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Giveaway: faceRate 25 free copies

Here is a fun application for you guys, want to know how attractive your face is based on scientific & mathematical calculations? Well this application does just that, it is called Facerate created by The application is simple to use, all you need to do is take a picture of yourself and the application gives you a rating form 1 to 10. The application works on most devices with OS 4.5 & higher.

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The application is available in the BR store for $2.99 you can purchase at this link.

For more information read the product description below:

faceRate uses science and mathematics to calculate the attractiveness of your face.
By simply taking a picture, and selecting a few facial features, the application will scientifically determine, on a scale of 1 to 10, the attractiveness of the face in question.
Save your screenshots to compare with friends, or even take pictures of celebrities and see how they rated.
Celebrity Ratings:
Megan Fox: 9.2
Scarlett Johansson: 9.0
Madonna: 8.7
Lady Gaga: 8.5
Katy Perry: 8.3
Angelina Jolie: 8.3
Brad Pitt: 8.2
Gerard Butler: 8.1
Be sure that faceRate has the proper permissions to run. ‘INTERATIONS’ & ‘USER DATA’ must be set to ALLOW.
Read examples from faceRate menu for proper measuring instructions

  • Ways faces are rated include:
  • The Golden Ratio
  • Rule of 5ths
  • Vertical Proportion
  • Transverse Proportion
  • External Proportion

The giveaway is for 25 copies to 25 lucky winners who will be chosen randomly. All you need to do is leave a comment below, no double posting is allowed. You have until Midnight Friday the 27th Easter time to leave your comments. Good luck!

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  1. Pick Me!! 😀

  2. I’m in!!! 🙂

  3. Pick me! I’ve never won anything from you.

  4. I’d like a copy pliz 🙂

  5. Awesome! I’m in!

  6. sounds like an awesome program…Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Looks cool! I’d like to check it out if I win a copy!

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  8. Sure, count me in. Though I do think an app like this should be free.

  9. This sounds like fun!

  10. Sure I will give this a whirl.

  11. Want one too!

  12. i want to try, i`m sexy -20, jajaja

  13. I’d like to try, too.

  14. i want a copy pls!

  15. Scared I may learn the “truth” but I’m in nonetheless!

  16. Sounds great !!! I want a copy pleasde. Will be fun rating all my none blackberry friends

  17. Hook me up berryreview!!!

  18. Wow. Now I can get my ego shot down in a click of an eye.

  19. this seems like a cool app…I want it!!

  20. Nice I’m in

  21. I want to see how I stack up!

  22. How random, pretty much want it.

  23. I want a copy please!

  24. Cool idea. Thanks.

  25. looks pretty funny, count me in!

  26. Interesting concept

  27. choose me! 😀

  28. Hahaha, what a fun app to have!

  29. I would love to have this app, its fantastic!

  30. Count me on!! 🙂

  31. Sound great ! Thanks.

  32. I’d give it a whirl.

  33. I can’t wait to try all the faces of MJ, Anna, Joan….

  34. Sound great ! …I would love to have1! Thanks BR!

  35. Cool app~ hope i win so that i can try on many different faces.

  36. sounds fun..
    count me in..

  37. fun fun! Would love a copy! thanks much!

  38. Hey why not – I’m sure I’ll get a 10/10 but let’s see how accurate or inaccurate this thing really is eh?

  39. pick me

  40. Love it..

  41. Happy
    Thanks Given,for all ypu,pick me,best regards from Caracas Ve.

  42. Wow, nice apps. Would love to have one. Thanks to Berry Review and Mblware !!

  43. Seems interesting…if it’s free 😉

  44. I think my Berry is attractive. It would be nice to know if she felt the same about me! Hahaha hook me up.

  45. I’m down. Pick meeee! 🙂

  46. Wow, cool app. Would love to have the copy. Thanks Berry Review and Mblware !!

  47. Count me in pleeeeeeeeease 🙂

  48. I do want to know how attractive I am 🙂 ! Please pick me as the winner!

  49. haha I want one

  50. Awesome. I Wan’t this. !!!!

  51. I like the app and hope to get a free copy

  52. time to FACE the music – sounds very cool; please pick me.

  53. Hope I win, this looks like fun.

  54. Looks interesting

  55. I´d like one, too -thanks!

  56. Me!!!

  57. I’d love one of these.
    Kind regards

  58. awesome

  59. This is something to have fun with

  60. nice to have

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