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WiFi Hero – Controls WiFi Based On Location & Status

wifi-hero Twinkler Software let us know about their latest application called WiFi Hero. This app automatically controls your WiFi Status and helps save your battery. The app works on all OS 4.5+ devices but obviously requires a WiFi enabled device. The cool part is that the app is only 12K so it also saves your memory. I am not sure how the app knows your location but it looks like it remembers your cell tower location… Still waiting for Twinkler to confirm.

The application has three working modes:

  • Location Based. In this mode, WiFi Hero will automatically learn the location of the WiFi Hotspot you are currently connected to, and when WiFi is not connected (you are out of range of this Hotspot), WiFi Hero will automatically turn off WiFi – and when you come back to the same Hotspot location, it will automatically turn on WiFi.
  • Screen Status. In this mode, WiFi Hero will automatically turn on WiFi when the screen is on and automatically turn off WiFi when the screen is off – making this very useful when you use your Blackberry to browse the web.
  • Charging Status. In this mode, WiFi Hero will automatically turn on WiFi when the device is on charge, and automatically turn off WiFi when device is not charging and on battery power.

Check it out for $4.99 at this link in the store. The options for the app are under the main BlackBerry options menu.

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  1. Wow awesome. SO that mean if I am at home or office or my fav spots, the Wifi will automatically turn on and off? Wow thats really great. That way I don’t have to go to my manageconnections or manually start WiFi!!!

  2. Cool app, I figured wifi phones would do this automatically. IMO overpriced though. Doesn’t do much for the $4.99, and if it’s only 12k theres not much programming that went into it. Should be $2.99 max.

  3. I tried the free trial. Its NOT worth it. When I keep it to activate on Location based, it turns on and off by itself and also when I Deactivate WifiHero not to run, it still keeps turning on and off the Wifi. Not worth it! It needs improvements.


    • I agree… I had nothing but problems with it turning on and off. In fact it froze up my 8900 completely at one point. And, when it turned off I couldn’t send or receive emails. I uninstalled it and I was back to normal.

  4. While the idea behind this app is genius, the implementation leaves a bit to be desired. There are no thresholds or timeout limits that can be set before wifi is turned off. I’ve been sitting here in my living room watching my wifi being disabled arbitrarily even though I have 5 bars (and UMA) on my phone currently. Turning on wifi results in this app shutting it down before the phone even has a chance to bind to my router.

    While I appreciate the small footprint of the app, I’m convinced a few more controls would be worth the resulting increase in application size.

  5. The core function is dispatched by the device software on a per minute basis. You need to reopen the “Option” screen to see the data update. You can test it like this:

    1. Open WiFi, and connect to a hotspot.
    2. After at least 1 minute, go to “Options”-“WiFi Hero”-“Option” to see what is learned by WiFi Hero.
    3. Close the WiFi, do not move to another location.
    4. Within 1 minute, the WiFi will automatically be turned on.

  6. i think its a nice little apps to save our bb battery…

  7. Didn’t win from previous post so I am trying again and would liek to really win this app.

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