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LetsTalk AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 – $9.99 w/No Rebate!

Walmart-9700-att The deals on the AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 just keep on getting better and better. Kelly let us know that LetsTalk has outdone AT&T and Amazon by selling the BlackBerry Bold 9700 for $9.99 with a 2 year contract and NO rebates.

UPDATE: Sparrow from BBLeaks let me know that there is a coupon code 25RAFPCVER1 that will make the Bold completely free!!!

Check out the deal at this link

Contract renewals are also cheaper at $79.99 and the phone without contract is $399.99 which is lower than the standard $449.99. Pretty decent deals but they are only valid until tomorrow!

At this rate they will be paying you to get a 9700 by Black Friday?

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  1. is doing the same thing!

  2. I’ve used LetsTalk before, and I like them, but if you are unfamiliar with them, you need to know that the potential ETF is much higher. The reason they give you such a good deal is because you have to keep the phone active for X months or you pay them an ETF as well as ATT. Not a big deal if you dont intend to cancel, but these offers are not for the fickle carrier-jumpers 😉

  3. This deal is only for new customers. Add A Line still costs $199.99 damm them LOL. Still a better deal than anyone else with the coupon code mentioned above it drops to $174.99. Amazon goes through WireFly so that’s something you want to avoid at all costs. Unlike them I cant find any strings with LetsTalk

    • “Failure to maintain the minimum qualifying service plan for 181 days may subject the purchaser to a $250 chargeback if such action results in the loss of carrier commissions by”

      I bought my sister a Palm Centro last year through them, and it was completely free. The catch on that phone was that I had to keep the data plan on the line for 181 days (cancelling on day 180 would have resulted in a $250 ETF from LetsTalk). She didnt use it, so I cancelled the data plan around day 190, and never gave it another thought. There are a lot of bad reviews for them, but my experience was good, because I read the fine print. If you get a ‘free’ phone from them, and cancel 3 months later, you could end up paying more in ETFs than the full unactivated retail cost of the phone. Don’t take these contracts lightly and you will be fine 🙂

      • Nice catch. Got a direct link for that? I was actually looking but didn’t find it.

        All carriers have an ETF if you don’t maintain the service but WireFly will charge you fill retail price if you dont keep the phone and calling plan features for a year, oh and ATT requires the data plan now anyway. Basically you need to keep the phone and data plan on the account for 4 months. I change my phones regularly but that is quite palatable.

        • If you follow the link to the deal above, click where it says $190 LetsTalk instant discount to get a popup with those details. The details say you have to maintain a $39.99 plan or higher, but the next screen shows you have to include the $30 data plan as well. That was the closest thing to a catch I remember from last year. My sister did not want data, but it was like a $20 add-on that had to be maintained for 6 months. The discount was more than the $120 data plan, so I told her to use the data and see if she wants it after 6 months. She didn’t, so I cancelled it without any repercussions. It looks like ATT requires BlackBerry’s keep their data plans, so unless you cancelled your account, I’m not sure how you would incur the $250 ETF from LetsTalk.

  4. I’m already an AT&T customer and am eligible for an upgrade. My current plan is 3000 minutes (family plan) and I only see a 2100 minute plan on this upgrade option. Does anybody know if I can buy the phone with 2100 minutes and then call AT&T the next day to change my plan to 3000 minutes? Will this cost me anything with Let’s Talk because I changed my plan?

    • As long as you are moving to a higher plan than the one lets talk offers I would think it would be Okay. You might need a manager override or something though. I know I bought my Bold 9000 from Best Buy and they don’t offer the same rate plans as AT&T so when I go to the site it shows the Best Buy ones. I thought about asking them about it but since I don’t use the phone for anything but data I didn’t bother.

  5. I ordered mine last night for an upgrade to one of my lines. With the coupon code that was given and 2 day FedEx shipping; total $59.94. That is still the cheapest I have ever seen…

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