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Yahoo Go App Also Getting Axed on January 12 2010

yahoogo Anybody still using the Yahoo Go bloatware? Didn’t think so but it case you are I got word from my buddy Jessica @CNET that Yahoo will be nixing their Go application on January 12th, 2010.

The app was pretty innovative in its prime but has since grown into total bloatware over time until Yahoo just stopped developing it awhile back. They also cut their promising BlackBerry application that was supposed to come out to focus on their mobile site.

Now if only I could convince T-Mobile to stop making Yahoo the default search provider on my 9700 I would be happy…

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  1. It would be nice if they offered Bing as a default search engine as well.

  2. Ronen do you mean 2010 not 2009?

  3. Bing? Why Bing? If you love Microsoft so much why don’t you get a Windows Mobile phone?

    • Whoa! Where did that come from? It was just a suggestion. Bing works good. Much better than Yahoo. I suppose you use google. If you do, why don’t you just get an Android phone?

      • Because I want a real phone, like BlackBerry, just not polluted by MS. I’d hope you can agree there is reason for many people to not like Microsoft’s tactics.

        • Also sorry, having a rough day today. Filter not working properly.

          • Your reasoning Nikolaus is probably the same reason he does not have a windows phone. Or it may simply be a matter of preference that he prefers blackberry over other phones.

            Separately I prefer yahoo maps and such over google Yahoo as unfortunate a position they are (in regards to popularity) is quite innovative. They had traffic layers looong time before google. Their local map search results are neater, niftier etc… versus google. Plus their “in map search” needs no refreshing better implementation of ajax.

            yahoo search is super cool, with the common filters on the left enabling popular filtering: imdb, wikipedia, myspace, and popular filtering based on results. Along with their other search widget like in search video playback which google has yet to implement properly or as good as yahoo.

            Enough of my yahoo rant… people like what they like and we all have our reasons.

        • I agree I don’t like Microsoft’s tactics either. But I would never ever ever use a Windows Mobile phone. There are aspects of Google I like to but that doesn’t mean I want an Android phone. I love my BlackBerry and don’t want to change.

    • Because SOME of us want choices!

      And it boggles the mind that THIS LONG after Bing launches, the lackBerry OS STILL lists Google or “Windows Live” as your search choices. Windows Live? Come on RIM….

  4. Haven’t used Go since I dumped my 7100i! So I personally won’t be missing it!!

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