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Giveaway: 30 Free copies of E-Gps

Felix  From The DB Group developers of E-GPS have given us  30 free copies of this nice application to help you if you ever lost your BlackBerry or simply misplaced it.

One of the nice features of the BlackBerry smart phone is being able to remotely command your phone to do certain task. The E-GPS allows a user to send an E-mail or SMS to the stolen or misplace BB. You can tell it to wipe the device including SD card, Back up contacts, send you an email with its location.  You can check out the video below for a demo of how the application works.

Video link

The application is available in the BR store on sale for $2.49 until November 29, 2009 or $4.99 after. This is a one time purchase you can get it at this link.

For more information read the application description:

An application for the BlackBerry(R) Smartphone. If you have ever lost, misplaced or had your phone stolen, or want to cover yourself in case it happens in the future, then this is the app for you.
It allows you to remotely send a command to your phone that will have your phone email you, its GPS location, your address book with all your contact information, as well as remotely wipe your phone and SD card to protect all of your information. Also if you have misplaced your phone at home or office, you can send an alert command, and have it ring, even if the sounds are turned completely off or set to vibrate. Once downloaded and activated, it runs in the background, and works by command, through email or SMS.
Why pay $3.99 per month, or $9.99 for similar services when you can pay $4.99 once?

  • How it works:
  • Once you Enable the program, you can send remote commands to your phone to make it back up your contacts, send its GPS location, sound an alert even when your phone is muted/on vibrate (so that you can locate it), as well as remotely wipe the phone and memory card.
  • The commands are as follows:
  • contactsxxxx (where xxxx is the pin you set) – to back up your contacts to your email.
  • locationxxxx (where xxxx is the pin you set) – to send the GPS location of the phone.
  • alertxxxx (where xxxx is the pin you set) – to sound an alert so you can locate your phone.
  • wipexxxx (where xxxx is the pin you set) – to remotely wipe your phone and SD card.
  • The commands can be sent via SMS or email.

Giveaway Details:

The giveaway will run until Monday at midnight Nov 30th, to participate leave a comment below, no double posting is allow if we do see that you maybe disqualified. The winners will be randomly selected and announced within two days of the contest ending. Good luck! Thanks to Felix for the giveaway.

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  1. Oooohhh…. I want a copy for my 9700!!!

  2. This looks like a great little app. Excellent contest!

  3. This is a great app to assist in securing your BB in case of a mishap. This would be a good addition to my Bold.

  4. Just got a new tour…wouldn’t want to loose it

  5. Sounds like a very nice app to have. Pick me…..

  6. Sounds like a wonderful program, especially since I misplace the bb at least once a week…

    Keep up the great work!

  7. I’m in!!! :-)

  8. pick me! pick me!

  9. I just got my 9700 and defenetly need this…way cheaper than SmartGuard
    “why pay monthly fee, when u can have it all at a one time fee?” 😀 😀 😀

  10. Great looking app! Perfect fit for my Tour, eh?

  11. Count me in! Seems like a pretty sweet app!

  12. This is my comment. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. :-)

    Sounds like a cool app.

  13. Pick Me.. Pick Me… 😀
    Thanks.. :)

  14. This sounds like a great app to have. I work in corrections and would hate for an inmate to get ahold of my berry. And it would be much easier to do a shakedown.

  15. Berryreview membership – free
    Losing your Blackberry – $500
    30 Free copies of E-Gps – priceless

  16. Sweeeeeeeety!!!! I’m in for a copy.

  17. Count me in!

  18. man please pick me

  19. This looks like an awesome app

  20. This would be great!

  21. This a freebe that is really worth a lot. The sense of security is priceless.

  22. I promise I won’t double-post, however can’t help but double-want this! :-)

  23. Would love to have this app for my tour. Pick me please :)

  24. Wow, that would be an excellent app at my Storm 9500. Sound very useful and smart.
    Give me a chance!

  25. I lose everything….I definitely need this App

  26. totally need on vibrate and i misplace it and can’t hear it vibrating. this would be amazing.

  27. was actually looking into programs like these, but this one looks to be a really good alternative to what’s out there

  28. I want to win!

  29. nice app

  30. this is very impressive!
    I want!!!

