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iPhone style threaded SMS for BlackBerry

Anaji Infotech just released a new application for the BlackBerry which does true threaded SMS Iphone style. The  Application looks way better than even the current threaded sms On OS 5.0.  The current theme available  for the application is an Iphone style but other themes will be available later including a google style. This application does not integrate like the previous empower sms viewer it is a separate application. The application displays your new messages as they come in, and groups them into one threaded messaged. It also has font customization, such as the option to choose font colors.

To get it to work properly follow the instructions shown when it is first downloaded. Remember that this app is controlled from the Empower central application so you can find more settings there. If you are bored with the current native SMS options and want a more stylish sms environment get you a copy of this cool app.

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From the description:

Finally, True Threaded SMS on BlackBerry. Now instead of just a simple list, your SMS are sorted into conversation and grouped by Contacts. Just like the iPhone SMS, you can view each conversation in IM style and reply like SMS chat.

  • True Threaded SMS application for BlackBerry
  • Conversation view grouped by Contacts
  • IM Style SMS chat client
  • Express better with real graphic Smileys!
  • Turn URLs into colorful web-links.
  • Different options for font, style, colors etc.
  • Numerous customization option to configure it exactly the way you want.
  • Supported on all OS 4.2.1 and above!

You can pick this new application at it has a free trial or you can purchase it for $5.99 also available in the Berry review store.  This can also be downloaded via Desktop at

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  1. I think many will have a very important question: Do you have to buy this on top of purchasing the Empower SMS Viewer?.. so in other words, willl this cost $16 ?

    • no it’s standalone. It replaces sms viewer

      • Seriously? well, that’s awesome. I have it in Trial mode right now.. But it had me download 3 Programs..That is why I’m concerned.

        • The 3 ‘programs’ are just 3 cod files which we could have given as ONE big download or as 3 independent cod. One is the threaded sms library, one is the iPhone style theme and one is the license management and sms sent/receive module.

          The reason we provide them separately and not coupled as ONE download is because the users can install more themes as and when we release them.. You don’t need to install everything again (and eat up space) when say GTalk style theme or some other theme comes out. Users will just install the new theme, and they are good to go (since the modules are independent the new theme can still talk to the threaded sms lib and central).


  2. Am not sure about thatone will have to let the developer answer that one.

  3. I don’t think this works on OS 5.0. I have this app and was using it on 4.6, but when I upgraded to 5.0, it stopped working.

  4. SMSviewer is not needed. This is a standalone app and works fine on 5.0 with my S2. They have a free trial.

  5. I think os5.0’s threaded sms is excellent.

  6. One problem is,.. It seems it does not integrate to your profile. So if you get a text, It will not ring or vibrate just a flashing light. Anyone having the same issue?

  7. Thanks Joe this is completely separate app as sms viewer just from the same developer. It works just fine on OS 5.0 also I hear that there are some more updates coming out soon.

  8. I am using the trial and there doesn’t seem to be an option area to allow me to customize fonts, size, etc. Is this only available if I buy it?

  9. It is under the Empower central app go there and edit the fonts

  10. So I’ve been playing around with the app and it seems that if you leave the custom settings (i.e., don’t change everything to allow), I receive incoming messages, sound, and a blinking notification light. When I change everything to allow, I lose the incoming messages and sound. Maybe this will be helpful to those of you who were having the same problem 🙂

    And thanks for the info on editing fonts Luis!

  11. What I found out after installing is that i receive no incoming messages and sound. So i deleted the program. After restarting, I thought to give the program 1 more try. After installing, I did not start the program immediately, but restarted the phone again. After restarting, then I start the program. For some reason, the program worked fine the second time. So I thought this will be useful for new buyers out there.

    • For all who are worried about the notification tone, under sound/ring profiles…edit the profile and under “other” you can set a sound for when they come in.

  12. bricked my phone WTF!!!

  13. Hey guys just wanted to let you know there is an update for this application that fixes the notifications and a few more minor things. dowload at also to change notifications go to profiles and change it under others.

  14. Hey, I installed this app and I really like it…although it is a little slow. However, every text i send gets posted twice in the window (the person receives it once). I have firewall enabled and blocked sms messages to the native client. Notifications and everything work…this is the only issue. Any advice on how to fix this??

  15. The App looks very good, sms grouped by conversation is what i need. Thank you for the hint!

  16. i have installed the emporium threaded sms software in my blackberry storm but it is not working. it gives me an error saying error starting threaded sms module ‘threadedSMSLib’ not found.
    what should i do?

  17. i have installed the emporium threaded sms software in my blackberry 8310 but it is not working. it gives me an error saying error starting threaded sms module ‘threadedSMSnet_rim_bbapi_message list’ not found.
    what should i do?

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