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Review: Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset

Jawbone Prime

IMG_0014Price: $109.95 @ the store
[rating: 9.5]

What’s new: The Voice Activity Sensor still touches your jawbone so that it can detect speech separate from background noise. But for the times where the sensor isn’t touching your jawbone, dual microphones blackout background noise. Using the microphones and the jawbone sensor, the headset utilizes some  fancy algorithms to reduce more wind effect than ever before–even notifying you when the wind is just too loud for you to be heard. Plus, its pretty slick lookin!


Fit: The Jawbone Prime uses the earpiece condom (a rubber that goes over the earphone) and a nub that presses against the cavity of your ear to keep the headset in place. I like these new ear nubs better than the traditional earloop, it feels more snug and there are less pieces to worry about overall.
Design: The new textured surface is high end, making the Jawbone prime seem like something less embarrassing to pull out of your pocket to make a call with.
Controls: There are two control buttons, the entire front of the faceplate and the back most part of the faceplate. But because both buttons are under a single faceplate they are harder to differentiate than you may think. I hung up on my mom inadvertently more than few times when trying to adjust the volume.
Does it deliver? Overall yes. I sat at a table with my wife, brother and sister-in-law all yapping at a table while I made a phone call and the other line said that not only could they hear me, but they barely even noticed that there were other people talking. I also tried talking to my dad with both the television and music on, and while he could still hear the sound from the television and music because they were so loud he said that they were more distant and faded as compared with my voice. All in all, the Jawbone technology allows the Prime to isolate your voice and minimize all other sounds.
Gripe: The Jawbone Prime charges with a specialty charger cable. The charging cable can be used with a wall adapter or charged straight from the USB port of your computer. However, this adds to a myriad of other chargers I already have. The Jawbone Prime would have been perfect if it utilized one of the standard mini or micro USB ports as most other headsets already do.

Conclusion: The Jawbone Prime is a slick looking headset that enables you to have a clear conversation in a room full of people without too many “can you hear me nows”.

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  1. Absolutely the best Bluetooth headset I have ever used (and there have been dozens)!

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