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AT&T Discounts on BlackBerry Bold 9700 – $50 @ Amazon & Elsewhere

amazon-9700 Jose tipped us off to the fact that AT&T is having some great deals on the latest BlackBerry Bold 9700 everywhere but their own website. AT&T dealers are selling the Bold 9700 for $50 after mail in rebate and from what I hear will be lowering it to free on Black Friday. is the most popular choice for getting the Bold 9700 on AT&T for $50 with no rebates as long as you are a new customer. They are even waiving the $36 activation fee with a credit to your account. WireFly has the same deal going and they are also working on upgrades but those cost $89.99 for the device from what I can see.

AT&T is supposedly also offering the same deal in their own stores but not on their website. I also heard of some people managing to get this deal for renewing their contract.

Let us know if you spot a better deal!

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  1. If only they would lower the cost OFF-contract. $449 is a bit steep this time of year. With the $100 gift card it is more tolerable but still anything less would be GREAT!

  2. Don’t complain, you gotten better deals than we in Poland 🙂

  3. I upgraded through Wirefly for $89.99 and then sold my Bold 9000 for $250. Can’t beat that!!!

  4. I am hoping to score one when I am in Florida next month. I will pay the $449 although i am a gophone customer, unlock it and use it on my bmobile network in the Caribbean and offload my 9000. Fingers crossed.

  5. I walked into one of my local at&t stores and although I’m only a year into my contract (as I got the Bold-9000 just a year ago) they offered me a early upgrade option where you agree for a new 2-year agreement and you pay $224.99 – $100 instant rebate which allowed me to pay only $124.99 in total plus tax. Whats even more, they gave me $100 in accessories for free… – so basically I got my new BlackBerry Bold-9700 for approximately 25 Bucks!!

  6. Local ATT store has them for $49 after $100 rebate. I received an ATT coupon for $50 off phones (except iPhones and GoPhones) on Friday. So the phone is basically free! I’ll be there early….

  7. Here in northern California, there is no discount on Bold 9700. 🙁
    I went to 2 AT&T stores, both of them told me the no-contract price is $450.
    I heard the Bold 9700 is only happening in New York.

  8. AT&T in Hawaii wouldn’t give me anything. I went to several stores on black Friday and it was $200 on an upgrade

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