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Apple & AT&T Fire Back @ Verizon Ads…

This just keeps on getting better. Apple has entered the fray with AT&T to defend against Verizon’s gutsy “There is a map for that” ads. The retorts from AT&T are pretty pitiful but the Apple ads are decent arguments about simultaneous voice and data. Check them out below and let us know what you think!

Though personally I would rather 3G coverage over being able to talk and use the internet at the same time.

via BusinessWeek via IntoMobile

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  1. I think the conversation would be more like “Hey, what time is the movie?” “Hang on, I don’t have 3G coverage, so it is still loading…”

  2. Honestly, not having a 3G phone is a big deal today.
    Forget about being on the phone and surfing the web…psh..basics.
    How about, Bluetooth tethering to a desktop computer (BT class I for longer range up to 330ft) with download speeds up to 300 KB/sec (for real, and tested), while on the phone chatting, accepting another call and making it a conference call; receiving an urgent email from one of the callers and replying at the same time. Oh, did I mention your computer could be streaming Hulu, youtube or pandora without a hiccup?
    VZW: if they don’t have 3G, all hell would break loose when somebody calls you, you can’t stream now…boohoo, oh wait…can I call you back, might a while till I get your email and reply. And make sure you have the sent check mark before you call or else…:p lame
    GSM/EDGE/3G is the band to rock today.

  3. Apple’s ads RE far better than AT&T’s lame LUke Wilson ads.

    That said, sure, your phone and network can do that IF you can get a sustained 3G data connection on that iPhone. PLus, do you REALLY need to worry about it? I mean really, is the iPhone going to hold a 3G call long enough for you to go do that stuff or check that email or book that sushi reservation, without the call dropping? Wouldn’t surprise me to see some angle on that as Verizon’s next shot in this carrier war…

    • hahaha, true and you know what…I agree with you. There are down sides like call drops while driving, phone restarting (BlackBerry OS 5 beta) and other hiccups that don’t make it seem so true.
      But, it has its advantages when it works fine you know.
      Good one 😀

  4. AT&T either thinks or at least HOPES that it’s customers and potential customers are idiots, or at least not very sharp (I am a T-mobile customer, so this is a completely nuetral opinion). The retorts by AT&T talk about the general coverage that AT&T has. The Verizon commercial talks about 3G coverage. AT&T is hoping that the “average Joe” consumer won’t pick up on that.

    Obviously what Verizon claims is TRUE, otherwise AT&T would have directly contradicted what Verizon said about their 3G coverage.


  5. Here in Vermont we don’t have 3G though the say we will have it by the end of the year. I won’t be holding my breath. I had it on my trip to Virginia just not in Vermont, was nice. Customer service in both stores will tell you they have the best coverage and show you they do but they both fail to inform you that they both have rooftop mounted antennas.
    I have 4 more months with AT&T then I will decide who to go with for service.

  6. Clearly this is a biased website considering the comments made by the owner about att and/or gsm on a consistent basis…would be nice to actually get news and information without bias…oh well.

    • Not biased against them. I am actually their customer for my main two phone lines. I just feel like AT&T has really dropped the ball when it comes to data. Its pitifully slow and I have a terrible connection in the most densely populated city in the united states! So in short AT&T needs to shape up or just get relegated to second place. There is a reason they cannot refute the ads because they ring true to everybody who has been using AT&T since the iPhone started killing their network.
      The funny part is that I don’t plan on switching from AT&T…

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