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Giveaway: 10 free copies of MailTones, Twitterlerts, & BugMe

The guys over at have made some really nice applications for the BlackBerry & today we they want to say Thanks to the BerryReview readers by giving you a chance to win a copy of one of the above mentioned applications. There are 3 applications & 10 codes for each so that means 30 codes total. Below you can read the description for each product.

Mailtones read review at this link

Product description;

Always missing new messages on your BlackBerry, or checking every message for the one you’re waiting for? MailTones lets you set distinctive new email sounds for your special contacts and messages, so you’ll always know who’s emailing you – instantly.
MailTones lets you easily pick new email sounds – for all your email, or just the contacts, groups and subjects that are important to you.
One useful way to use MailTones is to set your default mail tone to silent, and just set tones for people and messages you want to know about – then when your BlackBerry beeps, you’ll know its a mail message that matters.
MailTones comes with a set of distinctive professional and attention grabbing tones, or you can use any of your MP3’s or download new alert tones from the web.
MailTones integrates well with your BlackBerry email – we’ve even added a menu to the Mail app, so you can choose any message from your inbox and easily pick a Mail Tone for it – without leaving the Mail app!
MailTones also brings great flexibility to your BlackBerry email – you can customize the way it plays exactly to your tastes. You can even set a “Do Not Disturb” period, so your email won’t disturb you in the evening or over the weekend!


  • Easily set a distinctive new email tone
  • Pick custom tones for contacts and groups
  • Pick custom tones for subject matches
  • Comes with tones – and a link to download more
  • Or use your own MP3 files

Twitterlerts previous post link

Product description:

Tweet on the go and search out the best of Twitter while you’re mobile – don’t miss a beat when something happens in your world.
Twitterlerts is the Twitter client that makes its easy to stay on top of the subjects that really matter to you – and reveal a world of ideas, comments and opinion on what is important in your life – your company, your products, your competitors, stock market, sports team or hobbies.
Twitterlerts is a powerful and convenient tool for searching all that is posted on the Twitter network. You can easily save searches you make often, so they’re just a tap away. If something really matters to you, and getting timely information is crucial – Twitterlerts will alert you on your BlackBerry so you can react on the go.
You don’t need a Twitter account to use Twitterlerts, its available to everyone. If you do sign in, then you can post new tweets of your own, or reply, repost or follow the Tweeter’s who match your interests.
Twitterlerts and the power of the Twitter network give you a valuable new tool, for business or leisure!

  • Easily make powerful searches on Twitter
  • Save searches for rapid use
  • Set alerts on important subjects
  • Share interesting Tweets by email
  • Most features work without a Twitter account
  • Sign-in to Twitter to Tweet, Reply, Repost and Follow

BugMe: previous post

Product description:

BugMe! is the quick and easy note-taker and reminder for your BlackBerry. You can jot notes, ideas and errands as you go and easily set any note as a reminder. BugMe! will sound an alarm and pop up an alert when its due.
Taking notes is quick, easy and flexible. BugMe!’s note taker recognizes web addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, so its easy to reach out from your notes to websites or make contact with people from the note.
For simple task management, you can flag your notes as urgent, or mark them off as done when they’re complete. BugMe!’s search tool lets you find notes with certain keywords or tags, and makes organizing and finding information simple.
BugMe! notes can be used as alarming reminders – which bug you when they’re due. Pick an alarm time from the quick list, or choose a custom alarm and configure repeating alarms to your taste.
BugMe! not only looks good, it also integrates well with your BlackBerry. You can share your BugMe! notes by SMS text or email, or store them in your Calendar or Task Manager. You can create BugMe! notes straight from emails, texts, tasks and appointments or simply launch BugMe! from anywhere on your BlackBerry to take a quick note or set a reminder. A rich set of keyboard shortcuts means BugMe! actions can be done quickly and effortlessly.

  • Quickly capture notes and tasks
  • Set alarmed reminders
  • Flag notes Urgent or mark them Done
  • Make new notes from other BlackBerry apps – Contacts, email, etc.
  • Share notes by email or SMS
  • Integrates with phone profiles, for flexible alerts

Giveaway Details:

The giveaway will run until Monday at midnight Nov 30th, to participate leave a comment below, no double posting is allow if we do see that you maybe disqualified. The winners will be randomly selected and announced within two days of the contest ending. Good luck! Thanks to Kevin for the giveaway.

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    Im in, Wojtas25

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    Thanks 😀

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  17. gimi gimi XD

  18. happy thanksgiving!

  19. I don’t tweet that much, so MailTones or BugMe would be more useful.

  20. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  21. bugme please! hehe

  22. Bug Me!… and I will rejoice! Thanks BR and Electric Pocket for this awesome giveaway.

  23. Looks interesting!

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  25. One copy of Mailtones or BugMe would be great for me.. 😀

  26. Whichever one that I win I’ll be thankful

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  30. I would LOVE Mailtones but I would take any of the three. thanks

  31. I would really love to win mailtones. My boss is always accusing me of looking at my phone too much.

  32. want mailtone :)

  33. i will have a copy of bugme plzzz =) thanks you and HAPPY Thanksgiving everyone

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  35. Thanks and I hope I win. Twitterlerts looks cool.

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  37. Bug me would be cool

  38. I would love to have BugMe, it seems like a very resourceful app.

  39. I’d love to have this :D))))))) (long beard)

  40. Yes, please!

  41. wow..this is cool appz…
    hope can win this…

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  45. Mail tones looks neat!!!! Good luck to all!

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  47. electrify me :)

    Happy thanksgiving!

  48. Well this looks interesting – I doubt it will be off much use to me but I’d definitely like to win and give this a try!

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  51. happy thanksgiving everybody

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  53. count me in, would love a copy of bugme!

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  55. Sweet giveaway to start on Thanksgiving. Thanks and happy thanksgiving!

  56. daddy would love to get a copy of mailtones

  57. Im in for any of these. I bet they would work great on my Storm2.

  58. Hope Thanksgiving was great! Turkey make you sleepy? WAKE UP! Hahaha Your berry wants to play!!

  59. Please pick me! thanks =o)

  60. I like mailtones. One nice feature that I miss from my Nokia, not that I miss the nokia itself 😉

    Oh and a happy thanksgiving to everyone :)

  61. Sounds great! Please pick me 😀

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    Good luck everyone.

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  71. Very cool applications!

    I would love a copy of BugMe :)

  72. Hello. Thanks for this promotion.

  73. Wow some cool programs I would like to win and use.

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    anyone for me

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  89. I really love these apps. Thanks in advance!

  90. Given how busy my job can be in addition to taking care of things around the home, BugMe would be a welcome addition to my BB.

  91. i am in to win this one.

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