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Review: Duracell Rechargeable USB Charger

Review:Duracell Rechargeable USB Charger
[rating:8.5] 8.5 /10
Cost: List $24.99 – $49.99
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Everyday on the train home I try to catch up on work. Half way during the ride my BlackBerry usually dies. I have tried many other power chargers, but I find Duracell’s to be the best. I love the portability of the charger. I personally use the Duracell Instant Rechargeable because my BlackBerry Storm has a Micro USB slot.

I keep the device in my pocket and have a cord to the phone charging the phone as I do my work. People jokingly ask me if I have an outlet in my pocket. Everyone loves it. You can attach the Duracell Instant to any phone that can charge through a standard USB port. The Duracell Pocket which is pictured above can only be used through Mini USB. After giving out the devices and surveying the guys which they prefer I got all kinds of feedback.  Some loved the Duracell Pocket because no wires are needed (as  pictured above). But some loved the Duracell Instant because they preferred the tiny device whether it was in their pocket or lap rather than attached to the phone.  I have also used the Duracell Powerhouse which is able to charge up to 2 phones at a time. The Powerhouse is very small but made to be used on a desk.

The chargers come with a short USB cable that attaches to your computer and then to the  IN slot on the charger. It took under a hour for the red light to turn green indicating the charge was complete.  I like the Duracell Pocket’s charging light the best. The Duracell Pocket’s light is perfectly lit up and in the center so you can see from all angles. The Instant has a small red/green charging light and it must be faced towards you to see it, and the Powerhouse  light is a little dim.

  • Size           8 – Small
  • Weight      8 -Very light
  • Variety     10 – Because of the USB port on the Instant and Powerhouse you can charge many devices
  • Battery Life  8 – Holds a great charge for days

So when your battery is low all you need to do is attach the Duracell Charger to your phone and it’s charging. You can even make a phone call as it charges. Never again will I run out of battery life on my phone.


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  1. Why not carry another battery?

    • If you’re using a hard case or a silicon case it becomes a chore to swap batteries, and it also leaves the phone out of commission for the reboot time (which nowadays takes a while). With something like this you can top up without missing a call or while continuing what you’re doing.

  2. I personally have 2 phones so then I would need 2 batteries in my pocket. Also need to make sure both are charged as I dont know which phone I will need to charge. Also quite a few times I needed to charge other USB charging devices whether it was a mp3 player or even a camera. Also with the Duracell Recharger if you are in the middle of a call and your battery is low you just plug it in. You dont need to turn your BlackBerry off and wait 10 minutes for it to start up again! Trust me get the Duracell Recharger you will love it!!!

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