  31. Count me in! Thanks for the great give-aways!!

  32. Haha,, looks like a kewl apps, ..I kno lotta people who definitely gonna need this kinda apps.
    Gudwork dude!

  33. I would love this app it looks great.

  34. My bold means the world to me if I should loose it I don’t know what I would do, But thanks God for E-Gps the solution to problem is found.

  35. Nice app I like it

  36. I would love a free copy of this Application!

  37. Here’s my entry. Good luck everybody.

  38. I could use this since i am always misplacing my blackberry

  39. Coolest application. I can see a variety of things i can use this for. A++++++ to the developers. I will buy.

  40. I will love this app. ITs just perfect.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  41. This would be perfect to give me some peace of mind for my new BB! Thanks to DBG and BR for running this competition.. 😉

  42. Absolutely fabulous app.
    Good you’re here to stay

  43. Well, at least you now have my email in case I win one of those 30 !
    Soundslike a very useful app !!

  44. Haven’t lost a BB…yet! (Knocking on wood as I type!) I have definitely misplaced mine more times than I’d like to admit and it always seems to happen when it’s on quiet or vibrate-why is that? This sounds like a great app!

  45. This looks like a very usefual app that every BB user should have on their Berry. I would love a copy.

  46. count me in….can i get my 1st win already

  47. i definitely need a copy for my new 9700

  48. This application looks very useful. I would love a copy for my Bold. :)

  49. Clap On
    Clap where are you….
    Clap I win

  50. I want to give this a try.

  51. Much better than $10 a month.

  52. I need this.

  53. Wow. It’s verry nice apps. I need this.

  54. Looks like a great little app. Would love the opportunity to get it for free. Thanks.

  55. Bought one but could use another!

  56. Sweeeeeeeeet!

  57. I love this app, i wantit, tank you!!

  58. I could stand to win something from BerryReview. Its been a while!

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  59. sweet finally one that does not cost an armand leg.

  60. I am lost right now! I need this!

  61. Me, please!

  62. This program functions exactly like Smrtgard but with a toned down interface, but nevertheless all the necessities are there.

    I’d love a copy of this program!

  63. Now this looks like a sweet useful program

  64. this would be nice next time I leave my phone at the bar.

  65. Pick me please.

  66. It sounds like a really good idea. Thanks.

  67. This would be a great app to have I would just buy it if I didn’t just lose my job.

  68. Cool app, would love to have one copy. Thanks to Felix and Berry Review !!

  69. Cool app. Would be nice to have this.

  70. I’ll take One!

  71. I’d love to have this one – could give it to my dad since I use smrtguard and he needs one.

  72. Wow sounds like a very useful and handy program!

  73. Looks really cool. I would love to get it. I like the option of audible alert even when it’s on vibrate.

  74. Wow! This is a bargain! Very very useful in case of the unwanted happened!

  75. omg remote control for my Blackberry, got to have it lol

  76. Me, please!

  77. Sounds like a great app. Thanks for the contest.

  78. I would love to have this program.

  79. looks like a great app and alot cheaper than smart guard.i would love to try it out

  80. awesome

  81. Nice ….. I’m in

  82. one of the missing apps everyone must have. i do hav one suggestion as an option.
    send an alert if the sim card is removed or misplaced. so if it is stolen you would get an alert than soneome is changing sms card

  83. Please pick me

  84. This sounds like a really good app. I really need this!!

  85. I would love a copy of this useful app for my new 9700. :)

  86. Nice App, pls pick me.

  87. Cool app~ sure is much better than paying a monthly fee.

  88. Cool looking app, would love a copy

  89. Seems like a good useful app!

  90. Wow this is what I needed when I lost my 8900 in October lol, please pick me, thanks berryreview

  91. Great App

  92. This is a great appl,wow I would love to have this!

  93. nice to have

  94. Please pass this along to me. I would love to have it.

  95. Great app. Would like to have this.

  96. Hope i win!

  97. Send me one to Caracas Ve*ok thanks in advance

  98. Please to me. Thanks

  99. I didn’t even know there was a app this cool. If I don’t win, I will def buy this and support the developer.

  100. Oh freakin a. This app is soooo much better than smartguard. At least it sounds sooo much better. As long as its not a battery drain, this is the coolest app out there.

  101. Would love to win a copy!

  102. count me in.

