Gadget Gloves Roundup

Gadget Gloves Roundup


Intro: Its getting cold, cold enough for gloves. For a mobile gadget user that inevitably means many days of awkward fumbling to operate your gadgets with bulky gloves, or removing the gloves in a mad dash to quickly use your gadget without freezing your hands. But while even a mastery over pushing tiny buttons with gloves on will not help you navigate the touch sensitive BlackBerry Storm or most touch sensitive iPods. But lucky us, there are now gadget gloves to solve those problems.

Dots Gloves

Prices:  $15-25
[rating: 9]






Summary: The D110 are knitted gloves woven with a thick acrylic fabric. The thumb, middle and index finger tips are all made from a fabric that passes through the signals needed to operate touch sensitive devices. These are cute knitted gloves that are super comfy and priced at $20. The D200 are priced at $25 a pair. The D200 gloves have a nylon outer covering to protect against moisture and an fleece lining to keep your hands warm. There is touch sensitive material placed as dots in the thumb, middle and index finger.  There are little cut-outs in the interior fleece lining so that those fingers can touch those touch sensitive dots. For these gloves, it will take some learning to get those fingers to slip into those interior cutouts, and some training to aim the dots at the controls. In contrast, the D110 don’t require any aiming or fitting into interior cutouts, the entire fingertip is touch sensitive. Thus, for the winter season, I recommend the cute D110 over the more substantial D200.


Prices: $45
[rating: 8.5]
IMG_7426Summary: The iTWYF gloves take a more complicated three pronged approach to controlling a device through your gloves. The thumb finger has a band-aid type velcro strap, that when pulled off exposes a cutout for the thumb. This allows you to simply expose your entire thumb for full control. In my tests, once you went through the process of exposing your thumb, this capability was extremely useful yet thumb chilling. The index finger has a single leather strip without any inside lining, supposedly letting enough heat pass through to control your device. However, in my tests, controlling any device with the index finger rarely worked. The middle finger has a soft stud on the tip for pushing screen buttons such as with the BlackBerry storm. While useful, I found the soft stud to be annoying when NOT using a gadget with the gloves and similar to the dots reviewed above, require some practice with aiming at the screen. The big benefit of the iTWYF gloves over the Dots is that they are real leather substantial gloves. However, the color scheme to match dark green fingers with black gloves seems a bit odd and ugly. With all that said, the iTWYF gloves keep your hands warm and allow you to control your gadgets–everything they promised.

Overall suggestion: Out of the three reviewed, I would go for the Dots D110 gloves for myself or for a gift this holiday season. They are cute, functional and priced right.

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