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MessageForward Free for Only 24 Hours! Forward SMS to Email


Tony let me know that BlackBerryInsight is offering another one of their 24 hour free app giveaways. Today they are giving away S4BB’s MessageForward. The app lets you forward your SMS messages to one or multiple email addresses so you don’t need to check your phone. Its also a great way to backup your SMS messages in Gmail or something like that.

You can download the app at this link but I am not sure when the download expires since it does not say when the 24 hours start. Sadly the app is desktop manager install only but its great for keeping a copy of the app around. Let us know what you think of the app!


  • Conveniently check your SMS text messages via email.
  • Avoid situations where you always have to check your phone.
  • Save a backup of all your incoming text messages for future reference.
  • Check your SMS text messages even when you do not have your BlackBerry with you.
  • Keep track of SMS text messages on multiple phones in one single email account.
  • Compatible with Gmail, AIM Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, GMX Mail, Zenbe, Fastmail,, HotPOP,, and any other email account.
  • Example: An AT&T subscriber gets a SMS text message on their BlackBerry, then with MessageForward, a copy is automatically forwarded to their Outlook.
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  1. I see this was posted on the BlackBerryInsight site @ “11:23pm on Dec 1” and this post here on BerryReview was put up at 1:23pm EST on Dec 1…did you guys post it right after they did? If not where is BlackBerryInsight located (timezone) so we know how long we have left to download this app.

    • SOLVED!!!

      The time zone that BlackBerryInsight site is using is UTC+8 (Western Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc)!!!

      I realized all I had to do was post a comment on the BlackBerryInsight site and then match up the time that the site said I posted with the time where I am right now (Toronto, Canada using EST). I posted at 10:17PM EST December 1 and the post registered as being posted 11:17AM December 2.

      Therefore we have a little under 12 hours left to download this app for free!!!

      Happy Downloading!!!

  2. Can someone please host OTA link…

  3. NOTE – –

    The app installs not only itself but it also wants to install another app called BerryQuery.

    BerryReview has reviewed this BerryQuery app before but as I don’t see why the MessageForward would need this BerryQuery app to work I’m unchecking it…

    Personally, I don’t need an extra app wasting space and am not impressed with them trying to shove this app in there…

    • No need to install berryquery. I just unzip the file and then made a new folder. I put the alx and cod file into my new folder and start up DM.

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