BlackBerry Master Control Program 0.9.2 Final Released

BBMCP-9-2 Sgt-d let us know that his team has released BlackBerry Master Control Program final today with a slew of new updates. The new version supports the new JavaLoader 5 beta 5 which should improve things but requires Desktop Manager 5.0.

You can read more about this awesome free utility at this link or download the release at this link.

General Changes

  • MCP now supports Java Loader 5.0.0 Beta 5 (JDE)
  • Stand alone EXE now downloads the correct Java Loader EXE (5.0 Beta 5)
  • Stand alone EXE now downloads the correct images
  • Note: Existing users: close MCP, delete the images and icons folders, run mcp.exe again

Operating System Management (OSM) Changes

  • "More/Games" section is now "More/IM’s" (Instant Messengers)
  • "Instant Messengers" section is now "BlackBerry Games"
  • More/IM’s > More Modules:  Added:  CityID
  • BlackBerry Games:  Added:  Block Breaker Deluxe 2, Bejeweled, Twist Demo, Monopoly, Peggle Demo, Tetris, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, The Sims 3
  • Confirmation page for OS now shows your PIN in the sample image on the right side

More Changes (Since

  • MCP gets a major facelift!  Brand new graphics for the navigation panel and installers! – Thanks Shane!!!
  • Save Modules now allows user to create ALX/JAD for saved modules (
  • Added Backup & Restore for third party applications (2 clicks) (
  • Added ALX/JAD Builder with drag & drop window for building the module list (
  • Hotkey Navigation (F-Keys) updated (
  • Load/Erase (and other) information popups are now modal (main screen is disabled until operations complete)
  • Left side navigation panel reduced number of icons dramatically (it was too cluttered)
  • MCP navigation icon hints are now more detailed and describe what each page can do
  • MCP Live Support tool (separate download -> bin\support.exe) allows remote viewing and interaction
  • MCP installer now adds "MCP Log" and "MCP Live Support" to the Windows Start Menu
  • External apps icons:  added intelligence to left click…  if app exists, execute it, if not, go to website
  • External apps icons:  hints updated to acknowledge ability to middle click for settings
  • OS Management:  Added "Delete JVM" checkbox (if checked Application Loader will start with the /nojvm parameter which will destroy JVM on the device)
  • OS Management:  Added "Full Wipe" checkbox (if checked Java Loader will "Wipe" the device destroying any existing IT Policies prior to the OS installation)
  • Navigation:  Load/Erase/Save Modules used to be "hidden" under the "Java Loader" page, they are now in the main navigation area
  • Development platform upgraded from "Windows XP SP3 / CodeGear RAD Studio 2009" to "Windows 7 RC1 / Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010"
  • Load Modules > Locate files now initially shows all COD and JAD files, selector allows user to filter differently
  • MCP Bin folder path corruption bug fixed – this was fully annoying!

More Information

For all of the details on this build please visit

Standard / 2.94 MB (3,086,296 bytes)



Portable / 3.07 MB (3,220,576 bytes)



Stand Alone / 1.45 MB (1,526,208 bytes)



RIM BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0 or higher is required.

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