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Review: Jabra A120 Bluetooth Transmitter

Review: Jabra A120 Bluetooth Transmitter

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What is was made for: The A120 was created to offer people with old bluetooth-less cellphones a way to use a bluetooth headset. All you had to do was plug the A120 into the old school audio jack that was on your phone (let’s say an old brick style Nokia) and the transmitter would allow you to pair and use a bluetooth wireless headset to talk in the car and on the road, a useful upgrade for people who don’t want to let go of their ancient cellphones.

What it is incidentally awesome for: The A120 also transmits bluetooth STEREO signals, making the A120 useful for not only pairing with regular old bluetooth mono headsets, but for making any old wireless source into a transmitter for music audio. There is a better chance you have a bluetooth-less stereo or television in your home than a bluetooth-less cellphone. For instance, let’s say that you want to watch TV on your beautiful flat panel setup, but your wonderful spouse needs some peace and quiet (I love you hunny!) and just can’t stand the thought of “Heroes” on monday nights. Just plug the A120 into your television, sit back on the couch, put on your bluetooth stereo headphones and prepare to watch 60 minutes of plot holes and cheap girl-on-girl ploys for ratings. But I digress. Put simply, while I have recommended some bluetooth stereo headphones before for simply playing music while out and about, the A120 gives totally new functionality to your bluetooth headset–allowing you to have one-to-one audio for any device you can think of.

Functionality: The setup was fairly easy, even though I actually had to read the manual. But it went off without a hitch. Nice and simple product gives an easy solution to a fairly common problem–devices which have yet to offer integrated bluetooth transmitters.

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  1. OK, here’s my thought on this thing. Can this plug into your PC’s audio jack? If so, and if you have one of those RIM BlueTooth Audio Gateway thingy’s, could you use the two together to beam stereo audio from your desktop (or laptop even) PC that lacks Bluetooth over to a stero system???

  2. I use the Jabra A120 Bluetooth Transmitter at the health club. I plug it into the audio jack in the elliptical running machine and listen to the TV broadcast on my Motorola wireless headset. It works great!!

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