaunch now has the ability to automatically check for updates.  In addition to this, QuickLaunch will now also back up all your configuration settings to a pre-determined location so that if you upgrade QuickLaunch of something happens to your device information, reloading everything will be effortless!  For those of you who have used QuickLaunch, you know how long the initial setup can take!  This will hopefully save users some time by saving your activation code and all of your settings.


One of the coolest features of QuickLaunch is a working Device Reboot.  This function works on OS 5.0 and will save BlackBerry users the need to physically pull their batteries from their devices as well as the need to have a separate program to simply reboot their device.

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Other functionality that is worth mentioning is the new found ability for QuickLaunch to load BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 & MSN / Yahoo / Google Talk (although the last three must be pre-loaded for QuickLaunch to access them).  Other features include a new found support for Pandora 1.1.2, Bluetooth Toggle (no longer requires parameters to be entered), sound profile selection, creating a new memo, and users can now add “SMS To Contacts” within OS 5.0.

All in all, I am much more happy with what Nikkisoft has created than what I had used back in March.  I am sure that there are still users out there, like myself, that will find it very difficult to migrate from using the “old school controls” as Nikkisoft calls them, to using QuickLaunch; however, with all the new added functionality, I am very sure that many new, and even existing users, will begin to use QuickLaunch!

Nikkisoft has launched the official version for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, with full OS 5.0 support.  Check out their website for updated download links for the updated software.

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  1. LOVE this site! Can you tell me the name and where you got that great looking theme?

  2. It’s the Hero theme from CrackBerry. That was the 8900 version though..hence the font size issues on my 9700 but the developer is creating a 9700 version of it!

  3. QuickLaunch is a great piece of software. I’ve been able to trim a few apps off my Blackberry (screen capture, tilt lock, reboot, etc…) and replace it with QuickLaunch. The camera mute is great– the setting persists until you reset your device so you don’t have to reenable it each time like an other third-party app. Well worth the price of admission!

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