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Verizon Raises ETF to $350 – Sprint Kills Call Forwarding Fees

Verizon-ETF I am always interested in the trends that happen in the wireless carrier industry. We told you last week that Sprint was going to kill the call forwarding fees that they have been charging customers 20 cents a minute for using YouMail and other voicemail services. Other carriers have been just using your minutes for call forwarding but from what I am hearing Sprint made it totally free so it does not cost you a dime or use your minutes. Makes me wonder if other carriers will follow this trend…

While Sprint is catching up Verizon is trying to set their own new trend. As of this past Sunday Verizon has upped their Early Termination Fee (ETF) to $350 for any “Advanced Devices” which means all BlackBerrys. Engadget spotted the change officially made in their consumer agreement at this link. That means you will still have a $120 ETF in the last month of your 2 year contract since it only goes down $10 a month. This is a trend I really hope will not catch on with other carriers since the SMS price fixing that all the carriers have adopted is really starting to get ridiculous.

So what other trends have you been noticing? Is Verizon going to start torturing bunnies if you cancel your contract early?

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  1. Looking at it logically, what choice did Verizon have? With their BOGO’s, unscrupulous folks where taking the second BlackBerry for free, cancel and pay $175, then sell it on ebay or CL for a tidy profit. The higher ETF effectively ends that practice.

    I do think it is unfair they didn’t also double the monthly prorate to $20/month so that your ETF is zero by 18 months into contract.

    as for those who argue against ETF’s in total, what, you want to penalize ALL of use by forcing us to all pay the full retail not subsidized price for phones? Thanks!

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

    • I echo your thoughts but at least they could have been honest and made the ETF go down to $0 in your last month of contract. The fact that there is a $120 ETF the day before your contract ends is just bullshit!

  2. Bottom line is VZ can do whatever the hell they want because they’re bigger than Sprint and not bleeding customers… They could raise the ETF to $600 and still gain customer base.

  3. That is until they are bought out like alltel. Its no matter a matter of if but when.

  4. I’ve got an idea – pay the last month if you are that close. Etfs are meant to be a penalty. You agreed to something for 2 years and are not following through on that. Thus the penalty.

    The only people who are being hurt by this are the crooks. You don’t need to pay the etf just to get a new phone. You can pay full retail or get an annual upgrade.

    • I don’t think the point is people being “hurt” by this, rather the unattractiveness of the carrier in general when you go to sign a 2 year contract.

      Plenty of people break contracts for legit reasons. You will think harder if it’s a higher $ value (although I doubt this will really affect VZ at all).

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