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Giveaway: 30 Free copies of SMS VCard Add-on

Here is a nice application SMS Vcard Add-on, this app lets BlackBerry users exchange contacts via SMS with other Nokia Smartphone users. The application also works between BB users who have the application as well. The application saves the user the trouble of having to copy & paste the information when they exchange contact. SMS Vcard Add-on does not need data since it uses SMS to send the information to the receiver in case you have limited data usage this would be great tool to have on your BB. The latest version of this application lets you choose which phone number to send if you have multiple phone numbers under the same contact.
You can pick up this application for $1.99 at the
Berryreview Store

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Here is some more information from the product description:

The SMS VCard Add-on is a Blackberry add-on that enables Blackberry users to receive, import and send contacts using the same SMS protocol as Nokia.
The “SMS VCard Add-on” enables interoperability between Blackberry and Nokia phones: now you can save on your Blackberry all VCards you receive in SMS from Nokia and send contacts using SMS to Nokia users.
Moreover, Blackberry users can now exchange Vcard by SMS if both parties have the SMS Vcard Add-on installed.


  • – You can receive full contacts by SMS as they appear in the senders’ agenda and save them on your Blackberry
  • – You can choose the phone number to which you send the Vcard and the number you want to send (if there are more than one phone numbers in your chosen contact)
  • – Only Name, Phone and E-mail fields are sent via SMS due to SMS size restrictions.

Minimum Requirements:

  • SMS plan
  • Operating system v 4.5

The makers of this application sent us 30 free codes to giveaway, here are the contest rules:

To participate simply leave a comment below before Midnight Tuesday 11/24/09 Easter time. The rules are simple, only one comment per reader, & make sure you have the correct email address registered with us. We will randomly select the winners & announce it within two days after the contest is over. Good luck.  Thank you Dana for providing the codes.

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  1. Pick me.. ^___^
    Thanks ☺☺

  2. I’d love a copy!

  3. pretty cool stuff, i would love to win this, thanks for the oppertunity

  4. Count me in :)

  5. Count me in too! This would be fantastic

  6. I would love to have a copy of this interesting app.

  7. wow this looks nice. Great for business use. Can I have one please?

  8. Please! Please!

  9. I’m in!!! :-)

  10. Ill take one !!

  11. Count me in!

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  12. I’ll take one :)

  13. I’d love to win.

  14. Pick me for this one!
    Just made the switch from a long line of Nokia s60 devices to BB and that’s one of the things I miss!!!

  15. me me me me 😛

  16. I Would definitely take a copy..

  17. I would love a copy as well.
    Thanks in advance!

  18. Funny, we’ve been talking about something like this on the cb forum!

  19. Very nice app I hope to have one free copy

  20. Great way to share your information.

  21. Please! Please! Please!

  22. put me down for another great app, thank you Berryreview and Mihai Pora

  23. I would love to win a copy of this software! Thx to Mihai Pora & BR :)

  24. I’d love to have this! make me a winner!

  25. This looks like a great app… I would love a copy

  26. I want to save the planet, no more business cards!!

  27. Count me on please!! 😀

  28. looks like a nice feature to have

  29. give me one copy :::)

  30. that’s pretty neat!

  31. Pick me!

  32. Give it to me!!! I would love a copy. :)

  33. Me! Me! 😀

  34. Ahhhhhh… vCard!

  35. OOO.this is what i finding b4. I would love to have a copy of this interesting app.
    thanks.. 😀

  36. Is a very nice option, thats great

  37. This is cool!

  38. SMS vcard is nice application.
    I often received vcard from my friend’s Nokia, but hardly handle it.
    This apps surely make my BlackBerry more “friendly” to Nokia.


  39. Would love this app!

  40. I’m in : )

  41. Love all the stuff you guys have here. Enjoy it ver much!!

  42. I’ll take a copy too

  43. Very useful looking app. I’d love to give it a go

  44. I would love to have a copy for my storm…Berryreview Rocks….

  45. For my one and only pearl 8100 which I just upgraded to OS 4.5. This would be a nice present — a baptism of fire for the new OS of my pearl.

    Thanks for the opportunity and the great giveaways, BerryReview!


  46. this is what i’ve been lookin for, since lots of friends still using other platform of handsets. thank you so much for creating this great app and i hope i can have the chance to use it…

  47. I´d like to get one – thanks!

  48. ftw!

  49. Awsome aplication. Please chose me @TweedleMB

  50. Dana, how sweet of you to provide the code. I’d really appreciate this app, and would be forever grateful! You guys rock!

  51. awesome app. should have been native with the bb. hope i am one of the lucky winners.

  52. I like this app

  53. I want this app, too.

  54. This app would solve one of my big nightmares

  55. Nice app.

  56. Pick me pleaseee.. I really need this app.. Thx..

  57. Niche little Apps. Very useful indeed

  58. Very good app. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope win it

  59. Finally, this is the app that I’m sure we all have been waiting for….

  60. This is a nice app to win!

  61. nice to have

  62. Excellent…!!! i would like to own 1. pick me plss… thanks berryreview

  63. Definitely need this add-on for contacts exhange!

  64. useful app to have :-)

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  66. Would like one please

  67. I would like one. Thanks.

  68. Nice one!

  69. I’d like a copy of one please.


  70. Very useful app…. Hope I get selected.

  71. I so need this app in my life

  72. I´m IN

  73. Aghhh! Missed it barely. Freakin a, got here by searching for the app lol.

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