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Verizon to AT&T: You Want The Truth? You Can’t Handle the Truth!

Misfit-toys This Verizon vs AT&T spat just keeps on getting better. We told you that AT&T is suing Verizon over their recent ads pointing at AT&T’s significantly smaller 3G footprint and sending their iPhone to the island of misfit toys. AT&T tried setting the record straight by saying they have unbelievable EDGE coverage where Verizon has EVDO… which is a lame argument. Though comparing coverage maps to service quality is not exactly the same I can attest to the fact that AT&T 3G service sucks even where they do have coverage in New York.

So now Verizon has responded to the lawsuit by effectively saying that AT&T can’t handle the truth of their smaller 3G coverage map.

AT&T did not file this lawsuit because Verizon’s "There’s A Map For That" advertisements are untrue; AT&T sued because Verizon’s ads are true and the truth hurts.

I can’t wait until the gloves truly come off. Though honestly I am glad that I am currently using a T-Mobile phone service on my 9700 since AT&T 3G service in NYC has been degrading over the past few months at an alarming rate.

Hopefully next we will get a cage match between the Verizon & AT&T CEO’s… Or the Grinch who stole AT&T’s iPhone…

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  1. “AT&T tried setting the record straight by saying they have unbelievable EDGE coverage where Verizon has EVDO… which is a lame argument.”

    I disagree with the “lame argument” part because I don’t use 3G and at&t has served me well accross EDGE. At&t bashing seems to be the latest fad these days but at&t has saved me a bundle of money. I have high speed internet, satellite TV and wireless through at&t and I save a lot of money on the bundle and I always have 5 bars of service sitting at home and most of the time on the road I have a very good signal. Unlimited free Wi-Fi comes in handy as well. So for me the whole 3G argument means nothing to me.

    • its a lame argument because the comercials are 3G vs 3G. VZW 3G is awesome, whereas ATT’s stinks, their edge might be good, but EDGE does not compare to 3G.

  2. AT&T’s 3G sucks my ass (in a negitive way) ha. Plus I’m just happy they use the applephone on the commercials. Makes me smile!

  3. Wake up, People. Sprint treats customers way better. Hands down.

  4. Love it. So, ATT, was Verizon dinging you for your “more bars in more places” ads, that REALLY mean internationally? No. So (as a stockholder I speak) how about you go and improve service rather than file frivolous lawsuits!

  5. I am a AT&T customer and I got tired a Storm 2 on Verizon and it had crappy service…yeah you have 3G EveryWEre case that stays on screen weather or not you have any reception!!!!

    At least with AT&T I see exactly what my reception or signal is and if it EDGE or 3G!!!!

    I think it said that Verizon feels that it has to bash AT&T to get sales…they must be hurting!

    This is just my opinion and experiance

  6. I have Sprint and I rome on Verizon and basically I have only been a couple of place where I didn’t have service of some type. My friend has a AT&T phone and I am amazed on how much they don’t have service at all. Go up to the Adirondack’s Verizon has service there well at least 50% of the ADK mountains any way. All services grow I can remember when AT&T and there subsidiarity’s were the ones to have now that times have changed its Verizon.

    AT&T Stop Crying and put up more towers.

  7. Someone should start a poll since AT&T is sue happy.

    Who Will AT&T Sue Next ??????????????

    Then send them a truckload of tissues so they can wipe the tears out of there eyes when they see the results of the pole.

  8. Granted, crappy service is crappy service, but AT&T seems to have fallen hook, line, and sinker for Verizon’s masterful marketing strategy of shifting the conversation away from the apps of the iPhone (its main selling point) to one exclusively about coverage.

    As a brand new owner of a Bold 9700, 3G is nice, but it isn’t the end all/be all. The majority of the iPhone’s apps (I own an iPod Touch) run perfectly fine without 3G. For the average iPhone/smartphone owner, 3G is the gravy covering the meat, not the meat itself; the apps are the meat. Since Verizon has yet to acquire something that is truly a threat to the iPhone, it must “change the base” and focus on its standby strengths of coverage and speed. If the Droid post-launch was a serious threat, the vast majority of Verizon’s marketing emphasis would be about the phone and it’s features with only a brief mention about 3G speeds and coverage (kind of a ‘cherry on top’ thing). I’m not seeing that these days.

    I’m not a Verizon fan, but I gotta admire their- thus far- successful strategy of saying to the consumer, “No, apps aren’t the most important thing to you in a phone. Cover and speed is”, and then sitting back to watch as everyone gets into these crazy, prolonged, hashed and rehashed carrier arguments about coverage, speed, who’s got the best and why. Can someone say Jedi Mind Trick?

  9. They seem to have started a trend, apparently Telus is suing Rogers nows…

    • Nice find! I will mention that tomorrow!

      • The first ATT response ad is on the air as of this evening. Yeah, the lawsuit was just a smokescreen until they could write a produce and get aired an ad in response.

        Oh how I wish the court would hold ATT in contempt for their frivolous waste of the judicial system’s time and resources.

        From my BlackBerry Tour…

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