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eBay Beta Push BlackBerry Application Launches Today!

We told you that eBay would be putting out a new push application in November but the app is scheduled to drop today. RIM & eBay let us know that their beta application launches today for all North American users. eBay for BlackBerry smartphones will be available for download through App World and  will even get its own reviews and feedback section in the official BlackBerry support forums.

eBay_Screen04 eBay_Screen05 eBay_Screen07

The app will let users search, buy, pay and check their eBay activity from the app. It also uses the RIM push API to notify you of the status of eBay listings in real-time like winning an auction, being outbid, or a listing on their Watch List is ending soon.

Other features:

  • Add to Calendar – Users can add the end time and reminders for auctions to their calendar
  • Payments – Users with a PayPal account can purchase directly through the application
  • Search by Location – Buyers can specify their search for items up to 1,200 miles from their home location
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  1. I am downloading and installing from App World as we speak.

    • Does it work? How is it? Any issues? What BlackBerry Model are you using it for?


      • I’ve installed it on a 9630 running and a 9530 running Seems without any major issue so far. It finds my purchases and saved searches and so forth. I have set a couple auctions to watch to see how it handles push.

        Only thing I notice right away is you can’t do Feedback through the app.

      • I put some items on Watch and did some Add To Calendar to see how that plays out. Haven’t found anything just yet that I want to bid on to see how the outbid notifications work. BerryReview want to fund me bidding on a Wii for the cause?;)

  2. It’s live. Not yet on the Top 25 Free list but no doubt it will be very soon.

  3. I’m working on it 🙂

  4. It crashed my BB 8900 and it went into constant reboot. Thanks to BBSAK, I was able to delete the app and restore my Bricked BlackBerry. I don’t understand, why does RIM release apps when they are not sure about it? Read at CrackBerry, many like me have had their BlackBerry Bricked because of eBay Beta App.

    I will wait for the updated version from RIM.

    • I feel your pain. Bing beta app bricked my Tour. Facebook app bricked Ronen’s 9700. Any of us who love on the bleeding edge of BlackBerry apps run a much higher chance of a bricked phone. But in yours and Ronen case those are RIM developed apps! There’s NO excuse! If ebay beta is as bad as the forums indicate it needs to be pulled from App World immediately and a recall notice sent to all who dl’d it.

      From my BlackBerry Tour…

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