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Google Wave

Google Wave


A bunch of us here at BerryReview have been playing with Google Wave for a bit now, and now its time for some of my thoughts before Google Wave goes official. In short, its pretty yet pointless.

Usefulness: You enter Google Wave and you find someone else who is also part of the Google Wave system. Then you can eMail/chat/text, whatever you want to call it, and share files with whoever else is part of the wave. How is this different from eMail you may ask? The same way that gChats are different from eMails. They aren’t. When sending text and files back and forth, the only real difference is the cultural norms attached to the medium. A gChat can be as long as an eMail. But eMails are thought to be more formal and letter-like, while gChats are expected to be more instantaneous because of status notifications. Similarly, all Google Wave does is let you talk back and forth–whether its more like a gChat or an eMail is up to you.


User Interface: Earlier we reported that Google is planning on bringing this new Google Wave UI to its other services and I didn’t sound too excited. I stand corrected. The user interface on Google Wave is beautiful. It has mini windows with rounded edges that are spaced nicely from one another. The off-white background puts an emphasis on the active mini windows and creates a clean whiter workspace in the area away from the mini windows.

Well there you have it folks…

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  1. hahaha. you’ve obviously gotten much farther than i. i simply gave up.

  2. It certainly sounds like this article was rushed, written before you have gotten fully into the extent of what Google Wave can do now. You failed to mention, widgets, emebeddable waves, the use of bots, and public waves as a medium.

    You should have sought more informed subject matter experts on this one.

    Happy Thanksgiving, nonetheless.

  3. Nothing more than glorified instant messaging. With our BBM, it’s no wonder we aren’t impressed!
    I have google wave and go more out of giving away invites on twitter than actually using it.

  4. I actually went out and bought an invite for $1.04 on eBay. All I can say is, I feel like the first guy in town with a fax machine. GMail was cool when you got in early because you could instantly start emailing with anyone. But Wave is useless if your friends don’t have it.

  5. well, i can’t watch a video in real time with as many others as i choose inside mail or IM, nor can i access mibbit, or last fm, or twitter, or have a search going indefinitely, in real time, that i can just open up whenever i want….

    i can’t drag and drop photos into mail or IM either.

  6. I just got my invite today, 11-28-09. And yes, I have no one to try it with. I started giving invites and then I read this.

    Invitations will not be sent immediately. We have a lot of stamps to lick.

    Why not send it our immediately so I can try it while I still have some excitement over Wave?

  7. Sweet, this is so cool.

  8. Would be great to give this a whirl.

  9. If Santa brings me that Netbook, I would love to use it learning about google wave. Thanks for the chance at it!

  10. Google addict here… 🙂

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