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Its Not Just You: BlackBerry BIS Outage on AT&T, Verizon, & More?

turn_light_off I cannot confirm this one myself but I have been hearing reports that AT&T & Verizon are having BIS outages across the country. I have confirmed the reports on AT&T and Verizon but I am also hearing that T-Mobile is experiencing issues but have not been able to confirm that yet since my 9700 is working fine. Some reports are even claiming that this is worldwide.

Let us know what you find & thanks to everybody who sent this in!

PS: Maybe somebody at RIM told one of the interns to turn the lights off when they leave for the night… 🙂

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  1. Overseas in Colombia: BIS completely Down since 5 pm EST.

  2. AT&T in NYC, perfectly fine for me. been getting my emails all day without a problem.

  3. Very unreliable service, on-off, for a few hours, Louisville, KY on Apple T&T

  4. You bet your sweet bananas its been out…for a very long time and until now.
    ATT Bold unlocked, BIS. Houston, TX.

  5. I live in Toronto, Canada and my Telus accounts been acting up all day
    I was huffing around all day mad at it and even wiped/restored my device in the hopes that would work !

  6. I’m glad its an outage and not something else to add to my ever-growing list of problems with my storm!

  7. ATT Portland, OR dead as a dodo since about 7pm

  8. My t-mobile blackberry 8900 is roaming because where I lives in yadkin county in North Carolina. I receiving AT+T network tower and It had been down since past Saturday evening. I was worked on it to get it work. I did not realized it was down once I got to Forsyth County in NC and it picked T-Mobile’s tower and it was fine. Till I came back home and it turned back into AT+T’s tower and it is still down last night. GRR.

  9. Optus Australia: Can confirm issues with emails/BBM and Browser. Not an outage but a definite lag on this end.

  10. Not a whisper of this on the bboutages list. But all of my devices on Verizon were down yesterday evening. Came back late evening, around 9pm?

  11. I was never out and I am on “lowly” sprint :-/

  12. I’ve been having problems with bb internet to here in Northeast Ohio nothing seems to work i am unable to get on facebook or myspace and it will not load any web pages or only loads half and then just stops.I mean why am i paying for blackberry internet service if i can’t use it when is rim going to have reliable internet service that works?This really aggravates me
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  13. My Verizon web browsing was down again this morning though email and BlackBerry Messenger and such were still working. But up now.

    From my BlackBerry Tour…

  14. Verizon BIS around Omaha was horrible yesterday, facebook wouldn’t load pages, Verizon mobile broadband was fine. Not sure how well the email was working. BIS seems fine today, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

  15. Verizon said that 10% of all BB users are still effected

  16. South florida… spotted outage…. can’t get to godaddy or my sites there. other sites seem ok

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