  103. Nice, I’d luv to have this app

  104. WOOO HOOO n WOOT WOTT. i hope i win. i already tried something similar (Smart Lock and Wipe) but would love to try e-GPS out since i saw it had better ratings =)

  105. Awesome product – and awesome giveway

  106. Awesome, oh please me! I am the shortest in the crowd! Look down here, here I am, oh please pick me!

  107. just been reading a lot about smart guard, and now i found out the e-gps.
    i have the same mind boggling question as mike.
    is this application will drain your handset battery?
    really loved this application, cause i can’t imagine if my blackberry is stolen with all my personal data in it.
    and i have to worried sick after that….

    thank you felix for letting us have the chance to use this application.
    and proficiat for DB Group developers to make this great application.

    keep up the good work guys….!

  108. I’m in, thanks

  109. i wanna an app !!!

  110. Ohh….Pick me! Pick me!

  111. Count Me In Too

  112. Would love one! Thanks in advance guys!!!

  113. Now this looks much better than smartguard. Would love to win…

  114. This is an excellent idea and an app I would love to have so I hope that I am picked as a winner

  115. Nice Apps.. If only I’m the 30 guys who get it for free..

  116. After watching this video it looks like this app is what I’m looking for. I was a Palm user for years until I recently purchased the Tour and I’ve been looking for an app to replace Palm’s “Butler” pgm that I had. It was a simple app that had the ability to wipe my device if lost. I tested SmrtGuard and it is a good app but IMO it was much more than I needed and I didn’t like the subscription feature. I love the fact that E-GPS is a one time purchase……well hopefully for me it’ll be free if I’m one of the 30 selected for a freebie!

  117. I would like one of it. Thank you in advance!

  118. I try to take good care of my BlackBerry and make sure it’s with me all the time. But, there were some close calls in the past. Cant take chances. So here I am hoping and wishing to be chosen as one of the 30 lucky winners. All the best to all.

  119. Now I will not have an excuse to buy a new blackberry every few months 😉

  120. Me, too.

  121. I like this app

  122. As long as this works even when the phone is locked I think this will be awesome. Hope I win!

  123. This looks like a must have app. I hope I win a copy.

  124. This looks very useful for those who travel, or those who are forgetful 😛

  125. Thanks to the team for awarding free copies of E-gps. I will be glad to have a copy of this app.

  126. Count me on please!! 😀

  127. I think this is exactly what every BB owner needs! Heavens, I can’t move without mine, and this would be the perfect solution if I ever lost it. Please consider me in your gifting, it’s that time of year, you know! 😀

  128. This is definitely better implementation than smartguard. Would love to win…

  129. Id love one thanks!

  130. its wonderfull

  131. Put me in for one.

  132. would like the app

  133. I’ll be your biggest fan :)

  134. Sounds great, hope I win. If nothing else, our app is always free lol

  135. I’ve only misplaced my berry once, and didn’t need to worry about wiping it… The car it was in burned… =( now that I say that watch me lose this beast tonight! Haha

  136. I would love a copy

  137. Would like to enter this. Thank you

  138. Would really love to win this.

  139. This is a software that all cell phone owners should install. Thank you and be pleased to win one.

  140. sounds like a great app, i’d love a copy.

    my son always takes my phone & hides it.

  141. I really need this app…..

  142. why run the risk of getting all you info into someone else’s hands… backup, erase and be safe!!!

  143. Wow! That is a really cool application! Please pick me up!

  144. I want to win!

  145. Neat application. What a great way to secure your device and find it if it’s lost. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  146. Awesome application!!!

    To bad it cant send a little shock to the thief if it has been stolen!!!

  147. This sounds like a great tool. I would love to have it.

  148. Sounds like a sweet app.

  149. would love to have it

  150. This app rocks! Much cheaper than smrtguard. Worthwhile for all!!

  151. Want to win, too. :)

  152. Looks like a pretty cool program!

  153. Its our worst nightmare to consider losing a blackberry. E-GPS has an incredible set of features that would ease my mind no end. Id love to win a copy!

  154. I would love a copy of this software since my wife keeps losing her phone ALL the time!!!

  155. I must of overlooked when this was posted. Just in time to leave a comment before it ends. :)

  156. count me in for this one.

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